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  1. Marcin, What is your proposed time line for the JCAT's upcoming XE Net and USB card? Please also share some of your philosophy with this build. Thank you
  2. Are you planning to upgrade the power supply or stay with the present one? Once the NVIDIA is placed, Do you think the fan’s noise and the impact of the EMI, etc. on the system can be managed? Kudos on taking another way for the HQPlayer server.
  3. Is this the new 'Game Changer' that Marcin been talking about?
  4. May be the drive. My URendu had similar issues. I am waiting for the new card to arrive here. You can reach out to Small Green Computer, they can test your setup remotely, Andrew is very helpful.
  5. Thanks Miska. So that does not make issues for me to consider for now. Folks My parts list for CAS (Roon/HQP) is as follows: Please give me your comments. AMD Ryzen 9 3900X MSI MPG X570 Gaming PRO Carbon WiFi Motherboard (Or Sim) Apacer RAM 2660 (Or Sim) - Still thinking about the total RAM? 32GB Optane card Jcat Femto Net Jcat Femto USB Turemetal UP10 fanless case
  6. Miska I am looking at building an AMD Ryzen 3950X based CAS, will use HQP. I understand that this processor does not support AVX512. You have constantly talked about AVX512 for your CAS build. How critical is this? In the overall scheme of things? Thanks
  7. What a wonderful review. Ticks all the box! Thank you
  8. Hi VHS, On the MSI MB, is that the clock socket next to the 's' of the MSI branding? If not can you share a some more detail about clock wiring. Do you solder the signal to the MB soldering point and then ground elsewhere? As wiring both of them to the tiny point is very hard. Thanks
  9. Sadly my Asus Mobo is destroyed too. Nenon kindly document your clock installation sequence. I hope to learn a thing on two there. I found the desoldering and the re-soldering the new clock cable very difficult due to the tiny contact point and seems to have obliterated by board. Also I have paused my Jcat Net Femto buy as it seems a new one is on the way(?). Thank you
  10. Marcin , Are you able to release the specs? It seems like lots of us are about to pull the trigger on the LPS (Apart from your cards).
  11. Am I right, this is not the Femto Version? Thanks

  12. This is a PhD piece and reading this has damaged my concentration capabilities. Well done Josh. Will revisit when I am more placid.
  13. Mitch. What software are you using? I am only able to get DSD64, anything else and the music starts to skips, etc.
  14. zerung

    HQ Player

    Do you know how to use this? I can only input one...i.e. the upgrade redeem coupon and not the black19 together, implying get only one of the discount.... thanks for any help.... Please ignore. Managed this. Needed to reset the cart and apply the generated upgrade code instead of the black19
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