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  1. This is true for primarily Hindustani Classical music where the time of the day is associated with a mood or setting. A quick google search brought up this site which you might find interesting. https://ayurveda-foryou.com/music/raga_time.html
  2. To simplify the genre a little - most Indian Classical music commonly consists of about 30 - 40 ragas which are subject to the interpretation by the artist. The genre allows for and to some extent encourages the artist to use their own style to interpret the music. Like jazz "standards" one can have a plethora of interpretations of a particular piece. The artists react to the audience with embellishments both vocal and instrumental to create the performance.
  3. The artist Suma Hegde is under the tutelage of Dr Dhananjay Daithankar who is himself a disciple of Pt. Shivkumar Sharma. There is a connect of sorts in that she comes from the same school but she is still a young talent with quite a ways to go.
  4. https://acousticportrait.com/music/ New site for Indian Classical music for those interested. Acoustic Portrait is a boutique Indian brand that has been focused on high quality music reproduction for some time now. They have recently launched their Acoustic Portrait Record label to showcase high quality Indian classical music and musicians. The musicians are established well known local talents. From what I have heard, the recordings are with minimal engineering giving a very intimate setting to the music. The choice in music includes Carnatic Classical and Hindustani Classical with a solo album of Indian Folk music at the moment. Thanks to the World Music thread a few people had asked me to share sources for Indian Classical music. Unfortunately most of the music locally was poorly recorded and availability was in low res formats. Acoustic Portrait Records is run by folks who know good sound and the quality of these recordings are top shelf. Highly recommended.
  5. Very nice! Thanks for the recommendation.
  6. Thanks once again for Buika! Have been listening quite a fair bit. Found this exquisite album that has Buika with Chucho Valdes on piano. TIDAL: https://tidal.com/album/3162683
  7. What an amazing voice. Thanks for sharing! Almost fell off my chair listening to Mienteme Bien! TIDAL Link: https://tidal.com/album/2073061
  8. Looks like I have a new favorite ...
  9. Thanks Mans, Yes it does appear that they have restricted access. Will sample the videos via VPN.
  10. I am getting a "video not available" error message. Is there a geography restriction on the videos?
  11. .Congratulations Mario! I missed out on the last round of testing but I'm sure you guys are going to do a great job. It's refreshing to see you do all of this in light of all the nonsense some parties in the recording industry have been pushing out. Wishing you all the best and thank you for including us in your research. It was a very enjoyable learning experience. Regards
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