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  1. For Posterity Sake. I auditioned the following: 1. Sonos Move. + · Rechargeable Battery and fully Mobile · High Rez · Array of drivers..... · Better than few of these Bluetooth out there. Like Dali Katch (More wider soundstage). _ · Not an audiophile sound Caveat · Did not try functionality like Alexa, Airplay,etc. 2. Denon Home 350 + · Massive Sound. Wide dispersion, V Good high and low register. A good all round sound ·
  2. Thanks @Rocinante I will look into this. Would love for this to be the one.
  3. Folks. I want to see if any have a recommendation on wireless AUDIOPHILE speakers, to be used outdoor, with or without wires. Whathifi have a few below - which seems to be quite interesting. https://www.whathifi.com/best-buys/best-wireless-speakers-wonderful-wi-fi-speakers-for-all-budgets
  4. Indeed he was. Sviatoslav, that is. At the end of the day there is nothing consensual or we all are in agreement about - except perhaps Gould and his version. I also heard the .... that @Mayfair was kind enough to share. I did not like it - wonderful as it was and again highly idiosyncratic.
  5. It was written to put one to sleep. I am sure Lang Lang has heard both the Gould version and others. Yet he chose to offer this as his reflection. Even I am not on board - except to say that this is another wonderful variations - like all others are. I would like to invite you to listen to the Aria on this. Yes please ignore the lady......In this Lang Lang goes even more idiosyncratic, there are some passage which reminds me of a Chinese influence, perhaps the location does this to him? I bought the CD's and consider this to be a worthy purchase. Only if to
  6. @ASRMichael Let me ask him. If he is still interested, then I will hand this over to one of you..I have moved on to other pastures..
  7. If not already linked. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Blind_Mice_(record_label) The link mentions Recording Engineer Mr. Yoshihiko Kannari as being the key Engineer, Mr. Yoshiko Kannari is now independent and has his own label 'Studio Lion' In this link, Mr. Kannari talks about TBM and is association there. He also mentions FIM, Winston Ma and the relationship about Audiophile recording. Winston Ma who passed away in 2016, apart from being a Audiophile, had shops in HK and also produced huge number of Remastered Audiophiles CD's. Some of which are he
  8. Yes! Some sacred cows have been harmed in your presentation. Thank you for your hypothesis, which is valid always. However to me the Doug Scroder cabling did help. Even in the pre to power amp connection. I am happy to consider this to be a placebo effect - which suits me fine
  9. Many local Audiophile recommend the British Plugs and socket for the simple fact that the contact points have so much more real estate. As opposed to the Euro or US ones. The Doug Scroder cabling method also recommends more thicker or doubling of cables. High end cables also have thicker gauge + better materials. But the plug remains the same. Is this a bottle neck? @JohnSwenson could I ask your view on this? Thanks
  10. @Albrecht When the audio gd is fully burnt in, you will not need the UR as the sound of UR is immaterial; meaning you can sell this to fund the 20HE. Yes I also use SPDIF... in fact that was the only reason to go for the 20HE. The sound out of this DI is perfectly perfect and putting this into your DAC takes the signal from the USB interface.....ensuring a better sound overall. Also the 20HE has another output called the ACSS, which has a better coaxial output ....which is what I am using. Lastly you can also do I2S over HDMI.
  11. I wanted to report. The DI20HE is AMAZING....just that and more. It took a lot to of burning and burning. It was just amazing to hear what it did. With the outer master clock, it went one runk above. So, what can be better? I got the Auralic Aries 2i (The sonore UR was useless). But the 2i will take time - it needs to burn in. But I already see that the lower bit is very promising. But DI20 is amazing!
  12. Emil in his SGM Extreme did not use clock and opined that it was not important for his design. Of course he was right and I fully agree you are right too. That is what is wonderful! CAS is being attacked from all front and making heavy inroads..... IMHO the Denafrips Gaia and Audio GD DI20HE are the hen's teeth for CAS....
  13. With 5G explosion, I would assume there will be many more units soon on the market. The seller got his from ZTE (That is what he said). Just as vacuum tubes were plentiful in early 80's and the Japanese started to hoard them, till it went crazy priced in the late 90's....I wonder if these clock will be considered to be a heirloom? Or not? Further these clock specifically mentions for 4G applications....I do wonder are the 5G clocks different?
  14. @tgb No offence taken. @Soul Analogue Has just joined CA. He is our resident DIY wizard, the proponent of this intervention. Perhaps I can ask him to chime in on his clock design.
  15. Welcome @Soul Analogue Add Oil!
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