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  1. Yes, we used measurement charts of the AMR DP-777 and iFi Pro DSD by Stereophile and did not reference or ask for prior permission. This is totally our mistake as we dropped the ball. We have already corresponded with Stereophile and have apologised unreservedly for the mistake. We will be rectifying the references asap! For the record, we wish to apologise fully to John Atkinson and Jim Austin of Stereophile.
  2. @mansr with regards to measurements, thank you for penning a very in-depth article. We have done many firmware updates and our 5.30C is just another one. We always like to give our customers a choice. If you like what a given FW does, please use it. If you don't, then don't. Just like Bit-Perfect, we like this but we don't insist that our customers must use this too. So if someone doesn't like what they measure, we won't judge. Truly.
  3. Thanks, we believe so as well. It sounds really nice and provides lots of options. That was our goal at the drawing board stage and we pretty much were able to do everything we had planned.
  4. Thanks. They have very cool Arthurian naming patterns.
  5. That's the third time someone mentioned these particular speakers in farly short time and was very impressed. It's time to see whether these will be shocased in Munich (they were some two or three years ago with Reimyo in one of atrium rooms, weren't they?) and have a listen.
  6. It's the kind of brightness people eventually learned to love😎
  7. Good to hear! enjoy! P.S. Tubes in our TOTL DAC are able to turn music into something beautiful alright 😜
  8. The whole concert is very cool, but this track is what we like the most.
  9. Ah sir, their take on Crimson and Clover is gorgeous!
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