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  1. I’ve had good luck with Audiolense too. Great product: relatively straightforward user interface, great convolution filters, and responsive email support.
  2. The HifiMan are a nice complement to the Sennheiser. Both are very revealing, but they have very different textures. The Focal are terrific, but so similar as to not represent a fundamental change.
  3. They’re great cans! I enjoy them lighting up the differences upstream between a tight Class A solid state amp and a lush Decware Taboo Mk3
  4. Over the years I've gotten great service and support from Sweetwater. They know Genelec cold and can get most/all your support questions answered.
  5. Where can someone in the US purchase these upgrade(s)? I have two unmodified units.
  6. It matters a lot where the first measurement is taken - it should be exactly where you sit, between your ears. Subsequent measurements are not critical. I do one each 18” to the left, right, and forward. And two more, one at 12” higher and one at 12” lower, forward, with one of those to the right and one of those to the left. That’s for a single listener. Substitute 2 feet or 2.5’ for 18” if you are trying for a larger couch based sweet spot. The above feeds Dirac with height and width information.
  7. Any visibility into which AV processors are likely to incorporate Second Generation Dirac Live? Emotiva, NAD and Arcam both offer first generation.
  8. Brucemck2

    HQ Player

    Either way, HQP does not work with that switch in the chain when all my other devices work just fine.
  9. Brucemck2

    HQ Player

    I have had problems with a Pink Faun switch and HQP. I can play through that switch using Roon but not HQP. HQP “sees” the end dac because I can see it in the Settings panel but won’t start up. Only the Auto/PCM/DSD drop down on the far right of the interface populates while the others don’t. For the above I was on Win 7 64bit using UltraRendu feeding a Mytek Brooklyn. Removing the switch “cured” HQP but that shouldn’t be required.
  10. Kal, or anyone else using the Control ... Is there a "trick" to getting the Control unit to change the bass and treble response of the speakers? I can get the Control unit to change the right/left master, but when I make changes to the response parameters there are no changes to the actual response (as confirmed using REW). Perhaps the speakers need to first have their rotary dials set to the default position? Some button sequence? Thanks!
  11. I tried the service and these filters work really well. They improve imaging, "air" and tonality. I preferred the non-crosstalk version, but only marginally. A nice contribution to the hobby!
  12. Accourate works well. But I find Dirac has a "less processed" sonic quality. If it was equally easy to use I'd choose Dirac.
  13. I currently feed an UltraRendu via Roon and HQPlayer. I get room/speaker correction via an Accourate generated convolution filter. is there an easy way to insert Dirac into the chain as an an alternative to convolution?
  14. Is the analog subwoofer output active when the speakers are fed by a digital source, and, is the volume out of those outputs controlled by the volume control of the speakers (rather than the input volume)? I was under the impression that the subwoofer outputs were only active when the speakers were fed by their analog inputs.
  15. Adding an analog subwoofer out that's volume controlled and active even with a digital in would make them a home run for me.
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