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Article: The Music In Me: Diminuendo And Crescendo In Blue, and A Lady In Red

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Awesome write up! Can you fill us in on the best available version of that recording? Thanks!


The most recent Columbia/Sony 2 CD set ELLINGTON AT NEWPORT contains the entire concert, much of it in "accidental stereo." During the concert, some of the soloists (including Gonsalves) stepped to the wrong mic, messing up Columbia's album plans. The next day much of the concert was re-recorded in a studio, with audience sounds mixed in. Some years ago a Voice of America tape of the entire concert was discovered (the notorious "wrong mic"). This and the original Columbia concert tape were mixed together, creating a pretty convincing stereo effect and a stunning document of the evening. It's one of the all-time great jazz albums, extremely well done by Sony.

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I really enjoy these articles now that I've discovered the benefit of quickly saving to Pocket and accessing later from a Kobo. Normally when I go into CA during the hustle-bustle of a workday, my brain is in 'materialism mode' and would just gloss over the The Music in Me articles. But in that quiet hour of true downtime with my e-reader before bed, I'm finally able to appreciate the rich storytelling and heart Mr. Klein puts into these writings. Thank you Gilbert!

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Missed reading this earlier with the holidays. What a great read! Another excellent contribution from Gilbert Klein.

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