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Found 8 results

  1. Hey Guys, I'm planning on getting the rha t20i's for my android. the issue is, that they have the ctia standard for apple devices so if i plug them into my aux port the volume buttons won't work. but since apple released the new ipads with usb type c and subsequently released an usb-c to aux adapter(probably digital with a chip i believe, not analog like many on the market. don't quote me on that), i was wondering if i could make the remote work on my android using the apple adapter.
  2. I recently bought a Dragonfly Black USB DAC, and was eager to use it for playing music from my Droid Turbo 2 phone using CloudPlayer, which streams full quality music from Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with the results. The music plays through the DAC, but there are a lot of digital artifacts and distortion. There's a fair number of pops, and digital distortion as if the song had been digitally stretched. Here's some information I've gathered. First, the distortion doesn't occur if listening directly through the headphone jack, or the phone's internal speakers. Second, I tried playing the files after downloading them to my phone's storage. I played them both on CloudPlayer and Foobar2000. This seemed to improve it a bit, but the distortion was still present. It seems most pronounced in 24-bit and higher tracks. (48k, 88k, 96k). My three suspects are: The USB cable. I didn't get the Dragontail, instead I went cheap and got a 'UGreen' cable (this seems unlikely) The port. My port has been giving me trouble for awhile: my charger routinely falls out, or disconnects itself. I'm wondering if it's not totally connected. (this seems somewhat unlikely) The phone itself. It's old, and since higher resolution files seem to cause more trouble, I'm assuming that something's either clogging up the memory, or the processor. (this seems the most likely, though it doesn't explain why I don't get any distortion when using the headphone jack directly). Does anyone have any experience with this setup or something similar? Any advice?
  3. There's a lot of chatting around audio mods for Android. One of the most appreciated is Ainur: https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software/soundmod-ainur-audio-t3450516 Anyone is using one of them? Are they compatible with external dacs?
  4. Hi guys, Just thought to let you guys know (if you haven't already) I also came across these recently, which are ultra-cheap portable HiRes DACs for smartphones and Macs/PCs by Seiun > Clarity Aura | Cyberdrive These will do PCM 24/192 and Native DSD up to 256. And at the price range (an amazing $39.99 excluding shipping) it looks like Seiun is now moving really aggressively in the HiRes and DAC market...
  5. For the past several weeks (months?) I've been unable to access the Computer Audiophile website on my Samsung Android phone (Note 3) or tablet (NotePro). If I go there from my browser (Chrome) I just get a blank screen. The app works fine. Anyone else having this problem? Any fix? I haven't see this with any other site. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. I'm currently installing a Nexus 7 tablet (USB audio out) into my car, to use as a head-unit. Given that DAC technology seems to be constantly changing, I feel overwhelmed when selecting a USB DAC to input into my signal processor / amps. -Audio files will be 24 bit, 192khz. -Drivers will need to be compatible with Linux (Andriod tablet.) -My signal processor has stereo RCA inputs. Can you recommend a suitable DAC for this environment? Previous threads have recommended the ES9023 DAC:Hifimediy Sabre USB DAC 2 External PSU 96kHz 24bit ES9023 SA9023 Coaxial OUT | eBay However, I like this DIY DAC solution (DAC SABRE 9023 + XMOS2): Building my reference dac (xmos2 to i2s dac sabre 9023) - RaspyFi Thanks =)
  7. Just discovered this forum (don't really know how I've managed to not find it untill now...). Was surprised to see that there doesn't seem to be a single thread about pianobar, it's an open-source Pandora radio client that removes the ads and is easy to setup with a proxy so you can access Pandora from anywhere in the world. Since I started using pianobar/Pandora I very rarely start up MPD to listen to my FLACs anymore, despite being lower quality audio (192kbit MP3 with a Pandora One account) it's just so handy for a lazy person like me not having to think about exactly what album you want to listen to and search through all the music on the harddrive. Perfect for discovering new music and background listening. Well, too many good things to say about pianobar, just try it out if you haven't already! Since I'm using a headless server I wanted to be able to control pianobar remotely and decided to write an Android app for that purpose, it's free and ad-free, has support for most of the important pianobar functions and supports pianobar running on Linux, Mac (install with Macports or HomeBrew) and theoretically, but barely tested, Windows (pianobar built under Cygwin). See Pianobar (Pandora Radio) Remote Control for Android for setup instructions if you are interested in that.
  8. Any of you guys saw this? Any comments on this music player? - https://igg.me/at/air-tunes They claim its of audiophile quality. The specs and the details look promising. It's got a lot of audio effects as well (not sure how useful though). What do you guys think? I'm on the edge whether to get this or not.
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