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  1. Have you looked at Nord? The Nord One SE NC500 MKII Mono blocks output 400 watts per channel in to 8 ohms, measure close to the Benchmark according to ASR and are reasonably priced.
  2. A good portion of Tidal and Qobuz subscribers do so because of their integration with Roon.
  3. Using the same logic, anyone with amazon music who plays a FLAC file on Amazon and the same file on Qobuz in FLAC bit perfect will hear that the Qobuz is better. So, something is lost somewhere. Amazon, Apple and MQA all use the marketing definition of lossless.
  4. You can't get lossless anyway with Windows. Exclusive mode only mutes other system sounds and doesn't provide bit perfect exclusive access to the sound device. Signal is still being resampled by the Windows mixer. Only way to get Amazon Music HD bit perfect lossless is with a BluOS device.
  5. Is Tidal going to go down with the sinking ship?
  6. Does anyone know if Audirvana has to pay MQA for each core decode similar to Roon?
  7. I suspect that these guys are all in bed together. MQA produces the product. Tidal distributes the product. Roon provides the means to consume the product.
  8. While just about every other streaming service has managed to figure it out Qobuz lags behind. If they don't have the resources in house, they should consider contracting it out. I find that I get the best sound quality using the Chromecast built in to my Primare NP5 streamer. Cloud\streamer\DAC with no third party apps in between. It's also the most convenient for library management. Unfortunately, the Qobuz CCA implementation is so bad it's unusable.
  9. That true. I just wish the Qobuz was a little innovative and would launch a Connect feature or fix their Chromecast implementation.
  10. I understand the need for the subscription model but it still turns me off. IMO, a streaming service like Qobuz should offer some of the basic features that the third party (Audirvana or Roon) apps do in its native desktop software and mobile apps. The ability to use a control point, volume leveling and the ability to sort (focus) and create smart playlist based on the favorites in your library would be a good start. Imagine Qobuz and Roon/Audirvana merged to form one service. One subscription. I'll trial Audirvana Studio and if it does what I need for less than Roon I'll subscribe but, ultimately I want to eliminate these third party apps all together. Keeping my fingers crossed for Spotify's lossless tier.
  11. Where are the audiophile lawyers when you need them? The developers of FLAC should have a cease and desist letter issued to Tidal/MQA instructing them to stop marketing their garbage as FLAC. FLAC's intent was to provide a free compression algorithm for PCM. It wasn't developed so that Tidal/MQA could mislead and lie to their customers, disguising MQA as FLAC and then (supposedly) profiting from it.
  12. There's also Deezer HiFi and Amazon Music HD. Qobuz is the only one missing that offers CD or better quality.
  13. This is the problem. You are of the understanding that the HiFi tier is lossless Redbook CD quality FLAC. It's not. It's lossy MQA-CD disguised as FLAC. HiRes is a loose term with no real definition but FLAC by definition stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, an audio format similar to MP3, but lossless, meaning that audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality. https://xiph.org/flac/ It doesn't say that it's a garbage container to disguise mp3, MQA or any other lossy codec as an attempt to deceive its customer. It's a lie and false advertising.
  14. In Canada this false advertising is a violation of Canadian Competition Law.
  15. So, same shit different day. Thought that this may be something new based on their HiFi tier launched in Australia.
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