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  1. Wow! Turns out that it was cable related. I have borrowed a Van den Hul Digicoupler 75 ohms cable and 24/192 now plays without a hitch! I also have a Lifatec glass optical cable on the way to try out as well - will see if that makes a difference. Thank you everyone for your help. .
  2. Thanks for the confirmation on the settings. Will take a look at the OS settings and see if I can find something there. .
  3. Don't think this is the issue but will check. Have two more cables coming in which I will use to check with. .
  4. Thanks but I checked the manual. SPDIF Optical supports up to 192 DSD 64/128 for example gets converted to 24/176.4 and plays without a problem. .
  5. I have a Mutec MC-3+ USB on loan this week and have it setup as below; Win10 AudioPC > USB Cable > Mutec MC-3+ USB > Optical Cable > DAC Integrated Using the Mutec INTERN Clock + RE-CLK with »USB-PCM and »USB-DSD/DoP« as clock reference »CLOCK MULTIPLIERS« set to reference clock x 1 (as per the image) I am getting great sound for all sample rates upto 24/96 including DSD 64/128. However the MUTEC craps out whenever I send a 24/176.4 or 24/192 file. Any suggestions on what I need to do to accommodate these sample rates?
  6. @christopher3393 Fantastic numbers! Thanks for sharing them on here. Listened to them both from start to end ... just mesmerized by them. .
  7. I'm really glad to see that he survived the strokes but Keith Jarrett not being able to play the piano is just such sad news. .
  8. Link: https://tidal.com/browse/album/81519255
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