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  1. See first post in this thread or the Sonore web site.
  2. Since buying a QX-5 Twenty my QB-9DSD doesn't get much use. Probably not worth the cost to upgrade it for me (still sounds good as it is), however if it still was my primary DAC this would certainly be an easy decision. The specs for the upgrade look excellent.
  3. In theory, nothing upstream of the fiber cable should influence the SQ of the opticalRendu wrt network noise. As long as you have a good power supply for your opticalRendu there should be no issue using the optical output on your switch.
  4. I think it's a T-8 on my ultraRendu.
  5. Where did you tell Rigelian to find cover art? IIRC it should be http:// (IP address of Rendu)/music (or name of your local music folder)
  6. Don't overlook Soundirok as an excellent MPD client. I will be interested to know what access speeds and database updates are like with the local storage.
  7. The KEF's and the B&W should sound nothing alike. Their on- and off-axis frequency responses are so dissimilar that it is difficult to compare them. The KEF Ref 5 is a pretty neutral speaker, the B&W isn't. Comes down to personal taste/preference. There is plenty of info available if you search around.
  8. Isn't the IP address "tied" to the unit itself? In other words, you can move a component to a different location and the Router will usually retain the same IP address. Yes, the Router will hold the IP address for the Teac (but not indefinitely) but should assign a new IP address for any new component that it detects on the network. The Router doesn't know physically where the component is.
  9. I used to use the TP-Link FMC's to isolate my ultraRendu. The opticalModules are designed with sound quality as a major criteria and the opticalModules do sound better than the TP-Link stuff.
  10. Another report of Roon skipping through tracks, this time with a microRendu. Is it known yet what the root cause of this is? So far I have only encountered this behavior once. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/microrendu-skips-songs-very-fast/75276
  11. I believe that I tried that. Restarting is always a last resort for me. I should add, which I forgot, was that after using the uR in Roon Ready mode with everything running normally, I switched back to MPD/DLNA as I needed to view some playlists on my MPD client so that I could recreate them in Roon. When I came back to Roon Ready mode to create and play the playlists, that is when the trouble started.
  12. I was using my ultraRendu in Roon Ready mode this afternoon with no issues, worked as it should and sounded great. After the album finished playing I left things to sit for a couple of hours. When I tried to play again, Roon would just rapidly skip through the tracks but not actually play anything. DAC diagnostics looked fine, I could see the ultraRendu and the ultraDigital, everything looked normal but nothing would play. I restarted Roon, rebooted my iMac Core but no change. Finally, I restarted the ultraRendu and that fixed the problem. Any idea what happened here? On the Roon Community Site I found some posts describing similar behavior, one was with a microRendu and SonicTransporter, but no explanations as to what the problem actually was.
  13. Generally a good rule of thumb is to keep digital components separate from analog components. I have two separate AC lines in my listening room, I use one for digital (DAC, oM's, uR, ultraDigital etc) and the other has my preamp & amp.
  14. I think that Jesus needs to chime in here. There can't seriously be a requirement for me to use at least a 1 meter Ethernet cable to connect my opticalModule to my ultraRendu. @vortecjr Can we please get this cleared up in order to stop the spread of misinformation? I read the linked thread and I'm not coming to the same conclusion. I think we are comparing apples to oranges. Cheers.
  15. https://www.hdtracks.com/help
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