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    HQ Player

    I'm pretty sure Jussi said that HQP Desktop does not support automatic sample rate switching for streaming input. I'm not sure whether HQP Embedded is more capable in that regard.
  2. In @vortecjr's thread, Miska provided a link to the documentation for FFMPEG's HDCD decoder. One of the decoding parameters is the "code detect timer period in ms". I expect this means that the sequence of samples includes a "peak extension" flag only at certain intervals, and peak extension should be turned off if that interval passes without another peak extension flag. If so, proper decoding depends on knowing what the "code detect timer period" should be. This value either should be fixed by the HDCD standard or should be encoded in the optical disc, or else an HDCD player couldn’t pr
  3. Today's Mendelssohn by the Escher String Quartet is excellent and powerful. Also superbly recorded. BIS recordings seem to be more full bodied lately.
  4. Today's Rach sym 2 with Gergiev & LSO is excellent. Since eClassical permits buying individual tracks, you might also consider the Supplica track from the Rouse album. It's an elegiac mood piece sort of like Barber's Adagio for Strings except with a wide variety of orchestral timbres. It doesn’t really go anywhere, but it's pretty. The frequently changing instrumental combinations are the main interest. (The other two pieces are the polar opposite: raucous.) Vanska's Mahler is terrible IMO. He underplays all the contrasts between sections, instead limiting his
  5. Every few years I try listening to Verklarte Nacht, but it strikes me as terribly depressing, and I turn it off almost immediately. The only Schoenberg I've been able to enjoy is solo piano music—specifically, the Pöntinen recording on BIS and the op. 19 pieces on the Aspaas album with Beethoven's op. 111 and the Berg sonata. (I also have a piece recorded by Glenn Gould, but can’t remember what I thought of it.) Since you like Schoenberg more than I do, you might try the violin concerto by Hilary Hahn with Salonen conducting. It's widely considered the most approachable recordin
  6. My favorite set of Sibelius symphonies is by Segerstam & Helsinki Sym, only $20 for equivalent of 4 discs: https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/album/sibelius-complete-symphonies-jean-sibelius-veikko-antero-koskenniemi/0761195107522
  7. Bob Stern

    HQ Player

    I'm confused. I thought a switch was supposed to forward to a device only the traffic addressed to that device's MAC address. So why would the micro-computer hosting NAA receive a lot of traffic in addition to the audio data being streamed by HQP? Would the answer be different if the NAA host was connected to a router instead of a switch?
  8. Fans of Isabelle Faust should explore Christian Tetzlaff on Ondine. Similar talent and stylistic approach.
  9. The Bach album by Olivier Latry, the titular organist of Notre-Dame de Paris, is the last recording made on the Cavaillé-Coll organ of Notre-Dame before the organ was damaged in the fire. Therefore, some of you may want to buy it as a remembrance. However, the Fanfare magazine reviewer said the performance was careful and dull.
  10. I assume so, but I haven’t used RePhase. They have their own forum. Be sure to make the measurements with the Mac version of REW, not in the Windows virtual machine.
  11. In VMware Fusion, create a Shared folder, which allows a Mac folder to appear as a disk drive in Windows. Within Windows, copy the output impulse response from RePhase to that folder. I suggest importing it as an impulse response into REW to verify that it looks reasonable. If so, any convolver plugin should be able to read it. Check the documentation of the convolver plugin for the required format: Mono or stereo; WAV or something else. 32-bit floating point is better than fixed if supported.
  12. No, but you can run Windows on a Mac for free. (Excluding the new Macs with ARM M1 CPU chip.) VMware Fusion is now free for personal use. The Windows 10 installer also is free. Microsoft now allows you to use it forever without buying a license. The unregistered version merely lacks some customization options that you don’t need. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10ISO
  13. I'm surprised no one answered this. You're simply asking whether there are any convolver AU plugins, correct? In order of increasing price: Melda MConvolutionEZ — Free! https://www.meldaproduction.com/MConvolutionEZ Home Audio Fidelity Convolver Plugin is free, but it requires a 2x2 matrix, so you need 2 silent impulse responses for 2 of the 4 IR’s. https://www.homeaudiofidelity.com/ Mellowmuse IR1 ($50). New version 4.0 released in April. It supports IR’s as long as 440K samples, i.e., 10 seconds at 44.1 KHz sample rate. The demo version
  14. Thanks! The French site has 2 jazz albums not offered on the UK site.
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