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Your 3 Favorite Albums Releases of 2016


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No doubt hard to choose but which 3 albums would top your list? Any genre.


Mine are as follows (in no particular order):








I didn't love Blues and Ballads at first but it sure grew on me quickly. Country for Old Men was the biggest surprise (not my usual cup of tea). I really expected to be bored with Norah's latest .. nope, it's fantastic.

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(editing post to properly include images)

I generally find Mozart piano sonatas boring, but Fazil Say makes them come alive.Fazil Say - Mozart - Complete Piano Sonatas

download (2).jpg

AllMusic tells me this Pete Alderton is a 2017 release, but I have it so...Pete Alderton - Something Smooth



Love that Reference Recordings sound.

Fiona Boyes - Professin The Blues

download (1).jpg

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I am so lowbrow around here, it's embarrasing. I can't even spell Shostakovich (I did though, didn't I?).

And, I don't buy that much new stuff, I'm still wading through the 1,600 albums in my library now. Here's three I did buy, that I am enjoying.


cover.jpg The Elevated Edition, remixed and remastered by Steven Wilson.

cover.jpg Genius in a polka-dot dress.


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I'll continue that lowbrow theme:



yellow-toy-album-cover-300.jpg Yello - Toy (24/48 Qobuz download)

A return to form after a disappointing run.


grv1088-45 (1).jpg Vanessa Fernandez - When The Levee breaks (SACD)

Being a Led Zep fan I found the first listen a bit strange but I'm liking this now and play it a lot. Really nicely recorded.


R-8435866-1461553051-9446.jpeg.jpg Elysian Fields - Ghosts Of No (24/88.2 Qobuz download)

Their best so far (IMHO), particularly from an SQ perspective.


And an honourable mention as I suck at keeping to the rules:


300x300.jpg Jack White - Acoustic Recordings (24/96 download)


The common theme here is good dynamic mastering, I haven't included any hotly mastered car stereo fodder ;)

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I limited my selection only to records released in 2016, much too difficult if I just look at 2016 purchases. All selections are classical:


Wonderful recording of Bach's Sonatas & Partitas for solo violin. This is what a violin is supposed to sound like.


Rachel Barton Pine - Testament.jpg


Dvorak's Cello Concertos by Steven Isserlis. Fantastic performance of the B Minor Concerto.




And more Dvorak: Violin Concerto & Suk's Fantasy. It was a great year for Dvorak recordings.


Cover - Dvorak_ Violin Concerto in A Minor & Romance in F Minor - Suk_ Fantasy in G Minor, Op. 2.jpg

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If you want to purchase the Pete Alderton album (Something Smooth) noted above, it is difficult to find, at least in the USA.


However, you can e-mail Pete directly from the webpage below and arrange to purchase for 20 euros via PayPal. I had e-mailed Pete and got an almost instant reply from Pete himself (well it was signed Pete) and concluded the transaction in short order.


pete-alderton.com - Shop


His Cover My Blues album is excellent in both the music and SQ.


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My top three for 2016


Bill Evans - Some Other Time (The Lost Session From The Black Forest)




Macy Gray - Stripped




Madeleine Peyroux - Secular Hymns


folder_ Madeleine.jpg

Sometimes it's like someone took a knife, baby
Edgy and dull and cut a six inch valley
Through the middle of my skull

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