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  1. Just updated my ultraRendu, had to run update twice (as anticipated). However, it took forever for the uR to show up on my network again and now there are three versions of Roon Ready listed under installed Apps (two version were listed prior to this update). I still cannot delete the Roon Ready App to try to reinstall it.
  2. Unfortunately, Roon Bridge requires an OS to run on. Have you checked the Roon "Tinkering" forum to see if anyone there has played with this idea?
  3. You can run Ubuntu from a USB stick, so if you can install Roon Bridge onto the USB stick then it should work (I guess).
  4. Updated my uR this morning to MPD 0.21.20.
  5. I agree, the App Store really is not a sustainable model as the initial cost of purchasing an App cannot justify the developer's investment in time to continue updating, particularly with Apple's constant iOS updates. I believe Soundirok originally cost me $2.99, how can these prices justify support for more than a couple of years? I don't understand the logic of charging so little for an App. Last month I tried to contact the Soundirok developer but received no reply, not a good sign as he was always very responsive in the past. Things might work better if the cost of the App was higher but came with a 30 day free trial period.
  6. Yes, one light is always on, looks more yellow than green to me. The orange light is the one that usually flashes on & off. I don’t think anything is wrong with oM units, just different behavior with Roon. I guess there is nothing sinister going on with RAAT. Thanks for responses.
  7. I've noticed that when using Roon the orange light on my two opticalModules stays on continuously, even when playing 16/44 files. I have two other renderers here and when streaming to each, the orange light flashes. Any idea why I'm seeing this and does it mean anything as far as RAAT goes? I ask because I am still trying to determine why Roon sounds so bad in my set up, wondering if RAAT is overloading something in my network.
  8. Here's a specific. Forgot that I had posted this here.
  9. I don't remember the specifics since I stopped using it a few weeks ago, only tried it for a few days but the problems were confirmed to be associated with a recent update. Lumin does not care if their App works with non-Lumin equipment. Sorry I mentioned it at all. There is some discussion about it in the Lumin forum if people are interested.
  10. Be aware that the Lumin App isn't working properly either since a recent update (6.1.4?).
  11. More info: I just moved my ultraRendu to a different room. After restarting the unit, confirming that it was online and that my DAC was visible in DAC Diagnostics, Rigelian once again indicates no albums present. It's as if the MPD database is only being stored in memory and not written to the micro SD card. If this is what is happening, then 2.8 is not a lot of use for MPD users.
  12. But this update did not change MPD at all. I already had version 0.21.19 on my ultraRendu. In fact, I'm not sure what the update did except update the HQ Player app.
  13. @vortecjr Jesus, I would appreciate some kind of comment on this behavior. As I said, never saw anything like this with 2,5, 2.6 or 2.7.
  14. It's hard to say for sure as a meaningful direct comparison is impossible. Nevertheless, using MPD for playback, I think the sound has improved, but don't expect anything dramatic. No complaints about SQ from me. Roon sounds the same, unfortunately.
  15. I was actually considering that route, not so sure now.
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