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  1. Interesting post, Barrows. What are you using to convert your files to DSDX4? Joel
  2. I've ripped a lot of Blu-rays, Chris and, in my experience, if it says PCM stereo (and it does), then it's lossless. I've never seen an exception. Joel
  3. Since I know you already know a lot of TBM's albums, Chris, I'll recommend something different. Have you heard Happy Coat by Shota Osabe? Ray Brown plays bass. Some great tracks. Joel
  4. Count me in, Chris. Topics could include a walk-through of your new listening room, how you've networked your system, how you perform listening evaluations for your reviews, etc. Joel
  5. Before our marriage, my wife listened to music through a boombox. Now she's picking out subtle sonic differences between my components before I do. So much for my decades of audio expertise. Joel
  6. tmtomh, I suspect if each person does their best to be civil, by almost anyone's definition, in almost every case, they will be. Joel
  7. In Chris' defense and for the sake of clarity, this is not about objectivism and subjectivism. This is about civility. I'll bet big money Chris couldn't care less who makes the comment. He cares far more about the civility of the comment. I agree with him 100% and applaud his courage for making this move, knowing the response he'll get from some quarters and for accepting the possibly temporary loss of traffic his site will experience as well. If the choice is between civility and technical knowledge, I'll take the civility and try to get my knowledge elsewhere. Joel
  8. Thanks for the response, Chris, and I can see my question wasn't clear. I should have asked if you noticed a sound difference between the Bluesound app and Roon. Joel
  9. Chris, Thanks a lot for the video. That was helpful. While it might not be possible for you to tell because the hardware differs for each OS, do you have an opinion (DSP not enabled) as to which OS sounds best? Finally, will Blue OS run on a NAS as Roon does? Joel
  10. I believe my comments on this site are generally nicer than the kinds of comments I've called out as the reason for my article. I don't know the other people and so couldn't possibly compare myself to them . . . nor can you. Joel
  11. For this forum, my examples of vitriol would include "dishonest", "lying", "shill" and other terms that discredit an individual or company. Joel
  12. If that's my honest experience, how does that destroy my credibility? Joel
  13. Yes, in the context of an audio hobby, subjectivism is o.k. and innocuous. I never said objectivists have to accept subjectivism. I want them to allow subjectivist posts without the vitriol. Once again, I was explaining why I think the vitriol exists. Honestly, if you want to read the article in the way you are, I can't stop you. But I'm going to try to not to comment further to your posts as you refuse to accept my understanding of my own article. Joel
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