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  1. My Impressions of the Phantoms as a Devialet D440 user is that it astounds with its low bass especially for its size, which I think can get tiring. But its mid range is severely lacking. it is mighty impressive with drum and bass or movies, but to me sounded lacklustre with vocal and classical music. Love the innovation of the company but I think it has gone too far with its emphasis towards the luxury goods market which i am sure is more lucrative than the high end audio market.
  2. Hi Chris, you wrote "it's as good or better than all other speakers in this HiFi category". What is your impression of how it compares with other high end all-in-one speakers like the Devialet Phantoms or Naim Muso? This review would be very helpful if you could give us your assessment.
  3. Just a general statement on the legacy of dCS as a respected high end digital audio icon, comparing them to newfangled companies like Lumin and Auralic would be like comparing Porsche with Hyundai
  4. I personally do not put Lumin,Aurelic,etc on the same class as dCS
  5. Noted the frustration on that risky pre-announcement.
  6. Agree that the pre-announcement was big mistake. But from my experience with them they did it in good faith. They are the other extreme of my dealing with Devialet, who steadfastly refuse to communicate, even with many releases of buggy updates.
  7. I bought the NB recently using its AES output to my Devialet 440 Pro and could not believe how much better it sounds compared to both USB connections and even direct Ethernet connection into for unit via Devialet Air/Roon. To me USB was never intended to be an audio interface, all the various "D2D" flavour of the month USB interface boxes and cables indicate to me that USB is a flawed interface that requires a whole new industry of patchworks. Luckily the Devialet supports DoP via both AES and SPDIF. My prior experience with owning a dCS DAC has all been po
  8. Also, their AN speakers which I like are really Snell designs which Peter Qvortrup bought from Snell after Peter Snell died.
  9. https://www.audioasylum.com/cgi/t.mpl?f=general&m=37527
  10. Been playing around with my dCS Network Bridge for a week or so with amazing sound, mostly with Roon, also tried USB memory stick and Audirvana with amazing sound. Last night when playing with Roon it stopped making sending output to my Devialet D440 Pro via AES XLR. The Devialet was fine when playing via "Devialet Air", it also plays fine from my CD player via SPDIF, so both Roon and Devialet are not the culprit. I tried the following with the dCS NB: - Output from SPDIF - Playing USB stick from dCS App - Playing from Audirvana - Playing QN
  11. OK, it seems I woke someone up. The site loads fast and properly now, after months of outage. dCS is still my favourite, especially when it comes to listening to their customers. I wish the folks at Devialet learn something from them.
  12. I am located in Hong Kong. I tried loading your image link and got a "504 Gateway Timeout". I think their CDN in this part of the world down and has been down for months now. I have tried from different computers different browsers and both from work and from home, so I am pretty sure the problem is with their servers.
  13. I have been getting a slow loading text based web site that looks like the attached. I tried different computers and browsers with same result. This looks like broken HTML code to me. It has been like this for weeks now. Looks really bad for a class act like dCS.
  14. Is the dCS web site down or under maintenance? Since selling my Debussy I have not used the dCS web site for a while. Now that I just picked up a Network Bridge I tried to access the dCS web site, but it kept coming back with a text based web site circa early 90s HTML. Also one quick question, is firmware upgrade readily available via the web? Or need to go thru the dealer like my Debussy used to need.
  15. I like the dCS approach of just offering the best, and provide gradual updates and improvements via firmware. That was my experience with the Debussy DAC, which after so many years, is still current is being improved with new features via firmware. Their products give me assurance that their designs are well thought out and done right the first time. Comparatively, the captioned product went from best, to best'er to even best'er in a matter of months. It does not give me assurance that they will offer something that will be "day and night" better 2 months from now.
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