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  1. Ahh the Bridge! Shoot, I forgot about it. Thanks for solving the issue! Wow. Not the solution I was thinking about, but definitely the best. Thank you!
  2. Hey Guys, I've been a lurker here for a long time, but have never really posted. I really enjoyed the review of the PWD MKII and recently received one in the mail. My system is: Gallo Acoustics Ref. 3.5 Pro-ject RM 9.2 EVO Rogue Audio Perseus Magnum Cambridge Audio 840W Spatial Quantum Field Interconnects and Speaker Cables PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC MKII Custom Music Server I need about 15 - 20 feet from the DAC to my computer in order to maintain a good room configuration that is pleasing to the wife. Is there a good USB cable for a run like this? Any word on an active extender or even an active USB cable? I've seen a few but not sure about their effects on the signal. My other option is to run the PWD DAC II directly to my amp via XLR and place the MKII right next to my PC with a WireWorld 3' starlight USB cable. This would normally be a good solution, but I would like to keep my DAC in the equipment rack if at all possible. Any good recommendations for long runs of USB? Thank you Mike
  3. Source: MacMini Music Server D/A: Prism ?????? Headphone Amp: Woo Audio WA6 Headphones: Sennheiser HD650 w/ Zu Mobius Cable
  4. Hey Scot, Would you care to elaborate on the differences you heard between the Spatial HD and the Wyred4Sound systems with the Emerald Physics? I am considering buying one or the other and would like a good honest opinion. Is the W4S better sounding or was the Spatial HD just disappointing? Regards, Mike
  5. IMO nothing replaces setting up your system properly in the physical world. Room correction is not meant to allow you place your speakers anywhere in the room and subsequently compensate for weaknesses in placement so as to create the sound of well-placed speakers. Room correction is a tweak that capitalizes on the sound of a well-placed speaker by addressing room and equipment peculiarities that cannot be corrected by placement alone.
  6. I was actually using an older version of your Pure Vinyl system. Clayton currently has my computer and is upgrading the system to a custom version of Pure Vinyl that you recently released to him. I'm really excited about the changes I have discussed with Clayton, especially the new menu system that allows you to quickly and simply select between multiple sources. I'm really impressed with how you've tailored your program to accommodate the requirements of Clayton's room correction software.
  7. The only room correction software I am currently aware of for Mac is sold by Clayton Shaw of Spatial Computer. http://www.spatialcomputer.com/ I use the TC Konnekt 48 DAC version of his system. The results are extraordinary.
  8. Hey, I didn't claim he was speaking Gospel. I just said the point was interesting. Personally, I don't care what kind of tests people do. I know what sounds good in my system and what yields improvement. That's good enough for me. That being said, I believe DK is an electrical engineer. He loves science and measurements. DK does have some other interesting posts over at Club Polk you might enjoy if you like to see numbers. For example, Google: "Studies on Residential Power Line Noise" I think he has about 8 parts, but each discussion is accompanied by some interesting graphs and numbers. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Studies+on+Residential+Power+Line+Noise
  9. I like this criticism of ABX testing. http://www.polkaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?t=98139
  10. I have not received the new system yet. I went with the TC Konnect DAC. I'm told the TCK and the Apogee Ensemble sound exactly the same despite the $2k price difference. From what I understand, the TCK was actually selected to replace the Ensemble because it sounds the same and costs less, but other customers dislike the aesthetics of the TCK and are willing to shell out for the added price of the Ensemble. I'll post more on the forum after I get this system setup and dialed in. Regards, Mike
  11. Oh no, sorry read the first question incorrectly. Rhino Records is all lossless CD quality stuff. HD tracks is a mix. See this link also: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/state-of-audiophile-music-downloads
  12. I like the new look of the site. I think its much nicer to peruse and read now.
  13. Recently, I purchased a HRT Music Streamer +II. This unit's sound is unbelievable for $350. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an amazing DAC under $1.5K. I feel its better than the Wavelength Audio Proton, but begins to really show its pricepoint when placed against a juggernaut like the AYre QB-9. My reason for buying the little HRT in addition to auditioning many other DACs was to evaluate whether Computer Audio has risen to the level of a great CD player. My conclusion is of course that it indeed has. In fact, when I play my 24/96 files over my Mac Mini, I'm achieving sound the puts any CDP I have ever heard to shame. So . . . recently I sold the HRT. Why? I just purchased an Emerald Physics CS2.3 Spatial Computer system! Has anyone else on the forum heard one of these babies sing? I had the privilege of hearing a complete setup near my home and was amazed by the system's abilities. Computer audio is the future (period). I cannot wait to get this system in my home! And, this site has me completely stoked. Its nice to see a forum full of music server nuts like me. Thanks!
  14. I use a Mac-Mini because it's quieter and practically invisible when tucked away in the back of my rack. I use my projector as a monitor when I need to actually have a visual image, however must of the time I am virtually headless and controlling the tunes via my iTouch. I use Mac's wireless keyboard and mouse also, which are an extremely convenient option given my Mac-Mini is placed about 15 feet from where I sit.
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