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  1. Has any one tried SR4-05 (4A) with multiple output via splitter cables. Any view?
  2. Thank you. This Martha Argerich might arguably be the best Rachmaninov 3 around, at least for me. There is indeed not many pianist better than her.
  3. Thank you for your lovely review, I have not heard the other ear-speakers, just a bit of the HD800. I liked my Stax SR900 better, specially coupled with the Lampizator Golden Gate and the Woo WES. This is more pronounced with classical music, where it is very uncolored. I do listen more on my speakers and the Stax is gathering dust.
  4. Hi All, Any one know where I can buy Nick Cave HiRez, SACD or DSD's? Thanks
  5. zerung

    HQ Player

    What a wonderful value HQ Player has provided. Year after year. Updates for free. I feel (Will) I should give back ($), for the extra services that has been provided without expectation. I would love to hear more people's views on this?
  6. Al. Would you say this dac has a tube sound? Did you order one? Thanks
  7. That is not fair... Every one is trying to influence this; Not only SoTM. I voted for the US company who requested my vote and I did - I prefer their product and felt suitably impressed to vote for them.
  8. 1. Sonore UltraRendu (With LPS-1 and USPCB) 2. Uptone Iso Regen (With Sonore MicroRendu/Uptone LPS-1 and USPCB) 3. HQ Player 3.19
  9. I have the exact same problems, some times. I also use the Lampi DAC and I am assuming this has something to do with the DAC USB module and not the Rendu? Like you I have tried to switch and restart all the units including the DAC/Server. etc. there is no immediate, magic bullet solution, Hence I am also eagerly waiting for someone to trouble shoot this....
  10. May be we should have a sin bin. Binned for a week, then two and then cast into eternity....
  11. So I may be gladder I went for the Ultrarendu! 'Free' sounds ever better. Thank you for the intent.
  12. Thanks Foggie, Looks like the firmware is to be released imminently. Great Stuff.
  13. If anyone knows more about the Amanero upgrade, please share. Thanks
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