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Hey Guys,


FYI for the forum right here. Spatial Computers is a sister company of Emerald Physics speakers, the maker of my CS2.3s. Clayton Shaw is the founder. He's done a lot to benefit audiophiles like us in the digital realm with regards to speakers and now it seems as those he's about to to tackle Music Servers. I think this project is something we should all keep an eye on.






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Nice idea.


I'd be more interested if the software was available separately, and if it didn't cost approx $2k.


The remote login support feature is something I think we'll see more of as people continue to try to make money off of helping people set up computer audio.


Presumably the software is transparent, otherwise I doubt it would be paired with the Orpheus, which is one of the top pro audio DACs.




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What software / correction package is being used for the room correction?


Does the room correction run on the DAC, or on the Mac. (I know filters are generated on the Mac. I'm hoping those are downloaded and executed in the DAC.)


Is Amarra the player, or is it a straight iTunes player?


Roon + HQ Player front end; Bricasti M3 with Ethernet and headphone amp; Pro Audio Technology 2115sm active speakers and amps plus four 15" subs; Lumagen Radiance video processor; Wolf Ref 700 projector; Kii3 + Control in another room; Accourate, Trinnov, and Dirac bass management and room correction; extensive RPG room treatment; HifiMan and Focal cans; Decware Taboo Mk3; 20 amp hospital grade UPS; EtherRegen, Sonore Empirical Audio and SOTM, all on LPS, feeding DACs

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None at all. I am a law student at Indiana University and a Law Clerk in addition to that. The only interest I have is being a customer of Underwood HiFi and thereby a purchaser of Emerald Physics speakers. I completely understand your concern. I just wanted to share this new information with the forum as I often hear about the future of digital audio when discussing my system ambitions with Walter Liederman of Underwood Hifi and Clayton.


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I'm not exactly sure how Clayton intends to implement all he's offering on the website, but I believe he writes much of his own code. I originally was using a modified Cullen Circuits Behringer DCX24/96, but recently I switched to a DBX 260 re-programmed by Clayton to perform room correction for the bass in addition to the crossover function. All I can say is that the room correction is amazing and is a must for everyone in audio. The DBX is just a crossover in my system as I use a Peachtree Nova for my DAC.


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just a quick question: do you first do the d/a conversion and then the eq with the dbx 260? because i thought the dbx 260 only has analog inputs. doesn´t the additional a/d d/a conversion destroy your sound quality? why not use a dsp in the digital domain and go analog at the end of the chain? something like: pc -> eq -> d/a coverter -> preamp...?


i will be experimenting with room eq wizard to see how room correction influences sound quality. a dedicated and good dsp device would probably be helpful...


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The D/A occurs then goes to my Wyred4Sound STP SE and then to the DBX. So, yes, D to A to D to A, the sound is still extraordinary. Look at all the raving reviews of the CS2. And, I'm not just a digital freak either. My Pro-Ject RM5 and modded Jolida JD9 sounds amazing as well. The DBX is used primarily as an external crossover, it's the design of the speakers (CS2.3), not my idea. I don't really know much about the technical side of things, but I do know the sound is excellent.


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No problem, Chris. I realized I was going to sound like an advertisement the moment after I clicked submit.


With regards to the pricing, one of these systems covers the source and preamp portion of your system. All you need is an amp and speakers. I am told you can however use it just as a digital front end and add your own pre. Considering I already have over $3K tied up in my preamp and source already, I don't see the pricing being too high for what you get.


Also, I imagine many people will want to buy only portions of the system. I bet if you asked Clayton, he could setup something that would work if you asked. He's a pretty accommodating guy.


Finally, the best thing I have heard about this system is the plan they have to install it in each customer's house. The servers Clayton is putting together will have a remote access feature that allows him or one of his tech guys to remotely setup your system by making all the measurements and the corresponding adjustments from the comfort of their offices!


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Pardon me, but I belong to this forum and Club Polk. I am SolidSqual in both. You have me confused with some other poster. Excuse me for being excited about a new product I just heard about in the last three days. How are my posts any different from any other topics on this forum? I'm just trying to generate a conversation. I know a few of these computer systems were sold already, perhaps one of the customers belongs to this forum. I'm just looking for anything interesting or thought provoking on the topic.


I challenge you to find other posts even on this forum where I have said anything regarding this Spatial Computer stuff. This is the first time I have ever mentioned it on the internet, period.



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I wasn't starting anything, that's why I prefaced my previous statement. I really am interested in what you have found so I can look at it to see if there is any info. I don't already know. I'm looking for others' personal experience with the gear. At any rate, moving on. . .


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Looks like they might be using the ARC plugin from IK Multimedia for the room correction side. My guess is they are running it inside a VST or AU host using something like Jack or some custom written software to perform the audio routing


I use a similar setup on my MAC


Top marks on the company idea - using off the shelf products to create a unique service and selling it at a premium.


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Systems priced without Apple Mac computer. We can purchase and configure the Mac for you or load your supplied Mac. The Apple iMac computer with 1TB hard drive is recommended. Any current Mac is compatible. The complete Spatial system with configured Mac is shipped to you ready for setup. A Spatial engineer remotely logs onto your computer and performs the speaker and room correction process, then walks you through operation of the system. We are always available for remote support.




It looks like you can use your own stuff.


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I think its more about the service side than the actual collection of products. I'm guessing the appeal is to the people who don't know / don't have time to get such a system set up to be user friendly and reliable.


It took me a while to work out how to script the o/s so that on boot up the mac loads the various pieces of software required and the appropriate configuration files. And even then there were some teething problems with dropouts that required some buffer fine tuning.


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Fuel - out of curiosity, would you be willing to share your setup and approach at a conceptual level (computer/software/DAC)? Us computeraudiophiler's love to learn from folks with innovative setups to get ideas/perspectives on what tweaks or mod's can be added in similar (or alternative) forms.


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Fuel says:


"My guess is they are running it inside a VST or AU host using something like Jack or some custom written software to perform the audio routing"


Audio Hijack Pro is an inexpensive Shareware app that will insert AU and VST plugins into the audio stream between app, e.g. iTunes, and output port.


I'm surprised we don't hear about more people using it (or similar) tools to do parametric equalization, DSP, etc.






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clay, do you know whether there is anything similar for windows pcs? i am thinking about using a vst plugin for dsp convolution but mediamonkey does not support vst plugins. i know j river might work but i don´t feel like switching the player. i got used to MM so much...


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Of course, I'm not planning to go into business just yet, and as I said earlier I think the deal with the 'spatial computer' is the 'package' they are offering, not just the collection of off the shelf components.


I was using a Mac Mini (1st gen) 512mb ram with an offboard firewire hard disk, all music ripped to apple lossless. DAC is Weiss DAC2.


Using free apple utility AU Lab which is distributed as part of their x-code tools to host the IK multimedia application ARC. Using Jack to connect iTunes to AU Lab to DAC.


Recently though I have been playing with hand tuned parametric EQ using Waves plugin as opposed to automated EQ like ARC offers.


The problems are with getting it all to load up when you boot up the mac as you have to open the apps in a certain sequence (Jack then iTunes & AU Lab then Jack routing file & AU Lab config). Of course you can do it manually but then its not really headless. I managed to create a script to load everything in the right order.


AFAIK ARC doesn't run at 192 khz.


The other thing you will notice is that the spatial computer dacs all contain mic preamps and A/D stages which are required for the ARC software. The 1 box approach spatial is providing fits with the type of customer they are targeting, which isn't most of us forum dwelling computer audiophile DIY types. Its the turnkey music server segment.


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