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  1. Well, I switched to Moode to test, then back to GP and it seems to be okay. Maybe a solid reboot did the trick. If I run into problems again I will send you the requested info. Thank you!
  2. Well, with help from antonello I got the update working, and tried out the new kernels. I have the USB Sig/Digione Sig combo. At the time I was using the Digione Sig and no hitches. Last night I switched to USB and it's glitches, no matter what kernel I try. I wonder what I'm doing wrong?
  3. I forgot to measure mine last night. 😉 I'll check tonight but I think about 4 feet.
  4. Okay, thanks. Is this problem specific to my system, or can changes be incorporated into the next update?
  5. Thank you! Wow, new RT kernel with USBridge/Digione Signature is fantastic! Now I want to send this to a friend with exact same DAC as mine. Will it work with his system? Can I duplicate the image for him somehow?
  6. No, I lost a lot of sidebar items again. "Failed to load script info"
  7. I'll try that thanks. I thought maybe that might be the better way.
  8. It's here: https://allo.com/sparky/aluminum-case-usbridge-sig.html#downloads Select the combo option and you can see it. The Digione Sig is powered by an adapter cable inside the case, as you can see. I assume "adaptor source" means a power adaptor, wall wart or some other 5-9 volt supply. Of the course the Shanti is ideal. 😉 Allo's website is weird, with a lot of stuff not findable unless you directly google it.
  9. I updated GP through the web gui last night so I could try the new kernels, but I ended up losing a lot of the menu items. I got "failed to load" messages for most of the settings. What did I do wrong?
  10. The USBridge Signature has a slot for the Digione/Digione Signature board. Yes, you would have to remove the Digione from the original case and RPi board. Note that the Signature combo case is designed to fit the two Signature components so it won't work with the original Digione board. You would have to create your own case or alter the USBridge Signature case.
  11. I am running Moode 6.4. No skipping problems, I love the features and the sound is natural and very well-focused. My ears are old and problematic, but I find Moode punches the sound out in a way that's very easy to listen to.
  12. I have an original Allo supply and have compared the two. The SMPS is grainier and a little peaky in the treble. To me it imposes things on the music. To my ears, the Shanti doesn't do this. The USBridge Sig becomes far more transparent and "disappears" into the system. The result is that you get a much better feel for the original recording quality, for better or worse. The *distinction* between recordings is startlingly better. The same goes for the DigiOne Sig. I have the original DigiOne Pro and it didn't stay in my system--it had that "glassy" sound that I associate with coax. I also have an original USBridge with the Sparky board. It was okay but again it didn't stay in the system, because it wasn't better than a direct USB connection from my Mac Mini. The USBridge Sig/Shanti combo is clearly superior to a direct USB connection from the Mac Mini or any of the other PCs I have lying around. I haven't heard any of the more expensive renderers, like the ultraRendu or SOtM or Lumin or what have you, so I don't know how much better it gets, but for $400 this is a very big improvement in my system. This past week I helped a friend on the opposite coast set up a USBridge Sig/Shanti combo with Moode Audio and Kazoo so he can stream hi-res Tidal. Previously he had a Macbook Pro directly connected to his DAC. After we got the Allo/Moode/Kazoo system up and running, he texted me "thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you."
  13. You can certainly buy the Shanti later, but I don't think you'll hear what the USBridge Sig can do without it.
  14. Yes, it takes a few days to relax and sound more natural.
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