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  1. With 5G explosion, I would assume there will be many more units soon on the market. The seller got his from ZTE (That is what he said). Just as vacuum tubes were plentiful in early 80's and the Japanese started to hoard them, till it went crazy priced in the late 90's....I wonder if these clock will be considered to be a heirloom? Or not? Further these clock specifically mentions for 4G applications....I do wonder are the 5G clocks different?
  2. @tgb No offence taken. @Soul Analogue Has just joined CA. He is our resident DIY wizard, the proponent of this intervention. Perhaps I can ask him to chime in on his clock design.
  3. Welcome @Soul Analogue Add Oil!
  4. The first time I am hearing Nicola Benedetti. I am very impressed, the timbre in her playing is quite amazing. Ok! I dont know if it timbre, perhaps vibrato, but the emotion in salut d'amour is very touching....
  5. @matthias I have their Femto. But not willing to pay the extra for the XE. This is primarily because I am also trying to get away from USB. So any cheaper external USB card with the chip + external power is what I am keen in n.
  6. I would love to hear some recommendation on external PCI card with ASM3142 USB 3.1 chipset, specially if there are ones that can be adapted to incorporate external LPS?
  7. So it seems . It is interesting that potentially the ASM3142 USB 3.1 controller in the Motherboard or PCI Card may be what we need to mitigate the issues of this interface on sound....This is welcome from a mac user...
  8. @Summit The Isoregen is no longer effective. Nor the UR. Headfi had the DI-20G bettering U16 and to me the only competition was Gaia. But cost of the HE was the big swing....I was also A bit swayed by Kingswa, the designer. He seemed like a maverick and may do something crazy.... I never took stock of Berkeley (OR OR5) either, the specs was not for me (No ext clock or IIS) I am sure that product is wonderful? The HE provides you the Happiness of a Computer/DAC combination.....assuming you don’t have the means to pay for Taiko Extreme.
  9. The inside of the DAC. The gripe is that the cover does not allow you to easily tube roll. You need to remove this every time you change the tube... Yup. I love the Mazda ECC802S. I do love the KR274B, but other NOS one should be interesting too.. I can imagine Musical Fidelity going MK4........ and letting us have haemorrhage on tubes..... As a caveat. Please don't compare this to the ultrahigh end DAC. This is a value proposition and I am hazarding a guess that if you are able to get this to a point in time, this may be it?
  10. MP-D2 MK3 DELUXE from Musical Paradise. https://www.musicalparadise.ca/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=61&product_id=97 USD 998 on website Cheaper on Taobao Released 2014. MK3 2019 So if you are a tweaker, if you love Lampizator for that. Then this DAC is for you. There not much in the western press on this. Unless for Headfi. Even in Amazon the user extolls its virtues and laments its lack of attention from the buying public. https://www.amazon.com/Musical-Paradise-AK4490-BALANCED-384Khz/product-reviews/B01EK6S0DS In Headfi, things are a bit faster and they arguably do experiment more there with cheaper gears & look for value? https://www.head-fi.org/threads/musical-paradise-m2-d2-ak4490-balanced-dac-reviews.802557/page-35 But for my, it it this buffet table of sonic possibilities with Caps, chips, clocks, and most importantly the Tubes that piques my interest. I am using my friends MP-D2 MK3, the stock has lovely mid and high. Pretty much what Pat puts down on his Amazon review. but the lows are a bit lacking. Tube Rolling with KR 274B and Mazda ECC802S makes a big improvement and the road ahead is for one to explore, promising quite a bit. The warning is that NOS tubes can be quite expensive and will silently add to the overall cost.....unless if you have stash of these hidden away - like me! If every thing can be resolved, via tube and parts rolling and possibly from software intervention.. this DAC could be valued at Tesla Share level.......Which reminds me that i need to tube roll Tesla Nos tubes too.....
  11. @tims The unit with out the LPS is a computer interface. Mediator of data, 'A post man'. Best in its class. With the LPS it becomes a musical instrument and starts to be the facilitator of music. The noise dies down and it becomes quieter. The nuance in the music comes through.
  12. Sometimes a picture speaks for itself. Or not in this case. A group of us are doing this. There will always be a debate on 'discrete and not' LPS power. This takes the former route. The intervention of sub-intervention in the power path is another issue worthy of debate. Your intervention is welcome from that point of view (Which we are not doing). The sonic result will be interesting for sure-to know. The clock in the switch is another point for debate. Which you have decided not to partake in (Perhaps wisely?). Using a high quality clock on my Ether Regen gave my network a turbo boost - perhaps should state - completely calmed the network down and pushes the music thru in its most ethereal state (Pun intended) ....So it is, that I am doing the same for my Buffalo switch. Yes, many have decide not to add clock and implement the best power they can provide into their system. Like you, and I understand that is wonderful too!
  13. @LowMidHigh Sorry I dont buy this. You need to be careful with your views. I live in HK and if anything, there is a strong bias towards European things....(which is definitely changing), if anything else. Which to me is based on an individual preference, driven by analytical analysis of sound (Using the instruments on the sides of ones head) and not necessary objective inference based on a test data's.... To push the whole of Asia off the map with a swathe of your 'Non Prejudicial' statement is alarming.
  14. @LowMidHigh That statement....care to expand your views?
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