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  1. What an amazing album. Would love to buy the best High Rez out there for this.... https://www.qobuz.com/ie-en/album/what-a-difference-a-day-makes-dinah-washington/8718444828068
  2. There is no objective observation. The Heisenberg principles states that even an objective observation, where the location of the particle is made via objective deduction - resulting is successfully locating a particle, there after becomes unpredictable, simply as one is observing the particle. Every objective view is subjective. All objective measurement via gauges, meters & the likes and measuring very well - does not mean that you get the perfect machine..I dont know what is the point of this statement? Perhaps to state that perfect measurement does not give perfect sou
  3. I see that this business is being discussed over at the HQ Player thread. But the power conversion still seems to be valid. Thank you for any one who has the answer
  4. Are there any feedback on the M1 with HQP? I also noted that the wattage of M1 is less than 40 watts. So the Uptone Audio Conversion kit should be able to supply plenty of power. What I dont know if the power cable from this kit to the Mobo on M1 is of the same type as pre 2014 unit or different? If same, the Uptone Audio kit may be back in business and M1 may offer additional attraction? https://www.tomshardware.com/news/mac-mini-power-apple-m1-soc#:~:text=The beefed-up 2020 Mac,predecessor devours 20W of power.
  5. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle states that if we know everything about where a particle is located, we know nothing about its momentum thereafter, simply because its momentum then goes ballistic..or unpredictable.or so I understand. So even the most objective observation will be a subjective action thereafter......
  6. Folks, is there a site where I can download the 4.7X version of the HQP Desktop? I have upgraded to 4.8 and deleted the old version and realised that this does not work for my 2012 Mac Mini. Thanks
  7. If you are sick of the CAS development, the constant changes to your equipment; the additional clock, the new linear power supply from a coal burning plant, the other plethora of tweaks.....take a break and buy a Aries G2.1. Its stable, seems to have no impact of external clocks or digital filtering (Sending signal from AG2.1 to external DD unit like Denafrips Gaia) - implying the sound out is as good as it gets. Better then UltraRendu with super clocks, & boutique LPS. Can be controlled via Roon with core in your computer and seems to sound very good too. Can be
  8. Great Review Chris. I bought this simply as a dedicated computer CAS, streamer, renderer, etc was a constant moving goalpost and just too difficult to be happy with. I also used this with my AudioGD DD converter and this was useless. Implying that the digital section of the Aries was very good and could not be bettered. Mind you the DD section has external clock feeding this. So it would be interesting to see the changes when the Version 3 comes out. Perhaps a real run for the money for many, many high end computer CAS?
  9. ADES: ANTHOLOGY Just loving his compositions.....
  10. For Posterity Sake. I auditioned the following: 1. Sonos Move. + · Rechargeable Battery and fully Mobile · High Rez · Array of drivers..... · Better than few of these Bluetooth out there. Like Dali Katch (More wider soundstage). _ · Not an audiophile sound Caveat · Did not try functionality like Alexa, Airplay,etc. 2. Denon Home 350 + · Massive Sound. Wide dispersion, V Good high and low register. A good all round sound ·
  11. Thanks @Rocinante I will look into this. Would love for this to be the one.
  12. Folks. I want to see if any have a recommendation on wireless AUDIOPHILE speakers, to be used outdoor, with or without wires. Whathifi have a few below - which seems to be quite interesting. https://www.whathifi.com/best-buys/best-wireless-speakers-wonderful-wi-fi-speakers-for-all-budgets
  13. Indeed he was. Sviatoslav, that is. At the end of the day there is nothing consensual or we all are in agreement about - except perhaps Gould and his version. I also heard the .... that @Mayfair was kind enough to share. I did not like it - wonderful as it was and again highly idiosyncratic.
  14. It was written to put one to sleep. I am sure Lang Lang has heard both the Gould version and others. Yet he chose to offer this as his reflection. Even I am not on board - except to say that this is another wonderful variations - like all others are. I would like to invite you to listen to the Aria on this. Yes please ignore the lady......In this Lang Lang goes even more idiosyncratic, there are some passage which reminds me of a Chinese influence, perhaps the location does this to him? I bought the CD's and consider this to be a worthy purchase. Only if to
  15. @ASRMichael Let me ask him. If he is still interested, then I will hand this over to one of you..I have moved on to other pastures..
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