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  1. Thanks a lot, sphinxsix, both for the reference to the video and to the YouTube tip. Joel
  2. Ricky, The video isn't available. Could you either post a new link or list the song, album and part of the song you like. Thanks for the comment about the thread. Joel
  3. I had read somewhere that Jack White considered that specific portion of the song to be one of the greatest rock guitar performances ever. Joel
  4. You just cost me $1,000, Chris. But I'm going to forgive you because you've written another great article. Thanks for that. Joel
  5. We all know there are not only albums or even certain songs we love but specifically, certain parts of songs that excite us the most. In my case, here is a small number of (in some cases very obvious) examples: The Allman Brothers - Brothers and Sisters: Jelly Jelly - 4:59 (tremendous guitar work) The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again - 7:44 (Roger Daltrey's iconic scream) Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love - 3:02 (Jimmy Page's amazing guitar work) Montrose - Space Station #5 - 0:50 - (Sammy Hagar's scream) I've been thinking it would be fun to learn of similar moments in music from other followers of AudiophileStyle. The genre does not have to be rock by the way, it can be any genre. And if you don't have the time to put down the exact minute and second of your favorite part of the song, then please at least identify what part of the song you're referencing. Please volunteer what you consider to be "the very best parts" of the music you listen to. I'm anxious to discover new music through your suggestions. Joel
  6. That's very nice of you to say, Peter. And as for paths in life, truer words have not been spoken. Thanks. Joel
  7. Not only can you get some cookies but, given that my wife is native-born Chinese and Jewish (please read the article on Medium (https://medium.com/mind-cafe/how-to-marry-and-have-four-newborns-at-60-ecdc23e8e4a8) if you went to know more), you can get home-made kosher Chinese here. I'll pick any of you up and return you to the airport. Who's in? Joel
  8. For the record, Chris' visit had to be a bigger treat for me than for him. Chris gets to go all over the world to factories and dealers to hear the most interesting equipment and talk to the most interesting people in the industry. How many industry people visit my home? What's more, Chris is one of the kindest and most decent people I've met. He is, to use a Yiddish term, a "mensch" which, loosely translated, means: what a person is supposed to be. As for the specifics of the article, for which I'm very grateful, the pieces under the speakers are one inch thick acrylic. They are both for vibration absorption and, yes, to make the speakers easier to move. My assistance to APL is a true labor of love. Like Chris, Alex Peychev is also a true "mensch". I could write an article about his many acts of kindness and decency. But, for me to take time away from four three-year-olds, my wife and my primary business, the product also has to be outstanding. And it is. As a hobbyist, I'll say, I've replaced every component I previously owned with APL components and speakers. I'm not going to make this message a lengthy ad for APL. I'll just say from a music enjoyment and personal perspective, my association with APL has been a joy. Thanks very much, Chris, for taking the time to visit and write about the experience. Our kids are looking forward to seeing Uncle Chris again. Joel
  9. What a really nice message, Dave. Yes, social conventions left the building during this venture. But the result was certainly worth it. And as for volume, those quad-kids can sometimes sound like a full blown Atmos system, but I'm bit complaining. This is far and way the best time of my life. Thanks for your very kind thoughts. Joel
  10. Alex, For some reason I'm only seeing your message now. It has been a remarkably journey and, with four three-year-olds and a wonderful wife, that journey continues. Mazel tov gratefully accepted. Joel
  11. Thanks very much, Rt66indierock. Enjoying life we are. Joel
  12. Thanks very much, jcbenten. At the risk of sounding very cliche', since we've wanted parenthood for this long, every day feels a little like Mother's and Father's Day. Joel
  13. A really nice message, kumakuma. Thanks very much. Joel
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