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  1. @Allo @ALLOsupport I have my USBridge running 6.31.2 and it will play for a while then it seems to loose connection. If I reboot the USBridge it works again and just keeps doing the same. Any ideas how to resolve?
  2. I think that letting a thread run its course is best. As long as there aren't personal attacks, what's the issue? When heavy policing comes along, membership drops and AS runs the risk(s) of being another RIP forum.
  3. I look forward to their response and am sure @mansr is too.
  4. Being that @Allo is based on science, I wouldn't think they would have any interest in such devices.
  5. Hence the reason that 3rd party results are always required in the science world. It's called peer review (round robin), however; when the manufacture can't produce what they is indeed the baseline, it's hard to "prove" the baseline since in this case there is NO scientific data to backup any claims.
  6. When can we see these? Oh, wait, never-mind. That's not happening - ever 🤣
  7. Does anyone know how to change the password for log in?
  8. I've owned all those variants... This might be of interest to you
  9. Measure what you have now. Then install the treatments and measure it again without moving the mic.
  10. What about bass traps? Seems like a little amount of treatments to me
  11. @ALLOsupport are there any hardware updates coming? If so, what?
  12. It will work with a streamer, however, he is still testing to see if it will stream with all 8 channels.
  13. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/buchardt-audio-s400.7499/page-2#post-174992 It was not like I read it as an attack or anything We are pretty clear under the description of the S400 that its a very cheap tweeter we use. Its an 19mm dome tweeter, its pretty simple to manufacturer such tweeter at next to no cost. But that do no meant that its bad. We even had the beryllium Satori tweeter in the lineup for this task, this cheap 19mm just performed way better for the application we needed in this case Our waveguide is an casted thick aluminium one, the
  14. These look quite interesting. $1900 shipped in the USAhttps://www.buchardtaudio.com/s400-detailed-description https://www.buchardtaudio.com/shop D&D competitor with just as much power from what I understand too. Active, WiSA is coming along with Roon Ready
  15. it would be interesting to try the Tambaqui in front of the Benchmark LA-4 which is what I'd want to do. I can't remember what the measurements are on it though compared to the Tambaqui as it could lower the SINAD.
  16. You can't please everyone it's nearly impossible. However, as a small business in the USA you can certainly do your part and that starts by sourcing parts in the USA and not pointing fingers at the White House. While I don't like Schitt sonically, one has to admire their model and its success. They have proven that it can be done on US soil and I've said it for years that it can.
  17. Oh wow, finally someone that gets it. 😁
  18. Guess you don't fully get how they reverse engineer and can produce at significantly less overhead such as labor costs.
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