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  1. Just verified that this connects to the JRiver DLNA Renderer on my AudioPC. .
  2. Direct comparison with JRiver 27 which pulls media from the same DLNA server. JRiver sounds muffled in comparison especially in instruments like Upright Bass. Piano notes are much clearer on the leading edge, Cymbals and hi hats are more distinct. This is pretty noticeable. Not a subtle change that is requires a discerning ear to listen to. Upplayer is pretty much toe to toe with HQPlayer in my setup. HQP reads the same files over a shared network drive. . . .
  3. In Media Renderer I have selected my AudioPC which is connected via USB to my integrated which has a built in DAC.
  4. Yes JRiver DLNA Renderer is enabled. JRiver DLNA Server Settings: Audio Mode set to "Original" file i.e. no transcoding. .
  5. I am aware that Upplay is a control point and whatever else that entails. The disbelief comes from the sound quality I am hearing. Open sound with superb transients. Clear as a whistle. I have a Windows 10 PC connected via USB to my DAC Integrated. DLNA server is JRiver Media Server. .
  6. Installed Upplay on recommendation from a friend and was surprised at the sound I was getting from my setup. Searching AS brought me to this thread. Would be happy to start a separate thread on this "UPnP Audio Control Point" I am honestly shaking my head in disbelief at what I am hearing with this software. Anyone else on here have tried this software? Link: https://www.lesbonscomptes.com/upplay/index.html _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Upplay: a Qt-based UPnP audio Con
  7. If I have understood your question correctly, here is what I think you need: https://focusrite.com/en/usb-audio-interface/scarlett/scarlett-solo If you need more inputs for mics and other instruments you could move up the product line from Focusrite https://focusrite.com/en/usb-interfaces .
  8. Chris, This thread is like gold! So hard to get any information from Japan on TBM. This is going to be a great reference for anyone looking to get in on this fabulous music. Regards .
  9. Chris, It's great to see you mention Tsuyoshi Yamamoto and the Three Blind Mice label. They have been a reference of sorts for me as well and I'm really glad to see you enjoy that treasure trove of Japanese Jazz. Regards .
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