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  1. Just an fyi for those who are going to Munich. From APL HiFi's Facebook page: "HIGH END 2019 Munich is only one month away and we are excited to be exhibiting alongside the stellar Davis Acoustics & Esprit Audio this year! Come enjoy our sound in Atrium 4.2, Room 205, we look forward to seeing you all there!" Joel
  2. Hey Marcin, I'm glad you posted because I owe you a very big public "thank you" for introducing me to Alex Peychev and APL. Spending time with you and hearing APL's components were absolutely the highlights of my visit to the Warsaw Show. Thanks again. Joel
  3. Bob, I own the DSD-MR and DNP-SR and I think they're both fabulous and worth the money. Just because products like this exist at these price-points doesn't mean there aren't other excellnnt alternatives at lower prices. The Schiit Yggdrasil being a great example. Having been in the hobby since I was in high school (which was not recently), I've never seen a time when there have been more fantastic audio options than today. That we even have the option to buy products from Bulgaria, China or Poland for example, is evidence of this fact. And much of the great product available internationally can be purchased on-line. The market for products produced overseas only 10 years ago was nowhere near as good. As for this high-priced product killing the industry, I have to respectfully disagree. How many people would you have to stop on the street before you could find someone who has ever heard of Magneplanar? They've been around forever and you'd have trouble finding a better value in audio. But the vast majority of people in this (or any) country have never heard of the name let alone aspired to owning their product. I realize the apparent hypocrisy of my owning this product while telling others not to feel bad that they can't. I get it. I also understand reading a phenomenal review like the one Chris has written, maybe getting a little excited about the product as i read the review, only to find at the end that it equals the price of a luxury car. But there are audio products I'd love to own and simply can't or won't spend the money to buy. For those who care, APL has the DSD-SR DAC, very good I understand, at less than half the price. Yes, I know. Still a ton of money. Finally, I’d strongly urge those who are able, to hear this dac. At the very least, I believe it offers a compelling benchmark for what one might want to hear when making other digital audio purchases. Joel
  4. I appreciate your opinion, jcn3, but I've spent years tweaking servers (sata cables, various software, linear power supplies, etc.) and I'm now getting the best sound I've ever had off of my NAS using Roon. I'm just trying to understand this part of my system better. Joel
  5. Thanks DrTone. I appreciate the clarification. Joel
  6. You're right to point all of this out to me, John. That's why I posted. Thanks a lot for the information. Joel
  7. It's not Boomboy, but I appreciate the response just the same. Joel
  8. I'm using a Synology NAS to run Roon. I'm aware that JRiver and MinimServer can also run on a NAS. What other "Audiophile" players will run on a NAS. Please, no debates about whether software players sound different. Thanks in advance for your input. Joel
  9. Thanks for taking the time to try to help me out, simonkip. Joel
  10. Please forgive me if this question has already been answered or if the answer is easily found outside this forum, but what will this software cost and when will it be available for purchase? Joel
  11. I would poll some of the elderly members of the church to see if they have an issue. While they may not hear as well as the younger members of your church, I've found they tend to be more sensitive to volume. You could also talk to the members of the church who bring their children to the services. Out of concern for their kids, they might have a similar response to the volume. Point being, if enough people would prefer the volume lower, it wouldn't just be you but others whom you'd be speaking for or who could approach the pastor themselves. Hope that helps and good for you for asking for people's advice on CA. Joel
  12. I'm resurrecting this old thread because there were so many replies posted to it. JPLAY FEMTO has been released and my comments appear in the following thread: In short, it's VERY highly recommended and very much worth a try. It's the best player I've ever heard. You'll find more information about it here: http://jplay.eu/forum/index.php?/topic/2645-jplay-classic-jplay-femto-released-general-discussion/ Joel P.S. I have no financial interest in the product or the company.
  13. Jazzdoc, If people are going to read your message then they should read my response to your message as well (immediately below yours on JPLAY's forum). In contrast to Jazzdoc, I highly recommend that people buy JPLAY. To critique a product within hours of its release before the authors (only a two man operation) have had a chance to field all the comments they're receiving, is unfair. Time will tell who is right, but I've known Marcin personally for years and am thrilled with his product and his attention to me and other customers. I hope people will trust my long-term experiences rather than your very recent frustrations. Joel
  14. JPLAY FEMTO was released this morning. It's a significant step beyond the previous version of JPLAY. I've been a beta tester for the better part of two weeks and I find the sound to be outstanding. It's my go to player at this time and I've used a lot of different players in Windows, Mac and Linux environments. Free trials are available and I'd highly recommend trying it. Those who think all players sound the same might be surprised in this case. You can learn more about JPLAY FEMTO and download a trial version at: http://jplay.eu/forum/index.php?/topic/2645-jplay-classic-jplay-femto-released/ Joel P.S. I've met both of the innovators of this software, Marcin and Josef, and they are very good guys.
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