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  1. @Miska I see new custom kernel's listed https://www.sonarnerd.net/src/bionic/. Do I need to install both https://www.sonarnerd.net/src/bionic/linux-image-5.4.39-jl+_5.4.39-jl+-1_amd64.deb and https://www.sonarnerd.net/src/bionic/linux-image-5.4.39-jl+_5.4.39-jl+-2_amd64.deb along with the respective 2 header files?
  2. @Peti, it might be virtual disk service that was disabled. You could try to enable that and check again. I do not use virtual disk so no way for me to test.
  3. Can i5-9400 do ext2 DSD 256 or i7-7700
  4. Anyone using i5-9400? If yes, what's the maximum DSD playback have you successfully used.
  5. I am just a Qobuz users so do not know why, but could it be possible that Linn Kazoo was using one of the shared application id and keys instead of their own? Similar to what had happened mid last year where bunch of open source Qobuz clients were using the application id and keys that were assigned to Kodi, which got revoked breaking bunch of clients. I will try to setup an OpenHome server to act as front end for HQPlayer Embedded over the weekend and see if I can help figure out the issue.
  6. Anyone else having issues with "Mark Site Read", where it does not refresh but still displays the threads. This has been going on for couple of months now with different browsers (Safari, Chrome, IE, Firefox, Brave).
  7. Anyone else having issues with Song Meta Data Not Updating via Bluetooth in car? Using latest version of iOS. It only updates the first time that I connect after that it stays the same until the next time I am in the car.
  8. @damien78 help. I am trying to download the trial version of Audirvana for Windows but I am having difficulties in downloading. What are the requirements? I tried downloading on Windows 10 Enterprise system and Windows 2019 server. The goal is to leverage Windows 2019 server if I can. Thank You
  9. The day Qobuz forces MQA only stream they will lose me as customer.
  10. Any links on where one might purchase the album?
  11. Here is my list: Play music similar to your favorite album/song/artist (similar to Deezer Flow, Spotify Daily recommendation). I rarely listen to complete albums and radio/flow type of feature will allow me to find new music, compared to listening to the same 50+ albums or favorite artists. HiFi Family Plan (This one is huge for me. my kids like listening to music also and they actually have better taste in music than I do 😁, they send me lots of songs via Spotify family) Sort feature in search result Ability to see and search for other Qobuz users public playlist I know Qobuz is working on this but having a consistent catalog across all region. I have found some playlist that are not US based and some of the songs are not available for streaming in US. Not sure if similar case exist in the opposite direct. This one I am still in the process of confirming if the issue is only occurring when using Bluetooth in car or does it also happen with Chromecast at home. If a song is not available for streaming I have to skip the missing song and press play (ios)
  12. That is one major issue that I have with Qobuz, which is currently forcing me to have both Spotify and Deezer to help me identify new music. Just relying on the playlist is not working very well for me. I want to ditch both those services if I can.
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