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  1. For sure Tidal keeps shoving an MQA version everytime they get the chance. But it's more than that - at several listening sessions conducted at different locations (not just my own setup) the quality of the Tidal stream was just garbage. CD playback or local file storage is so much better than whatever you get over Tidal including the silly "Master" versions. IMO You have to be completely ignorant of high quality sound if you continue to subscribe to Tidal HiFI. .
  2. Just downgraded my Tidal subscription from Tidal HiFi to Tidal Premium. Don't see the point of paying the basturds for "HiFi" when all they do is send junk down the pipe. .
  3. Prophetic .... in light of what's going on with Tidal and MQA .
  4. TIDAL: https://tidal.com/browse/album/1713330 .
  5. The Lumin D2 is one of the best out of the box solutions out there http://www.luminmusic.com/lumin-d2.html Will connect seamlessly to your USB drive and comes with a very good iOS app. .
  6. +1 Great post KP. I've found this to be true as well when I set up my audio network. A decent network switch + good clean power supply cleaned up the transients / leading edge of notes in my setup. .
  7. Tidal Link: Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges Play the Blues - Back to Back .
  8. Tidal Link: The Best of Blue Note .
  9. Despite having subscription to streaming services like TIDAL, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Soundcloud etc I find myself spending more time on Youtube. The content being posted on Youtube has grown exponentially and the quality is getting better everyday. By actively curating my Google account, my news feeds are more or less free of politics, relevant to my interests and in my opinion getting better by the day. It's clear that those who embrace this are the ones enjoying success. And KEXP is one of those that has been actively working on their game.
  10. Awesome video! Thanks for sharing this Chris! .
  11. Any fans of the KEXP station on here? Have been a fan for some time now. Really like their Youtube for new music discovery as well. "KEXP operates one of the most influential listener-supported radio stations in the world, 90.3 KEXP-FM Seattle, with online and on-air service reaching over 200,000 global listeners each week."
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