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Computer Audiophile website (not app) not working on Android

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For the past several weeks (months?) I've been unable to access the Computer Audiophile website on my Samsung Android phone (Note 3) or tablet (NotePro). If I go there from my browser (Chrome) I just get a blank screen. The app works fine. Anyone else having this problem? Any fix? I haven't see this with any other site. Thanks in advance for your help.

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I actually don't even want to the "mobile friendly" verison of the site. One of the reason I invested in a large screen phone (Samsung Note 3) before Apple made it cool was so I could access "full versions" of websites on the go vs. the limited mobile versions. That said, I get absolutely nothing on Android on any platform - phone or tablet! Maybe CA wasn't aware of it before. But they are now!

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Actually there was a thread about this in the last month. Someone told a fix. I had the same issue with a Galaxy 3, and still do. The fix suggested didn't work. Wasn't Chris' fix it was someone else. I just got the CA app from the Play store. Actually is better anyway. Should have gotten it sooner. It also seems to work very well while requiring less bandwidth than a browser. So that is good when your signal is marginal.


A workaround that did work was to have your browser go to computeraudiophile.com/forum Doesn't get you the main page, but will get you the forums. Thanks to Eloise for this suggestion (audio_elf_)

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on my android phone I can request desktop site, and it loads just fine.


Ahhh! Very good! Just tried that and you're right!!! Didn't know you could request desktop site from options (even with a blank screen). Well, we now have a short-term fix until the good people at CA can fit it for good! Thanks AudioMD!

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