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  1. Fantastic information and research, Chris. These are the kinds of articles that originally drew me to your site. Thanks for giving me (and probably many others) another compelling streaming option. Joel
  2. Nothing to be sorry for, Jud. I'm still excited about employing some form of what we're discussing here. Thanks. Joel
  3. Jud, To employ your streaming solution with Backblaze, do you have to use the B2 option? Thanks for the great information and for kicking off a discussion with your earlier article that I suspect will benefit many of us. Joel
  4. Thanks Jud and Chris, Still a killer opportunity. For the price, I might try it anyway. Joel
  5. Chris, Phenomenal find. As an Android user, please tell me music can also be accessed via a web interface. Joel
  6. While time consuming, apps like Shazam and Soundhound could help. They're not always correct, but are usually helpful. Good luck. Joel
  7. Thanks AudioDoctor. When I can figure out how to make it work with a USB dac, then I'll be very happy with it. Joel
  8. I received this item and in, Windows 10, it raises and lowers system volume just as it should. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MV411BR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Yet, with a simple usb dac plugged in, the system volume doesn't change the volume of the desktop system. I not sure why. Joel
  9. Let me add something important to what plissken posted. This man spent the better part of three hours (yes, three) with me on-line and on the phone trying to help me resolve this issue. He attributed that time to "paying it forward". I attribute it to his being a very good guy. I'm very grateful . . . and, Mark, you still owe me your shipping address. Joel
  10. I'm in the central time zone in the U.S., plissken. What a very generous offer. It says a lot good about you that you would try to help someone you don't know like that. I'm game and will try not to abuse the privilege. Thanks very much. Joel
  11. What a great message, DuckToller. Thanks very much for that. And yes, your comment about R1200CL is spot on. When I saw he was sending me messages last night up until 4am his time, I was amazed and grateful. While I doubt he was staying up just to help me, 4am is still 4am. Candidly, I'm grateful to all of you who have commented but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the information I've been given. So please allow me some time to assimilate and implement the advice you've given me. I can't help but h
  12. By different connection types, you mean different ports on the new router? And the bandwidth numbers can be removed? Those categories aren't shown as optional. I can still give it a try of course. Given the hour, I'll plan on picking this up again tomorrow. Thanks very much. Joel
  13. I believe I only have one router operating at a time as I pull the cable from the cable modem out of the wifi router to plug into the new router. I don't know if ISP is using IPv6 or not. Here are a couple of more screen captures illustrating the issue. Pressing "Connect" doesn't establish a connection. It tries to connect and then reverts to it's previous state. I don't know what my ISP's primary DNS is. How would I find that? The wifi box I would use would come in after the new router, DHCP server disenabled.
  14. R1200CL, I so appreciate the time you've devoted to my situation. Given how little I understand what I'm dealing with, I'm not sure how productive it would be for me to spend time guessing about different configurations. At the same time, thanks a lot for your suggestion regarding UPnP. Joel
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