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  1. Decimals and commas are mixed up. In North America, the decimal separates dollars and cents. Something is amiss here. Can't see eBay making an error in displaying it like this?
  2. What am I missing here? Where I come from, it sold for twenty six dollars and 20 cents.
  3. I also have both a US and Canadian account and am able to see the offer for the free HD trial on the US site however, when I enter my credit card information, I get the following message: Service not available Unfortunately, Amazon Music Unlimited is not available in the country associated with your account. Visit your Amazon Music Settings on your desktop and view Your Country Settings for more information. It would not accept a Canadian MasterCard. If you were able to get around this, would you mind sharing how yo managed to do it? I also contacted Amazon via chat and quickly received a response. The agent had never heard of Prime Music HD but transfered me to a different department. They didn't know when it would be available in Canada and said they would add me to the list of people interested. Hopefully, it will roll out quicker than Qobuz.
  4. I find Stingray Music very good for human curated playlists. It streams in 320 kbps and is included with most cable TV subscriptions internationally. IMO, the sound quality is slightly better than Spotify and dead simple to use. It integrates with Sonos, not sure about other platforms.
  5. NAD/PSB parent company Lenbrook International has announced that its BluOS wireless multiroom platform is one of the first to support the new Amazon Music HD streaming service. https://www.soundandvision.com/content/bluos-one-first-integrate-amazon-music-hd
  6. I had a similar problem with my PC that turned out to be a ground loop. If you have an old power cable, remove the ground prong and see if the whistle goes away. Edit: Just to clarify, I'm referring to the power cable used to power the computer.
  7. Have you tried Tunebite? http://audials.com/en/tunebite/audials_tunebite_platinum_windows_software.html
  8. Hi OldBigEars, The (revised) Recovery sounds fantastic with my Concero. I tried the Curious Regen Link and found that it actually degraded the sound. The sound it produced was too holographic, like a virtual surround sound. I left the Curious link in my system and allowed it to accumulate at least 200 hours. The sound improved a bit but it still just didn't sound right. I put the generic cable back in and the soundstage, imaging, timbre, etc. was greatly improved. I didn't try a Curious cable between the PC and the Recovery and used my DH Labs Silver Sonic. Perhaps the full loom is necessary to get the benefit from the Curious cables? Will maybe try the Curious again in the future but for now it's collecting dust. I would be Curious to hear your impressions once you get the Curious Cables in your system. Daren
  9. Keith Urban Ripcord Tour, September 11th at Prospera Place in Kelowna, BC. BTW, Ripcord is an excellent album.
  10. Article from Sound & Vision today - Where Is Sonos Heading?
  11. Placebos work better if they cost more. This article could apply to audiophile cables as well.
  12. There are some DIY cable projects at diyaudioprojects.com that may be of interest. I'm using the Belden mains cables with all the components in my system and believe that they've made a positive impact. Another benefit with the DIY cables is that you can make them the actual length you need instead of having excess cable coiled up behind your equipment.
  13. I think that they have mixed up Belkin with Belden. There is a Belkin Gold USB cable but as far as I know, Belden does not make USB specific cables.
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