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  1. You might find this of interest: https://community.audirvana.com/t/all-streaming-info-lost-in-audirvana-3-5/12107
  2. You might find this discussion of help: https://community.audirvana.com/t/all-streaming-info-lost-in-audirvana-3-5/12107
  3. You might try running Disk Utility First Aid mode and/or uninstalling and re-installing Qobuz.
  4. I have not tried to compare Roon volume control with preamp control. There is an extensive discussion on the Roon site about it. Here is one of the answers you may find of interest if you have not already seen it. I have been playing with it extensively today. I tried Volume control of the DEQX vs Volume contol of Roon. First thing to note is that the volume control of the DEQX is way more convenient. It works with a button on the device itself, and it has a remote control that works instantly. The Roon volume control scale is not very refined and the slider is a bit akward in use but that could be a matter of getting used to. The most unconvenient is the fact that Roon remote has to be open and ready to grab for it. When I use my Ipad as remote it goes to sleep after a while and it takes up to 5 seconds for Roon to be up and rady again. Pretty long when you only want to change the volume. If this all doesn’t matter for you then fine. My view is the same as Brian’s, it’s more a utility, a nice to have then a practical alternative to your volume control. But what about sound quality. Well, that’s a though one. As said I tried both ways. Set the volume control of the DEQX to max (scary) and use Roon, or set Roon to max and use DEQX volume control. Well the results where about the same as I have concluded before. Up to about -10 db there is no difference whatsoever. From there I thought subtle changes are creeping in, not instantly but just very gradually. In the extreme case of setting DEQX to max and using Roon for volume I was constantly in the range of -30 to -45 dB . In this range there is a clear loss in overall quality. Again, could very wel be DAC dependent. It just sounds like your amplifier has lost some of its power, in other words you lose quite a bit dynamics, sound stage flattens out, and micro dynamics and detail are degraded. Conclusion. Well, for convenience sake I would say no. Sound quality wise it depends I guess. My DEQX certainly loves to be fed with stronger signal then -40dB that’s for sure. Also tried the difference between Analog volume and digital volume control in the DEQX itself again. The difference here is pretty small, but then again, it’s a 32bit floating point volume control. It doesn’t have to truncate the signal to 24 bit like Roon has to to be compatible with the dac’s input receiver so it’s not a question if Roon can handle it. It’s just not the right place in the chain for a full digital volume control I guess. Use it for convenience, set your main control elswhere in the chain.
  5. If you have internet access somewhere you might consider something like this article discusses.https://www.cnet.com/news/top-five-power-line-adapters-when-wi-fi-fails-you/
  6. I recently purchased a JMaxwell Standard USB cable. I had seen a few comments about this cable online so I thought I'd give it a try. ( http://jmaxwellusb.com/ ). BTW I have no connection with this company. I initially ordered a 1 ft. cable which arrived about 10 days later. I quickly realized that I had underestimated the length required and contacted Ken Matesich the owner and designer. He told me to return the cable which I did and ordered a 3 ft. length. When the return arrived I quickly received a full refund. I put the new cable in my system ( iMac- Roon, Maxwell USB, Devialet 140 Pro Core Audio, Magnepan LRS ). I was not expecting anything dramatic as I have tried a number of other cables but to my surprise I noted an improved sense of openness and air in listening to my usual sources. I was a bit skeptical but as time went by I was certain that the sound had improved. I'm not a technical sort so I mostly rely on my ears. Though you all might enjoy some additional feedback.
  7. I’m not a NAS user but I believe both Audirvana Plus and VOX will both play NAS files. VOX uses a drag and drop format so it would be easy to try.
  8. I would agree with Apple . Copy your NAS files to your Mac Mini. Put them all in a single folder. I would imagine they are in one of the Apple formats such as AAC. You might then convert some or all of the files to another format such as FLAC. There are free programs to do this. I like to use XLD for most Mac file work. ( https://tmkk.undo.jp/xld/index_e.html ) FLAC is a non Apple lossless format meaning that no data is lost when creating the file from the original source. Of course if the original file you have is not lossless you won't gain anything nor loose anything either. You can then use any number of file players to listen to your files. I like Audirvana but there are a number of free ones too. VOX is one I like. You should be able to play music files from your computer or NAS with this setup. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.
  9. A few things to try if not done already. Unplug your computer from power wait a few minutes then see if the usb is detected. Also go to Device Manager ( I'm assuming you have Windows ) and see if the drive is found in the USB section. It may appear as an Unknown Device. If so Right click it and look in Properties for the Driver and update it if necessary. If you're not successful try connecting via a USB hub you have one. Good luck
  10. How about this: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/forum/113-dac-support/
  11. avta

    macOS catalina

    Have you run Disk Utility First Aid mode? that sometimes helps.
  12. avta

    macOS catalina

    Bobbmd I have not noticed any audible differences between the different OS's.
  13. avta

    macOS catalina

    I've been using Catalina beta for the past month or so. No problems at all in regards compatibility with software I use ( Tidal, Audirvana ). Sound is fine. I don't use Room or qobuz. If you have concerns you might wait until the final version ofCatalina is released.
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