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  1. @thecomputeraudiophile Perhaps Darko's reason for not wanting to take part in your RSS feed is the same reason as Jeff's. Could Jeff been nicer at the first exchange without accusations and threats, yes. But in my opinion, you're the bully. You took Jeff's lunch money and told him I took it because you didn't lock it down like everyone else. That's a bully move. That's all from me... moving on.
  2. I am not on anyone's side. Jeff is wrong for starting the conversation with guns blazing but Chris could have taken the high road and remove the feed. CA doesn't need TONE to get readers. One less site in CA's feed isn't going to make a dent in the readership.
  3. Chris, you didn’t answer this question. why is it so important to you to include Jeff's content in your RSS reader? 
  4. I've been a reader of CA and TONE for many years. I know Jeff on a personal level and find him to be a friendly, down to earth guy, not a show off at all. I don't know Chris on a personal level, only say Hi and chat briefly at trade shows. Chris has always been friendly and nice to me. I don't know the relationship between Chris and Jeff. I am also a content creator (YouTube) and I have to side with Jeff on this one. If someone embeds my videos on their website and use as content, I would be upset. Can they legally do it, yes but that doesn't mean it's ok with me. Think of this everyone... if someone walks up to you in public and takes a picture of you and what ever you're doing. Share that picture on a public website as content. Can this person legally do it? Yes, because you are in a public area. How would you feel about that? Chris, why is it so important to you to include Jeff's content in your RSS reader? If Jeff doesn't want to be on your site then take it down. There are plenty of content on the web. You and Jeff are in the same business and at times work with the same manufacturers. You two will one day run into each other. Why does it have to get ugly with one another? The audio (hi-fi) hobby should be fun, drama is not fun and unnecessary. ~Mike
  5. @peterlim8 sounds a bit extreme... does it truly improve the sound of Z1es by a wide margin to warrant the mod? Can you post a pic or instructions on how to do this?
  6. I don't care for TIDAL. My local .WAV files on the server sounds far better than TIDAL. Also, even with "Hi-Fi" subscription, it is not 100% that you will get a "CD quality" album from TIDAL. Some are mp3!
  7. @Pigs on the Wing judging by Sony's history, the next model may be lower in build quality but filled with features. Z1ES is way... over built for what it is and sounds beyond the $2K price tag. I love it so much I bought two and upgraded both to 2TB internal HD.
  8. I wrote an article on how to upgrade the internal HD. You can see pics of the inside of the unit in the article. https://www.hifiinsider.com/sony-hap-z1es-hard-drive-upgrade
  9. Does 3 sound better than 2.6.8 on local files? I don't care for MQA or any streaming features.
  10. I have D1100 in for review as well. Received the loaner yesterday afternoon. I am using it as a DAC first with my Simaudio Moon 430HAD headphone amplifier and Focal Utopia headphones. My source is a 2017 27" iMac running Roon with a mix of ,WAV CD files and DSD. I am getting a soft pop sound through the headphone when switching between .WAV and DSF files, not loud at all even through headphones and the Moon's volume at 44.5. Unfortunately, the D1100 does not play nice with my Sony HAP-Z1es via USB Audio so it leaves me the iMac + Roon as my best source. Early impressions are: very wide soundstage, superb imaging, instruments separation, D1100 extracts the smallest detail in the music giving me the entire frequency spectrum in equal parts. I own the McIntosh C50 since its release a few years ago. The performance level of D1100 is very clear even on CD quality music files. I'll have an unboxing video soon and a full review after some quality ear-time. ~ Mike
  11. @wildsam I believe it means your server is unable to connect to Gracenote to update the database.
  12. Thank you! I just bought Metadatics. It works great! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/metadatics/id554883654?mt=12
  13. Does anyone know a good Mac app to edit meta data on .WAV files? If the app does artwork as well then it's a bonus. The Z1ES stores all the edits in its internal memory so the files are still messed up when moved to another device such as Sony Walkman. I want to fix the actual files. Thanks in advanced!
  14. I sent my contact at Sony JP regarding TIDAL and my feedback on the new desktop app sounding much better than previous version. He said they don't have TIDAL in Japan. No wonder there's no TIDAL support on HAP-Z1es! You can't love something if you don't have it.
  15. When there is an error with one or more tracks, anyone know the best way to re-rip or fix this without ripping the entire CD again and again hoping it would rip the whole disc? I wish Sony would allow per track rips... Repost: I just finished a tutorial with lots of pics on how to upgrade the internal hard drive. Just Google "Sony HAP-Z1es hard drive upgrade". Hope it'll help someone here to enjoy this great server further.
  16. so does the HD-AMP1 have the same or better headphones amp as the HD-DAC1?
  17. Firmware 0017384R is now live. As mentioned in my earlier post, Spotify and USB hub is now support on HAP-Z1es. Update your unit under "Network Update". HDD Audio app is also updated to support Spotify.
  18. Wow! 50% OFF?!?!? Is this the same as McIntosh D100 or D150? If D150, then this is a super deal.
  19. New firmware coming to Z1ES and S1. Sony will add Spotify and capability with USB hub through the EXT port. I wish it was TIDAL and not Spotify.
  20. No update to HDD Remote app since 11/2015...
  21. Thank you for the recommendation. I'll have to give XLD a go. Any suggestions on settings to get the best rip possible? I'm using Apple CD drive.
  22. I've been using AccurateRip app (Rip from sbooth.org) for Mac, but it's been a long time since it was updated. Any recommendations for a modern CD ripper app that's best for archiving? Thanks for your help. Mike
  23. The slim remote for HAP-Z1ES does not have transport buttons. The volume control only works with the matching Sony TA-A1es integrated amplifier.
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