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  1. Loving this thread - keep it going!! Tablas and harmonium are so foundational to not only Indian music, but all music as it exists today. Tak-DiggityDiggity-Tak, -Max (PC)
  2. The JL Audio DSP amplifiers are awesome as long as you can get a good signal into them (analog works fine as long as it doesn't require a bunch as summing) I run 6 Focal drivers and JL Audio sub through the VX1000/1i and the ability to tune every driver individually was crucial in getting everything blended right. Pretty sure I have the best sounding Prius in Silicon Valley. 😏 Even put acoustic material inside the door panels.
  3. "No bearing"? Such a cop-out!!! When LHL eventually defaults on their obligation, know that your contribution was to extend the facade long enough to help them pass statute of limitations or otherwise blunt the impact of their fraud (through extending the timeline of the crime -- a common tactic of defense attorneys). Your non-response should lose any respect the backers had for you. It has for me.
  4. Glad to see you are engaging here @LHCommSquad. I've asked variations of this question in all other Geek Wave forums, but you have never addressed it. Here is yet another attempt: What delivery delay time (6 years past IGG campaign date...12 years past IGG completion date) do you PERSONALLY think is beyond any reasonable (objective) expectation? This is important information for us Geek Wave backers to know when to cut bait and move forward with litigation or other actions. Follow up: In your perspective, what is the distinction between you being a helpful conduit between Larry Ho and the backers, vs. being an enabler for a fraudulent operation? The longer you do not address this question, the more I'm assuming the latter. It's time to get out of your "defend the institution that hired me" shell and be real.
  5. Dunno about that. The reach of LHL's IGG campaigns was pretty massive and snared several levels of audio enthusiasts. The original low-end Wave was early priced at only about $250 as I recall. On the Wave IGG comment board, new names pop in over the years who clearly haven't been following the proceedings or care about DAC chips, resistors, distortion measurements, etc. ("Can you send me the player I paid for please?").
  6. I don't understand the point of the spreadsheet. There are probably 100's of orders from people who don't follow audiophile forums and so the total will be way off.
  7. Maintaining public pressure to hold Larry accountable is all well and good. Maybe this proposed interview is better than nothing, but don't expect the outcome to be anything but the same excuses/justifications we've received in written form. Why would that change just because the words are delivered in verbal form? I/other backers have provided emphatic reality checks over the years as the Wave campaign was clearly going off the rails. Instead of valuing this feedback, it was treated with contempt. Larry Ho lives in a dream world inside his own mind. Now combine that with the stubbornness of thinking "I always know best" and never admitting to, or learning from, mistakes. We're dealing with a leopard who can't change their spots. Sorry to be cynical; I am just cautioning against setting too high an expectation.
  8. @bernardperu, it would be great if you can update the title of your post to reflect the current wait for Geek Wave, which has now been about 4.3 years.
  9. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  10. Your Freudian slip is showing. This paragraph is a perfect example of the underlying contempt you and Larry have shown to the backers. How dare we still ask for resolution!! "No pleasing?" What has been done that backers should happy about? We have been calling out the problems with execution...#1 being there is nothing to show for our money. If Larry had actually listened to our feedback when his project was beginning to go off the rails, a better outcome could have been salvaged. But no, Larry acts the whole time like he has everything in control. Now he and you want to play the victim and wonder why we just won't go away? I am so mad about this I can't even express in words.
  11. If you want to keep your current desktop, +1 on the Schiit Eitr. Plug it into any computer and get immediate and noticeable sound improvements. That means you'll be going S/PDIF into your Oppo, which will give it's DAC a much better signal to convert.
  12. Regarding music servers/renderers, I too have been lurking....happy enough with my current set up to be okay with waiting while other people forge on making discoveries in a new frontier. As a budget audio enthusiast, I feel a bit foolish now spending hundreds here and there to buy ancillary devices. If that money were aggregated, I could have bought a high-end streamer with built-in audiophile power and signal de-crapifiers! Still, I don't think of every new development as bandwagon fare. We all know now that great D-to-A is a complex challenge. So while the needle representing the "best solution" wavers a lot...with so many good minds working on it, I'm confident that a clear path to optimal playback will emerge soon enough. These Audio Linux developments look quite promising - reading with interest.
  13. Couldn't be - way too much diversity of age, race, and gender in that photo. ?
  14. Looks like you get a free trial anyway when the USA version officially opens.
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