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  1. I can't believe I'm going to offer this up as an answer since I don't even like opera, but Luciano Pavarotti. Second place would go to Ray Charles. Joel
  2. I've said to Chris, it was this kind of work which first drew me to his website. No one I know puts this kind of energy, detail, professionalism and passion into these kinds of projects. I realize time is limited, especially for efforts as large as this one, but I look forward to more of these. Even if I don't build the same products, I learn so much that I can apply to the products I do use. Thanks for yet another remarkable effort, Chris. Joel
  3. Thanks for saying what needed to be said, Chris.
  4. JoeWhip, I often feel like an ingrate reading a really nice article like yours and then saying "But you should have included . . ." So with sincere appreciation for your work (and I think I speak on Chris' behalf as well when I say) . . . what, no Tsuyoshi Yamamoto? 🙂 Joel
  5. I don't know for sure, Doody. I just know the recordings I've heard are quite good, in some cases unavailable anywhere else I'm aware of and the prices are very good. Joel
  6. Don't ask me how long it took me to figure that out. You won't feel so bad. Joel
  7. Look at the grocery cart. There should now be a number in it. I didn't realize that for a while. Then click on the grocery cart and it should take you to complete your purchase. Joel
  8. JoeWhip, I know, I had to work with that a bit myself. Once you're on the Dizzy Gillespie album page for example, click on the page a few times and then hit the down arrow to move down the page. You should then see the attached image which I hope will give you the information you're looking for. Joel
  9. My apologies if this site has been publicized on Audiophile Style, my search found no reference to it. The site is http://fondamenta-music.com/ Fantastic high-res music from artists like Oscar Peterson, Dave Brubeck and Bill Evans as well as some gorgeous classical recordings. The recordings themselves are very well done and, surprisingly, the prices are low for what you get. Enjoy. I certainly am. Joel
  10. I'd suggest watching for the review that should go up on this site a week from tomorrow. Joel
  11. It's wrong I didn't know about this, Chris. I must get this album and I must get it now. Otherwise, how can I be happy? 😊 Thanks for the heads-up. Joel
  12. Very sorry about this, Chris. That's a price you shouldn't have to pay for operating a website and trying to give participants the best online experience possible. Joel
  13. Thanks Chris. I'm sorry for the delay in my response as I was offline for the last two days. APL's DSD-SR MK2 is available only recently and the website hasn't been updated accordingly yet. I'll be happy to get you any details you would like. I had the unit in my system and even though I currently have the upgraded version (MK2) of the flagship model, I was surprised at how good the DSD-SR MK2 sounded. I was actually a little sad about taking it out of my system to ship to Chris. Joel
  14. Interesting post, Barrows. What are you using to convert your files to DSDX4? Joel
  15. I've ripped a lot of Blu-rays, Chris and, in my experience, if it says PCM stereo (and it does), then it's lossless. I've never seen an exception. Joel
  16. Since I know you already know a lot of TBM's albums, Chris, I'll recommend something different. Have you heard Happy Coat by Shota Osabe? Ray Brown plays bass. Some great tracks. Joel
  17. Count me in, Chris. Topics could include a walk-through of your new listening room, how you've networked your system, how you perform listening evaluations for your reviews, etc. Joel
  18. Before our marriage, my wife listened to music through a boombox. Now she's picking out subtle sonic differences between my components before I do. So much for my decades of audio expertise. Joel
  19. tmtomh, I suspect if each person does their best to be civil, by almost anyone's definition, in almost every case, they will be. Joel
  20. In Chris' defense and for the sake of clarity, this is not about objectivism and subjectivism. This is about civility. I'll bet big money Chris couldn't care less who makes the comment. He cares far more about the civility of the comment. I agree with him 100% and applaud his courage for making this move, knowing the response he'll get from some quarters and for accepting the possibly temporary loss of traffic his site will experience as well. If the choice is between civility and technical knowledge, I'll take the civility and try to get my know
  21. Thanks for the response, Chris, and I can see my question wasn't clear. I should have asked if you noticed a sound difference between the Bluesound app and Roon. Joel
  22. Chris, Thanks a lot for the video. That was helpful. While it might not be possible for you to tell because the hardware differs for each OS, do you have an opinion (DSP not enabled) as to which OS sounds best? Finally, will Blue OS run on a NAS as Roon does? Joel
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