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  1. I also have put separation between the powerbase and the DAC and do not stack them. They are on separate shelves and separated using multiple layers of EMF field reducing/deflecting aluminium plates, Giron shielding and distance. With a simple EMF meter you can see how large and powerful of a field it throws.
  2. Yes, I have an older one. The Analog. If you have the Renderer v1, the IP URL screen will allow you to change the filters. Or if you have an RS-232 unit, you can update the digital filter through your computer. It really is a shame that they took that user input away in the newer models. It would stop me from buying any new generation MSB. If I cannot select the digital filter, especially if the default is linear phase, it is a no-go for my ears. Perhaps if more people ask for it, they will bring it back as it would seem to be a relatively easy function to add since it is obviously in the code somewhere already.
  3. If you have the renderer module you can type in the IP address of your DAC into a browser and select the filter from the menu. You can find the IP address via your router menu of attached devices, or something like a PlugPlayer app that shows the IP. If not, perhaps your remote allows you to toggle? I would definitely ask your dealer as the default filter to my ears was not doable. If it had not been for that filter menu and selectable filters I would have gotten rid of mine a long time ago.
  4. Thank you. As always, your support on this forum is much appreciated. Quality!
  5. Bear's Den - So that you might hear me (In 24/96)
  6. These are not mutually exclusive. I have not used USB for audio in years. Optical ethernet. To the OP. Regarding the DAC, just make sure you are able to select the filters in the DAC since your preference on a minimum phase versus linear phase filter can make or break your DAC experience. I know it did for me. And, find a setup that avoids USB.
  7. Thank you Peter. I found Notepad ++ (not to be confused with windows Notepad) as a good tool to look at and update playlist files. It looks like the file structure has changed quite a bit since I had last created the playlists on an older version of Lumin, and so I think I am sol and have to recreate them. At least I was able to find the song info in the files, and now have a way to back them up. When you spend many days, weeks, months creating and tweaking playlists from 10s of thousands of songs it is a crucial part to test as part of any new app versions. I cannot believe I am the only one that has had this issue, but of course I could be wrong. Hopefully having a reserved IP address for the server as you recommended will mitigate the biggest possible cause of this. Does Lumin have full control over the functioning and structure of those playlist file formats, or is it possible that Apple can modify it in an iOS release?
  8. Thank you, I will follow your suggestion. Do you know how I can salvage prior playlists by changing the IP address within the file to the new IP address? If I use notepad or wordpad and save it, the file is no longer recognized by Lumin. Do you know which program I can use to update those Lumin playlist files? Thank you.
  9. Thanks for the quick response and info. That it is too bad. I have had too many bad experiences with lost or malfunctioning playlists. Is there any way to access the file from the iOS device, for example, through iExplorer. What would the playlist file name and/or directory be where it is saved? UPDATE: Through iExplorer I found the Lumin > PlayListFolder This shows another reason I have playlist issues. The IP address, that in my case is dynamically assigned each reboot of the router and/or music server, shows as tagged to each song. As soon as a new IP address is assigned, the playlist is no longer valid. Is there any way to fix that? In an m3u file I do not have to put the IP address to get the song listed, just the folder path. Thanks
  10. Lumin L1 and Playlists Does anyone know whether there is an option for the Lumin App with a Lumin L1 to store saved playlists created on the iPad/iPhone app on the actual Lumin harddrive? Or are all saved playlists still only saved on the iPad/iPhone? If so, this would be a nice feature update on a new Lumin app update. This way I can backup the playlists offline. Useful, for example, when Apple again destroys settings due to an update and I lose all my playlist functionality, or if the assigned IP address changes. My current workaround is a bit of a pain as I have to create playlists offline in .M3u format and save them in a folder on the NAS. Thanks!
  11. A couple of thoughts on the MSB. Filters The one utterly crucial bit is the filter setting, as it can make or break your experience. The standard default filter 1 to my ears is painful and fatiguing. The unnatural pre-ringing in the linear phase filter 1 is very unpleasant. Filter 4 is a minimum phase filter and much easier to the ears. Of course everyone’s ears will behave differently, just make sure you are able to select the different filters for your preferred choice. OpenHome Renderer The gen 1 renderer is best used with an OpenHome server running, such as the excellent Bubble UPnP Server. I still use Lumin for the app, but have also noticed that apps keep changing and dropping their support for anything that is not their hardware...irritating but understandable. I do not update or connect my iPad to the internet for that reason alone. For the insane prices of their DACs a dedicated app would be expected, but they seem to have thrown in with Roon. Not sure if gen 2 is better.
  12. Hello do you sell a metallica pono player?



  13. Here is an exception. http://www.engineered.ch/audio/network-interface/ Used as a basis but further customized in e.g. the MSB Renderer.
  14. Cannot comment about those other DACs, but the MSB is modular. So if a new method of input becomes available you slide in a new module. There are multiple slots available. Perfect example was the streamer module or improved USB quad module. A more accurate clock becomes available they can be swapped out (not in the Analog though). Better power module becomes available, swap them out as it is a 2 box system. It has really good filtering and handles DSD256 without issue. To my ears it did not benefit from external upsampling and filter tools. They are not saying how exactly it is done, but it does sound smooth. It does not do room correction, but I would not really want that done in my DAC, and for my ears and room all the ones I tried far from improved the sound.
  15. MSB Wow, you have a long track record with HQP.
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