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  1. Can’t seem to find an archive of that online.
  2. An entire scene of the Ernie Kovacs Show was devoted to the eerie 2nd movement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjXHgqkc5uY A similar (and even better, IMO) piece is Bartok's "Music for Strings, Percussion & Celeste". The "Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion" is similar but less famous. In the 2nd violin concerto and 3rd piano concerto, the soloist's part is tuneful, while the orchestra is more angular. Start with the pretty slow movement of the 3rd piano con. Shaham (with Boulez) brings out the romanticism of the violin concerto.
  3. Nielsen On the DaCapo album Teresa recommended, I greatly enjoy "Pan and Syrinx", "Helios" and the last 2 movements of "Snefrid". For the symphonies, my favorite performances are Bernstein and Schonwandt. I haven’t heard the new Dausgaard/Seattle. @austinpopNielsen's 4th symphony is both his best and his least raucous. Next best are 3 and 5. The others are much less well regarded.
  4. Bob Stern

    HQ Player

    The "remix" function of SoX can output a mono file from one channel of a multi-channel input file.
  5. https://mahlerfest.org/mahlerfest-online/of-love-death-and-beyond/ Introduction is hokey, but it features extensive commentary by Mahler scholar Henry-Louis de La Grange.
  6. Bob Stern

    HQ Player

    @asdf1000Your Loopback configuration looks correct. The error message is from HQPlayer, so Jussi should advise on that. I've never encountered it. The HQP error message seems to be related to the audio format being output by Audirvana. In Audirvana's Audio Settings, set Upsampling to None or Deactivated, and turn OFF Integer Mode and Exclusive Access. I suggest setting Audirvana's output device to Builtin Output. That way, you'll hear Audirvana's output in the Mac's built-in speakers while HQP is not capturing it, but the built-in speakers will be muted while HQP is capturing it. That's useful feedback. Do this before entering the Audio Settings specified in the preceding paragraph. If the above steps eliminate the HQP error message, in order for HQP to stream the audio (and mute the Mac's builtin speakers), you need to set HQP's source in the upper right popup menu of HQP4Client to the sample rate of the music.
  7. Bob Stern

    HQ Player

    Sounds like you're using Loopback incorrectly. You do not configure an output device in Loopback. Instead, you only set the Source to the program whose output you are capturing, i.e., Pure Vinyl. You give that Loopback configuration a name at the top of the window, above the Sources heading. For example, name it PVLoopback. This causes a virtual audio device to appear in Audio MIDI Setup having the name PVLoopback. Then, you set the input device of HQPlayer to the virtual device named PVLoopback. (If HQP was running, relaunch it to get the new virtual device to appear in HQP's "input device" popup.)
  8. Bob Stern

    HQ Player

    Rogue Amoeba "Loopback" works perfectly for me in Mojave. RME ADI-2 Pro includes A/D. If you only need D/A, the ADI-2 DAC is $1150.
  9. On at least one drive I owned, slower speed increased the error rate. In any event, the "XLD Secure Ripper" mode reports any read errors, plus you get a report of whether the rip matches the AccurateRip database, so I would use the highest speed of your drive unless either of those reports an error.
  10. +1 re Plissken's advice. Also, a shield defeats the benefit of ethernet's ground isolation between components. What AnotherSpin refers to is that a tell-tale sign of shielded ethernet cables is that the RJ-45 connector is metal coated, at least on its left and right sides.
  11. Ormandy was admired much more for building a fantastic orchestra in Philadelphia than for interesting interpretations. I find his Mahler 10 brisk and unsentimental, and unsentimental Mahler is a non sequitur. FYI, Ormandy performs Cooke's original completion, but Cooke published a revision 10 years later, and the latter is what we now know as the Cooke version.
  12. We have the same taste here: my favorite also is Dausgaard, Seattle Sym. In the unlikely event you might also like a heavier, slower performance, Levine Philadelphia 1978 (RCA) also is good. If you're looking for a Carpenter to try, the one by Andrew Litton & Dallas Sym got good reviews.
  13. Bob Stern

    HQ Player

    Jussi, when you released Desktop 4.4 (I realize 4.5 is now out), you said it could cascade multiple convolution filters for a single audio channel. I don’t see that explained in the user guide for 4.4 or 4.5. Are the 32 virtual channels in the Matrix pipeline intended for cascading filters? For example, if I only have 2 physical channels 1 and 2, can I interpose virtual channel 11 between physical input 1 and physical output 1 as shown here (assuming I would specify filter files in the Process column): Is there also a method to cascade filters in the Convolution dialog?
  14. Thanks for the followup. Sounds like my help was no help at all, but I'm glad it worked out! If you as the OP have the power to change the thread title, you might change it to Ubiquiti with a final "i" so people doing a search can find it.
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