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  1. The MacTracker app (free at the Apple App Store) or https://everymac.com/systems/apple/index-apple-specs-applespec.html will tell you the original version of MacOS when your model Mac was introduced. If it is Mojave or older, you can revert to Mojave by downloading the installer: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/macos-mojave/id1398502828 You'll have to install Mojave on an empty partition, then use Migration Assistant to copy your apps, data, prefs, etc from your backup of your current Catalina volume.
  2. If you have various "Internet of Things" devices, a great security feature of Ubiquiti is that it can divide your LAN into virtual subnets (VLAN's), and you can define which subnets can talk to each other. Since IoT devices are susceptible to hacking, this can prevent a hacked device from accessing your computers or your networked storage devices.
  3. Audio plugins (AU and VST) must be updated for compatibility with Catalina. Here's the notice I received from Rogue Amoeba. (I think it mentions AU but not VST only because Rogue Amoeba products don’t support VST plugins, not because VST plugins are less subject to this new requirement.) "Audio Unit plugins on Catalina are required to be both “code signed” and “notarized”. Plug-in developers will be the ones to worry about that. However, end users should be aware that very few third-party Audio Units currently meet these requirements."
  4. I consider Brahms 2nd piano concerto Brahms' greatest piece and the greatest piano concerto ever written. My benchmarks from the analog era are Serkin/Szell in the 2nd and Fleisher/Szell in the 1st. Even if you prefer more modern sound, it would be worthwhile listing to those.
  5. Is there a version history for the desktop app? It does NOT have gapless playback.
  6. My preferences are the opposite of yours. I love old-fashioned romanticism. I especially lament the HIP influence on mid to late Romantic music like Schumann and Brahms. For example, I love the Brahms violin sonatas in the flowing style of the Khachatryan siblings.
  7. Solti's Figaro: You inspired me to listen to it for the first time in a very long time. The overture is nothing special — perhaps the London Phil at that time could not keep up with Solti's tempo. However, once the singing began, I found it superb from beginning to end!
  8. Le Nozze di Figaro: A uniformly stellar cast from 1982: Te Kanawa, Popp, von Stade, Thomas Allen, Ramey, Kurt Moll, with Solti conducting. Listen before you buy to see whether you're bothered by Solti or the early digital sound. Don’t miss von Stade's Cherubino. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_nozze_di_Figaro_(Georg_Solti_recording)
  9. Bob Stern

    HQ Player

    REW (Room EQ Wizard) for creating impulse response for parametric EQ Here are the instructions I created for my own use over a year ago. Please post any corrections, since the REW user interface may have changed since then: Prefs > EQ > Default Equaliser = Generic Prefs > View > clear “Enable mouse wheel zoom” if using a trackpad. Open EQ window by clicking EQ button (or Tools menu > EQ). • Gear button: Clear “Invert Filter Responses”. Click Gear button again to close dialog. Open “EQ Filters” window by clicking “EQ Filters” button (top center of EQ window). Close EQ window. Return to “EQ Filters” window: • Clear “Always on top”. • Control = Manual for filter bank #1. • Type = PK for parametric EQ. • enter Q=1.4 for BW = 1 octave. (0.67 for BW=2.) http://www.rane.com/note170.html • Alternatively, Type = HS for high-freq shelf. dB should be negative to shelve down above specified frequency. • Leave EQ Filters window open to assist in naming IR file afterward. Bring the main REW window to the front by clicking it or cmd-tilde. File menu > Export > Export filters impulse response as WAV. • Clear “Normalize Peak”. Mono. 32-bit (integer). Sample rate 192. • No minus sign or other non-alphanumeric characters in filename. Easier to save with default filename and then edit it immediately after saving.
  10. Bob Stern

    HQ Player

    If you search this thread for exaSound, you'll see that Miska confirmed that HQP version 4 is incompatible with the exaSound ASIO driver. However, I find the sound quality of version 4, especially the new EC filters, via the Core Audio driver exceeds the sound quality of version 3 with exaSound's ASIO driver.
  11. To ensure perfect rips, the drive doesn’t matter, but you should use a ripping program like XLD that compares the ripped files to the AccurateRip database.
  12. It's pretty confusing that these guys named themselves the Busch Trio.
  13. Perfect tribute. She was outstanding in everything from Handel to Wagner, but that Strauss album is one of her best.
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