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  1. I had no idea earlier that Charley was in contact with mqa over PonoPlayer. His posts on here are interesting looking back. Thanks to Google here is a sample from 2017 Charley's posts on this thread were always interesting and educative. .
  2. Hello Mario, I would like to hear this album please. Good to see you back after a long time. Regards .
  3. Ha! In India we have a saying in Hindi, "bhandar ke haath main bandook" which literally translates to "a gun in the hands of a monkey" I think that describes the mayhem at some places quite well. .
  4. Found this while browsing another forum ... Interesting to note the reference to the MQA discussion on there. https://www.soundstagesolo.com/index.php/features/286-how-audio-writers-are-killing-the-audio-industry .
  5. Saw this video last night. Very well done. Why do they choose not to engage positively with your criticism? Speaks volumes IMO of their culture and overall dispensation. I would like to request you to continue making these counterpoints to the mQa narrative. Regards .
  6. Jason, Thanks for sharing this on here. Did not see this interview earlier for some reason. I've been using Belden cables for a few years now in my setup and have been very happy with them. If Galen is on here I'd like to ask a couple of questions on the materials used in cables. Copper and Silver are very popular among many of us. Copper still is for me absolutely fantastic. I really would like to know about Tinned Copper - their use in "vintage" cables like WE etc. Regards.
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