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  1. Sure I understand. Why not another Chromecast Audio? There’s plenty of them on eBay last time I checked.
  2. Apple Airport Express gen 2?
  3. This may be a bit far out but here goes: Sell your Pass, Yagi, ISO Regen/power supply and buy the best Devialet you can afford. I have one of the earlier models ( Expert 120 ) . Excellent stuff in my opnion and many others as well. https://www.devialet.com/en-us/
  4. Try to remove pieces from the music chain. For example, try connecting your computer to the Yaggi directly via usb and play some internet station from iTunes. If there are no drop outs then add one piece back in such as the Regen etc.
  5. I noticed that there is a software available for Mac on the Teac site. Have you checked that? teac_hr_audio_player_v10012_mac.zip
  6. Have you checked the Sound app in System Preferences to be sure the Teac is selected?
  7. avta


    I believe Merrill's new Element Amp uses Gallium.
  8. I think I’m repeating myself but you might run Disk Utility ( First Aid ) on your Mac HD in case you have some corrupted files.
  9. Could not tell the difference between the files.
  10. I suspect its the dac. Do you have another to try? BTW did you find the upgrade file for the dac firmware? Also, from the Pro Ject site in FAQ section relative to problems with Mac OS. " Turn off your Computer and press at start alt+cmd+p+r until another starting sound appears. With this command the USB bus will be reset and the USB Box will be recognized new."
  11. The current version of Mac OS is 10.14. Yes I was referring to the dac firmware. Are you able to play from other sources than Roon? iTunes? Music files with a software player? You might run First Aid on your Mac HD. That’s in Disc Utility in the Utilities section of Applications. There’s always the possibility that you have some corrupted files.
  12. A few thoughts. I notice you have not upgraded to the current version of Mac OS. I'm a long time Mac user and use my iMac as source for all my listening. I've not run into any problems keeping the OS up to date. I've used a number of dac's without issue. Are you using usb into the dac? I noticed in scanning the manual for your dac that there is a software update. Have you applied that?
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