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If you like . . . then you'll like . . .


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I thought it would be fun to post the names of the artists / music we love and then to post the names of the artists / music we like which is similar.


For example, I like Oscar Peterson.


So, if you like Oscar Peterson, then you'll like Hampton Hawes and Junior Mance.






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or Bert Jansch, ... uh, let's see, John Fahey, (acoustic) Led Zeppelin...


then you'll like Michael Chapman's, "Fully Qualified Survivor." This has only recently been issued for the first time on CD, and also remastered on 180-gram vinyl.


I just happened to come across this "psych/folk" album (released in 1970), and have been listening to it a lot lately (vinyl).


In addition to Chapman on vocals and acoustic guitar, the record shares much of the same personnel responsible for early albums by Elton John and David Bowie (with Mick Ronson on electric guitar, and Paul Buckmaster on cello).


Try it. I think you'll like it.


Lots of glowing reviews out there.


Here's one example: http://www.popmatters.com/pm/review/137353-michael-chapman-fully-qualified-survivor


And here's the review (4.5 stars) at AMG: http://www.allmusic.com/album/fully-qualified-survivor-r2119384/review


And here is Pitchfork's take on it (8.5 rating):


"The footnotes and legends that line the 40-year career of British guitarist and songwriter Michael Chapman are the stuff of thick biographies and fireside storytelling sessions. Chapman, for instance, suggested Mick Ronson for the electric guitar parts on his second album, 1970's Fully Qualified Survivor, a move that put the local gardener in touch with a performer named David Bowie. Elton John tried to recruit Chapman to be his acoustic guitarist (and, like Led Zeppelin, arguably borrowed some of Chapman's music for his own), and he was part of the cadre of songwriters like Syd Barrett and Shirley Collins who made Harvest Records such an important early outlet for wild, weird records. Chapman toured and befriended John Fahey and Jack Rose, recently finished work on LPs for Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace!, and has published a novel. It's possible to make Chapman sound like an incredible musician without examining his music at all.


"But Chapman should be known for more than the myths around him, and thanks to the diligent excavations of two excellent American labels, he might soon be: In late February, Light in the Attic Records released Fully Qualified Survivor, Chapman's second LP for Harvest and the home of his most famous tune, the perfectly heartsick "Postcards of Scarborough". A terrifically unpredictable album, Survivor, even four decades later, feels beyond any genre tag. He proves he's a world-class songwriter, portraying lovesick loneliness during the gorgeous "Kodak Ghosts" with the same detail-driven despair of Bill Callahan and John Darnielle. He's an articulate, spirited guitarist, too, treating each of the notes on the brief instrumental "Fishbeard Sunset" with a Fahey-like care and commitment. "Aviator" is a 10-minute lament that never feels like an unfocused ramble. Its forlorn violin and cello (arranged by Elton John-collaborator-to-be Paul Buckmaster) push against the guitars in sinister streaks, Chapman offering his Dylan-sized invective through daring Yorkshire slurs. Fully Qualified Survivor is a boldly open-ended record, then, the kind that makes the freak-folk of the last decade seem less freaky and more like a point along an old continuum.


"If it's forever his hallmark, Fully Qualified Survivor is a fitting one, as it jumps from complex, 10-minute dirges of sadness to optimistic ragtime jolts, from gritty electric boogie to forlorn folk drifts. Really, though, that's just the sign of everything else Chapman would later do. "Survivor is varied in style, but that's me. That's why people don't know what to do with me," he explains in the reissue's liner notes. Chapman has been an accidental professional musician for more than four decades, and, for many of them, his adamant eclecticism has pushed his music into unexpected and often undefined places."



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If you like Oscar Peterson; you might also like Ben Webster (Dont know why).

Better still 'Ben Webster meets Oscar Peterson' is an amazing disc.




Then again any one who likes Jazz will know this.




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Zerung if you like Keith Jarrett, you might also like Arvo Part, I do too :)


If you like Jacqueline Du Pre, you might also like Glenn Gould


If you like Rachmaninoff, you might like Kodaly


If you like music, you will like Bach


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