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  1. Nikhil

    Country & Western

    Masterful storytelling with brilliant cinematography ... an absolute gem.
  2. Nikhil

    Country & Western

    Not sure if this fits the genre but this is great music ... Soundtrack of the movie "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs"
  3. Nikhil

    Album of the Evening

    It's a great Christmas album and it has "Pretty Paper" in there! Available on Tidal and Amazon Prime. There are some great Country Christmas music albums out there. Here are some more ...
  4. Nikhil

    Album of the Evening

  5. Absolutely ... these guys are fantastic! They take their piano players seriously in Cuba.
  6. Nikhil

    Fidelizer 8.0

    Thanks Rando, I had browsed that page but I did not understand what Core Isolation actually did. As Keetakawee has said, some of these features results (in terms of Sound Quality) are configuration dependent.
  7. Nikhil

    Fidelizer 8.0

    Hello Keetakawee, I received my 8.3 setup file over the weekend and installed it without any problems. I have a question about the media player setup menu options ... What does the "Apply Core Isolation Policy" option do in the media player selection setup menu? As always thanks for the support with the Fidelizer updates and new development. Regards.
  8. Nikhil

    Album of the Evening

    I don't even know what this music is but I like it! Some great music happening right now in Seattle.
  9. Nikhil

    Country & Western

    This song was such a big hit back then. Really launched Garth right on top.