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  1. AMR/iFi audio

    Headphones vs Speakers.....Go!

    For a short while at least... 😎
  2. AMR/iFi audio

    Album of the Evening

  3. AMR/iFi audio

    Jesus Wept

    That cheered us up in a jiffy!
  4. AMR/iFi audio

    Album of the Evening

    Drive osundtrack never gets old. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m7XrMtOey8&t=24s
  5. AMR/iFi audio

    RIP Blue Circle Audio

    That's one bad experience you had. On the upside, Blue Circle Products had personality, their Fon Lo Thingee was positively singular.
  6. AMR/iFi audio

    Jesus Wept

    And so do we 😁
  7. AMR/iFi audio

    Let's talk about SOTM SMS-200 ULTRA

    That's a good product to think about. Really, it is.
  8. Folks, we have just released a short but sweet guide about MQA via SPDIF on Pro iDSD in Tidal. Enjoy!
  9. Nice piece of work @JoshM, a spot on takeaway with HD820, even though we like them!
  10. AMR/iFi audio

    Headphones vs Speakers.....Go!

    Ah, this is a lovely combo, it can make one to forget about a regular 2.0.
  11. Once it leaves the beta stage. Difficult to say at this point, we're gathering feedback.