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  1. Would be nice if it would allow control of the desktop app from the smartphone app.
  2. More info here - https://www.whathifi.com/news/tidal-connect-one-touch-casting-of-hi-res-and-dolby-atmos-music
  3. I find that a locally stored files (rips) played with Roon or Jriver sound better than Tidal streams played with Roon.
  4. Good luck, I hope it works for you. I even sent a message to customer service asking for an exception but they refused it.
  5. I say bit perfect in the sense that the bit rate and sample rate change on my preamp to reflect what Amazon claims the track quality is.
  6. The Node 2i is currently on sale for $449.00 USD. $100.00 off. I had one on order specifically for Amazon HD but canceled when I read this thread. DTS Play-Fi will also play amazon Music HD bit perfect.
  7. You can create an account with a VPN but payment will fail with a Canadian credit card or paypal account.
  8. It's a sponsored tread. Allo doesn't a tread full of everyone's problems as it may discourage future purchases.
  9. Unfortunately, Amazon does not offer a feature similar to Spotify Connect.
  10. The easiest way to accomplish this is as follows: 1. Install the Spotify desktop app on your laptop. 2. Install the Spotify ios app on your iPad. 3. Open the app on both of the devices. 4. Subscribe to a free trial. 5. Make sure both of your devices are on the same network. 6. Start playing a track on either device. 7. Use Spotify Connect on the iPad to control the laptop. In the Spotify settings, set the quality to very high. This will give you the best quality Spotify offers at 320 kbps. This is very close to CD quality. If yo
  11. Sorry, my mistake. I confused Android devices, that are limited to 24/48 with the Chromcast Audio.
  12. Another similar service, if you're happy with a 320 kbps stream, is Spotify Connect.
  13. The only other option to Blue OS that I know of to get Amazon Music HD bit perfect is with DTS Play-Fi. You'll need a receiver, preamp or processor with DTS Play-Fi and the Play-Fi app. It works well with my Anthem processor but does not sound as good as the NUC to DAC even though Windows is resampling the signal. Denon or Marantz with HEOS, may work as well. Edit - Forgot to mention Chomecast Audio will also work however will be limited to 24/48.
  14. Decimals and commas are mixed up. In North America, the decimal separates dollars and cents. Something is amiss here. Can't see eBay making an error in displaying it like this?
  15. What am I missing here? Where I come from, it sold for twenty six dollars and 20 cents.
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