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  1. Chris - thanks for the report. Although I'm sure you know this, you've gotta have earplugs, even if you have to use cigarette filters. If your ears are ringing, you've done damage and in your case, your ears are your livelihood. Take care!
  2. I currently run a Martin-Logan sub, have had no problems, consider it "musical" and will look at some point to add another sub to help in producing an even more balanced response (the sub's fine - the room is less than perfect).
  3. September 1974, freshman year of college and therefore no money: Little Feat and Leon Russel at Folsom Field in Boulder. Also missed what was apparently an epic show in the summer of 1979 by Supertramp, also at Folsom.
  4. Steve7

    Audirvana Plus 2.6

    I'm just guessing here, but it looks like things are actually sorted by first name starting with the Alabama Shakes album. Now, what's going on ahead of that is a question, but I'm wondering whether they're all new rips or downloads and whether by re-indexing, that you're left with the same sort criteria (sorted by first name) as everything from the Alabama Shakes onward?
  5. Haven't tried these newer/bigger/presumably better models, but I have for years used a combination of the Etymotic ER4P's and the Sennheiser PXC-250's or equivalent. The Senns are bit more comfortable but with noise cancellation that's just pretty good, while the Etymotics are more accurate, seal well so that noise-cancellation is unnecessary, thus producing a more accurate reproduction at the cost of some long-term use discomfort. Just my two cents . . .
  6. I have a very similar set up as yours with only difference being that I'm feeding the external FW800 drive (a 2 TB Lacie) containing my music library to the MacMini. This drive is separately powered and remains on all the time while the MacMini is currently programmed to shutdown every night and restart every morning. There are of course programmable power supplies that could be used to coordinate the timing of shutdowns between the external drive and the MacMini, but I've been running that LaCie (backed-up consistently) in my hot AV cabinet for 4 years without an issue and I can't hear it at
  7. I hung on to Audirvana v. 1.5 for a long time, but you're pushing this to extremes I think. There's a certain compatibility between operating systems and software and seeing as how you're now on the most up-to-date OS, you should probably give serious consideration to updating the software as well. In fact, there's a bit of an incompatibility between Audirvana Plus 2.6 and Sierra (Direct Mode is currently not possible) meaning that many users are currently parked at El Capitan to compensate for this. Further advantages to upgrading are: Damien continues to update and improve 2.6 - not so for 1
  8. I've tried the Northern Ireland folks - they're alright. If you want great deals on gruppos closer to home, try Planet Cyclery in CO.
  9. I don't know of a bulk software solution, but for one-by-one, the album art exchange website is hard to beat. They don't have everything, but what they do have is usually offered in multiple resolutions.
  10. Others will probably know more than I regarding whole house surge protectors, but here's what I "know": whole house surge protectors (I have one on each of my two panels) are meant for and do protect appliances with motors; things like refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, air conditioning compressors, etc., but are not meant to protect fine electronics. I learned this the hard way and have since installed devices at every outlet that powers any and all of my AV gear. Hope this helps - and good luck!
  11. Awesome write up! Can you fill us in on the best available version of that recording? Thanks!
  12. In a word, no. I don't believe that internet radio offers enough resolution to effectively hear a difference between the onboard DAC within the SBT versus porting SBT digital out to an upgraded DAC. Now if you were to stream your CD resolution or better music files, different story. Just my opinion however - you could prove it to yourself by either borrowing an DAC or buying one with a return policy and listening. Good luck!
  13. Wow - as you note in your final paragraph, the potential for abuse here is pretty high. I'm sympathetic to the view that we would like to be able to analyze files and to the frustration of having to pay over and over again for various renditions of the same works. That said, I'm also sensitive to the fact that artists need to get paid, Tidal needs to survive and calls for more sophisticated copy protection will be made by some. As one without a PS3 and plenty of SACDs that I can only play with hard media, I'm not looking forward even greater protections. In some respects, it's too bad that thi
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