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Need help on how to get audio track only off DVD for Mac


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I want to extract the audio track ONLY off a music/concert DVD. I only want 2 channels (stereo 16/44.1) for now. I have a program (Extract Movie Sountrack) that will convert the compressed 320kbp Handbrake exported mpeg-4 file to AIFF so I can import into iTunes but I want an app that will do it uncompressed.


Thank you for your help.




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I recently used the program DVD Audio Extractor to rip the audio tracks from the DVD Joe Bonamassa Live from the Royal Albert Hall. Downloaded it from CNET. It worked just fine and it allows you to select several formats and bit rates including FLAC.




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I never could figure out how to use Handbrake to extract audio from a DVD. If someone has instructions, I'd appreciate it.


MacTheRipper (MTR) will extract uncompressed PCM audio from a DVD. Here are the instructions I created for myself:

1. Do NOT use Fairmount. MTR will not read a DVD mounted with Fairmount.

2. Choose Save To (shift-cmd-S) to choose destination folder.

3. Click the Mode button.

4. Choose "Title - Chapter Extraction" from the 1st popup menu.

5. Tick the "Demux" checkbox.

6. Click the "Open Streams" button.

7. Choose Title #n from 2nd popup menu. (Duration is shown in popup menu.)

8. Tick the checkbox for an Audio Stream. Clear all other checkboxes.

9. Click "Go".


Amadeus Pro can convert PCM audio to AIFF:

1. File > Import Raw Data

2. In the OS X "Open" dialog, set 48 KHz sample rate, 16-bit PPC (not Intel).

3. Save As > AIFF or FLAC


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This is what I followed to get audio from DVD with Handbrake.



Does MTR compress the file before conversion to AIFF or WAV? The instructions above using Handbrake compress the files/tracks to 320kbp first. I don't like that.


Does Amadeus Pro offer a free trial? There is no mention on their site, I think.


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When MTR extracts audio, it does not compress it. It also does not convert it to AIFF or WAV. It leaves it as raw PCM that lacks a header that identifies the bit depth and sample rate.


Most audio conversion utilities cannot handle raw PCM. I'd be interested to learn of others that can. The free, open source program Audacity might be able to convert raw PCM, but its usage is confusing.


I expect Amadeus Pro includes a free demo period, but I'm not sure. Can't hurt to download it and find out.


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The link you provided to Kirk McElhern's article for Macworld includes a comment from user HealeyGuy that says Roxio Popcorn can extract 2-channel uncompressed PCM audio from a video DVD and then convert it to AAC or FLAC:



Roxio does not offer free trials. They have a money-back guaranty, but I wouldn't count on that because they have a reputation for terrible customer service. On the other hand, their products always have been very solid, and they continue to release updates for old versions for some time after the product has been superseded by a newer version.


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I just purchased Popcorn 4. It's downloading as I type this.


Edit: if anyone else is interested I just received this 10% off code via email.


"In appreciation of your business, please enjoy our gift of 10% off your next purchase. This coupon can also be shared with a friend!

Just enter code FRIENDS10 at checkout for instant, in-cart savings."


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Chris, try using Metakine "Fairmount" (free, open source) to decrypt the video DVD. Wait until Fairmount mounts the decrypted DVD on the OS X desktop before you launch Popcorn.




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I apologize that I overlooked this earlier, but the same Macworld poster "HealeyGuy" said a $60 OS X program called Cinematize also can extract uncompressed audio from a video DVD and save it as WAV or AIFF.



The 15-day demo version only allows you to extract 10 seconds of audio!


You'll still need Fairmount as described above for decryption.


I posted a question on the Macworld thread asking HealeyGuy what he considers the relative merits of Popcorn 4 and Cinematize. I'll report back here if he responds.


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I just tried this and got a *.pcm file. It ripped in like 10 secs though. And it's only 4 MB? I know I picked the right file too. It's a whole BNL concert about 1 hr long. I chose only the 2 channel PCM file? Is that correct. I then used a program called mAC3dec to change it over to a AIFF but it didn't work?


Should it have ripped so fast? Seems like it should be longer?




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Hi Dj_AmTrax - I am able to extract the audio as an MOV. From there I can convert it to AIFF or WAV via iTunes or any other program that converts. I also have the option to extract to Apple Lossless. Here are a couple screenshots. It's kind of weird at first because I had to select the correct video format to reach the correct audio format settings. Then I just disable video extraction.






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Hi Guys - I just decided to write the little how-to right in this thread. It's mostly screenshots but they are pretty self explanatory.


1. Purchase Popcorn 4 from Roxio

2. Download Fairmount for free



Put the DVD-Video disc in your computer. It will mount like the following screenshot.



Launch Fairmount and it will automatically remount the DVD-Video disc to appear as a mounted volume.



Launch Popcorn 4, click on the Convert tab, and select Video_TS Folders on the left.



Click the Add button at the bottom of the window and browse to the newly mounted DVD-Video volume, select the Video_TS folder then click Choose.



Once the DVD-Video is mounted in Popcorn 4 click Options...



Select Custom from the Video drop-down box.



Click the ABC button on the right and select English PCM Stereo. Select the OK button. Then click the big red circle button in the lower right corner.



This box will appear after clicking the big red button. The default options will not look like this.



Selecting the Device drop-down box displays all the options. Choose High-Definition Video (HDV). This allows one to select the right audio extraction settings.



Select the Quality drop-down box and choose Custom.



This is the initial Custom screen.



Uncheck the Video box on the top. This disables extraction of video. Then select Settings... under the Sound check box.



Select Linear PCM for or Apple Lossless. I've used LPCM thus far.



Select Channels and choose Stereo (L R)



Select Rate and select the correct rate for the DVD-Video. Many DVD-Video discs contain 16-bit / 48 kHz audio.



Select Quality and choose Best.



Select Sample Size and choose the correct word length. Some contain DVD-Video discs 24-bit audio, but most contain 16-bit audio. It wouldn't be a bad thing to output the audio in 24-bits if unsure. Finding out the proper bit rate of a DVD-Video can be very tricky. Right now I've tested many applications and none has displayed the audio bit rate as 16, 20, 24 bit etc... select OK when done in this section.



The current audio extraction settings are displayed here. Select OK.



A summary of the settings is displayed below. Click Convert



The progress can be seen below and the output file should also be visible.



When completed open the MOV file with Quicktime to play the audio. All the chapters should be listed. One chapter for each track. Close Quicktime.



Open iTunes and add the MOV file to the library.



Browse to the MOV file in the iTunes library. Right click the file and choose Create AIFF Version. This is optional but I do this last conversion to standardize all my music. If the Create AIFF option is not available go to the iTunes Preferences >> General tab >> Import settings and select AIFF (or any other format desired). The newly selected import format will be available from the right click menu after that change.






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Amadeus Pro


Fission (by Rogue Amoeba)


Wave Editor (confusing, but useful if you also want to create your own version of the apodizing filter used by Meridian, Ayre, etc, or do sample rate conversion in software)


HQPlayer (on 3.8 GHz 8-core i7 iMac 2020) > NAA (on 2012 Mac Mini i7) > RME ADI-2 v2 > Benchmark AHB-2 > Thiel 3.7

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