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  1. Wow! 8 years is a long time. One big change you will quickly realize is how much streaming has come along. I have not used any of my physical media for years. Just saying because you could easily listen to albums you already own from any of the streaming services with little drop off in quality depending on the streaming service you subscribe to. Welcome back! Enjoy the music ... .
  2. I signed back on to Tidal this week to test a new streamer DAC. Tidal is absolutely "infested" with MQA ... almost nothing else available in most cases. What is annoying is that MQA has managed to successfully trojan horse themselves into almost all the new gear out there. The streamer DAC I am listening to is a really special piece with a femto clock (which probably does more to improve the sound than anything else), an excellent Sabre ES9038PRO implementation that flawlessly plays DSD512 along with a great linear power supply. But so many are going to attribute the superb
  3. I was into DSD until a few years ago. At the moment my DACs are restricted to DSD 128 so have not been able to go up to DSD256. In fact I haven't moved from HQPlayer 3 as well. However I only use it occasionally now and I know what you say about DSD. It is nice. But this why I started this thread. Thanks for sharing your hardware and software specs. Regards .
  4. That's great feedback. Do you prefer to Audio Optimizer for the fully automated setup? Which version of Server do you have installed on your machine? (Standard / Essentials / Datacenter) Am I correct in assuming that you are also a JPlay user with a two machine setup? Yeah I agree on this. I tried Linux (well Ubuntu Studio actually) and it was not for me. Interesting ... did you find the sound to be better without Fidelizer? Regards .
  5. The discussions on Windows OS options seem to have completely died out on here. Are there any of you still using Windows on your Audio Server? For those like me who prefer Windows can you please share what the latest developments are? I have been very happy with my Win 10 machine and would like to explore Server 2019. Regards .
  6. I had no idea earlier that Charley was in contact with mqa over PonoPlayer. His posts on here are interesting looking back. Thanks to Google here is a sample from 2017 Charley's posts on this thread were always interesting and educative. .
  7. Hello Mario, I would like to hear this album please. Good to see you back after a long time. Regards .
  8. Ha! In India we have a saying in Hindi, "bhandar ke haath main bandook" which literally translates to "a gun in the hands of a monkey" I think that describes the mayhem at some places quite well. .
  9. Found this while browsing another forum ... Interesting to note the reference to the MQA discussion on there. https://www.soundstagesolo.com/index.php/features/286-how-audio-writers-are-killing-the-audio-industry .
  10. Saw this video last night. Very well done. Why do they choose not to engage positively with your criticism? Speaks volumes IMO of their culture and overall dispensation. I would like to request you to continue making these counterpoints to the mQa narrative. Regards .
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