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  1. @The Computer Audiophile [knowing snicker] "I'll Wait" was a recent audio re-awakening for me too. I never thought much of that track until it came on in my newly installed, somewhat high-end car audio system. The sound of AVH's Ludwigs are just incredible against that super fat droning keyboard.
  2. I was hoping for a trade-in price for us EITR users, but I don't see that product on their website anymore. 😞
  3. All my files of this beautiful classic 60's song have varying degrees of background hiss in them. Is that our only choices, or is there a cleaned-up version you can point me to? Much appreciation, -PC
  4. But given Larry's history of conflating facts and wishful thinking, why aren't you more skeptical about "what you have been told"? You utter that phrase constantly in your communications, like it's impossible to verify or even sanity check anything he tells you. It's in this way I think you have let the backers down . Simply passing on Larry's words doesn't provide any value to us. All it has done is provide Larry Ho a protective shield.
  5. I don't see Chris's solution as the best way to deal with the problem. Attempting to relegate "objective" contributions to it's own forum only deepens what is already a silly schism. Let's say I'm shopping for a new DAC. Now I'm supposed to go look in the subjective (main) DAC forum, then go into the Objectivist area and search again to get all member's viewpoints? Why? I think the only contribution that could be considered "objective" would be strict reporting of test data. EVERYTHING else, especially any interpretation of that data, is subjective. We see this all the
  6. I've always admired Neal Peart for living a life well lived. After he became a rock star it would be so easy to simply coast on prior accomplishments and enjoy a decadent, lazy life of fame. But no; he was always pushing himself to evolve his craft and acquire new knowledge and skills. Losing your daughter and wife in the course of about a year would crush most people into self-pitying zombies. Neal rides for tens of thousands of miles all over the world to clear his head, then writes a book about it. Everything I've read of his prose and books is so thoughtful and occasionally very touching.
  7. Agree. This has gotten past the point of ridiculous. Refunds are the ONLY action that makes sense at this stage of the game. I'll even waive the interest for floating Larry the money to develop products other than the ones I pledged for.
  8. I wonder if this would be effective on a 2.1 system? Might be a stupid question, but wouldn't the plugin tame the bass portion of the total signal even if some of the is being reproduced by the satellites and most by the sub? One product I am interested in is DSPeaker anti-mode, but I'd much prefer a software solution
  9. @LHCommSquad The site is now blank. If Larry Ho Inc. isn't actually a defunct operation, you guys are doing a really good imitation of one.
  10. Yes, I vote for a demo to be sent to @austinpop!! Or even better , the SAME phones, which could help resolve this variable about them being defective or not.
  11. Why are you selling them Blake? My Strada 2's work wonderfully as near-field desk speakers with a small footprint, but if you know of something better, please PM me!
  12. I didn't realize how important metadata is in getting artists paid properly: Metadata is the biggest little problem plaguing the music industry
  13. Been on a Gary Moore kick lately, and think this live version of Parisienne Walkways is just masterful. I've stripped out the MP3 audio layer for listening in my car...does anybody know of a higher res download of this exact performance? TIA, - PC
  14. Have you seen this footage @The Computer Audiophile? It doesn't have tons of likes, but it came up on my feed. Totally captures the man's sincerity and ability to compel folks to have a good time: Funk Jam Session - with Prince
  15. Loving this thread - keep it going!! Tablas and harmonium are so foundational to not only Indian music, but all music as it exists today. Tak-DiggityDiggity-Tak, -Max (PC)
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