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  1. Thanks again, shadowlight. Patience has never been one of my strengths, but I'll consider this another opportunity. Joel
  2. I'll check but I won't be surprised if that option doesn't exist yet. Thanks shadowlight. Joel
  3. I'd like to be able to browse Amazon's selections from my NAS. In the case you've mentioned, I'm guessing, from my PC, I'd need to first select the music from Amazon I wanted and then, in this case from my Roon app, play that selection from my NAS. If I'm misunderstanding something, please let me know. Thanks Chris. Joel
  4. Thanks for the idea, Chris. If I'm understanding you right, this would be a two step process, is that right? If so, at least in some cases, better than nothing. Joel
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, Jud. In short, I have no idea but if anyone else does, I'm willing to learn. Joel
  6. Not the answer I was hoping for, but it was the answer I was expecting. Thanks kirkmc. Joel
  7. Taking the risk that there's an obvious answer to my question, what can I do if I want to stream HD music from my NAS? Joel
  8. I hate to ask a question as I feel I'm one of the few who doesn't know the answer. But here goes. I've converted some redbook files to both DSD128 and DSD256 but nothing I've converted plays in JRiver, VLC, AudioGate or Roon. I've included screen shots of my settings. I'm sure i'm missing something obvious. I'll appreciate finding out what that obvious thing is. Also, how would I properly set the right volume level for these conversions? Thanks. Joel
  9. You haven't let me down yet, Ted. I'll check it out. Thanks a lot. Joel
  10. After checking, Ted, the other downside is that the output file is limited to 24 bits. So my request remains. I'd love to find a way to hear a sample file so I could hear what this program will do. Thanks a lot. Joel
  11. While I have HQPlayer, I've mothballed my servers in favor of using Roon on my Synology NAS. Rather than have to set up a server again, I'm wondering if Miska has sample clips of any tracks employing EC modulator upsampled to say DSD128. Hearing that compared with the original track would be a quick, easy way for me (and perhaps others) to get a sense of what the latest from HQPlayer sounds like. Joel
  12. I'm pretty sure I know the answer I'll get but I'll ask anyway. Has anyone ever installed HQPlayer embedded on a Synology NAS? Joel
  13. joelha

    Glass cd's

    I'm honestly asking only out of curiosity and not to be provocative. For those of you who mock the idea of the glass cd sounding better then a polycarbonate cd, assuming you had the time, would you have attended the demonstration of the playing of the glass cd or would you have passed? The demonstration included a comparison between the glass cd, the same cd as a polycarbonate disc and the same cd as a UHQCD polycarbonate disc. Joel
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