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  1. Congratulations Chris! This site has been super helpful to me over the last 10 years. It was great to finally meet you last week at the Atlanta HiFi Buys.
  2. I am planning to be there this evening. Hopefully traffic will not be too bad.
  3. In case you have not seen this, some new playback software for the Mac GeekPerfect Playback Software for Mac - LH Labs
  4. Go to amazon.com and search for "iPhone horn"
  5. This is exactly why I still buy CD's for most of the music I buy. I realize there are some great sounding high resolution downloads out there. But, given the current pricing and the lack of any way to really know what you are buying before you buy, I just can't pay the high prices for the downloads. Besides, I still like possessing the music in cd form. Old school I know.
  6. Mike, Check out this thread: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f15-music-general/must-have-jazz-music-3858/
  7. Also here: Computer Audiophile - Computer Audiophile CD Ripping Strategy and Methodology
  8. I have had great success with a single driver speaker in combination with a sub for my desktop system. Since these are going to be so close to your ears, I don't see why having an efficient diver is really that critical. Not like it would be for a speaker that you are using to fill an entire room. You really do not need that much power to drive speakers on your desk. I built some small single driver speakers with help from the guys on diyaudio.com using the Fountek FR88EX 3" driver. With a sub for the low end, these little speakers have been very satisfying. Here is a pic: Here is a link to the build thread if your are interested: Fountek FR88EX 3" build - diyAudio
  9. Based on this list, make sure you check out Dexter Gordon, one of my favorites.
  10. I have not heard that many speakers,but I would have to agree with Paul that the best I have heard are the Joseph Audio Pulsars. When I heard them, at AXPONA last year in Atlanta, I asked them where they had the subwoofer. There was no sub!
  11. I have been using VortexBox for several years now. I built a fanless Atom based PC and loaded VortexBox on it. I have it connected via USB to my DAC and I use MPaD to control MPD. Sound quality....I think that is really dependent on the PC build. You can use the C.A.P.S. model to increase performance of the PC. MPD is bit perfect capable and supports up to 24/192, maybe higher now. Why buy one? Download VortexBox for free, find an old PC and play with it. All for free. It only takes your time. It does a great job ripping to .flac, but if that is all you are going to do with it, it would be an expensive ripper if you buy a prebuilt box. I echo what Eloise said, it does much more than MPD or even ripping to .flac. I also use it to serve files (video) to my smart TV for playback via DLNA.
  12. Right now I am in for a Pulse with the femto clock upgrade. I am contemplating the upgrade to the X or the LPS. I don't currently need balanced connections. The X upgrade is $140 and the LPS is $299. Which upgrade would have the most impact on sound quality?
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