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  1. How does the mconnect app. work, what is actually playing/decoding the music file? Must say that I am not familiar with the details of using mconnect.
  2. At the risk of being burned at the stake, have you considered that your issue may be Roon? I tried using Roon for over a year and could not get away from the fact that I found it very fatiguing (with two different speaker systems). One day it dawned on me that I wasn't enjoying my music anymore. Just switching my Sonore ultraRendu back to MPD/DNLA mode (streaming from my NAS) gave a much smoother, more enjoyable sound quality. Just a suggestion...
  3. Any update on this Ryan? When will this upgrade board be available to order? Additional question: There is a lot of discussion about minimizing jitter coming from the source whether it's from Ethernet or digital cable, how immune to "input jitter" is the QX-5? Naively one might think that as long as the DAC input reclocks/buffers the input, jitter from the source should be irrelevant. Many people point to the source jitter as an explanation as to why different music players do not sound the same (not sure I buy this personally).
  4. Not trying to be prickly, just trying to understand. I’ve used many different music players on both OSX and Linux and none of these players has an issue playing ALAC so it’s hard for me to understand why HQP is different. That being said, what is the best way to batch convert ALAC files to flac?
  5. Why does HQP not support ALAC? That is the one thing that is stopping me from moving to HQP. I also started with a Mac-based music player (Pure Music) and the majority of my files are ALAC.
  6. Jud, if your office “live” coax comes directly from the “street,” then I’m not sure anything can be done with it.
  7. I've been following this thread on and off for a while but the discussion is mostly way beyond my understanding or needs. I would like to ask a simple question concerning FMC's and switches with a FSP cage. I've been using a run of fiber optic cable connected between two FMC's to "isolate" my streamer from my network. The basic setup is: a Netgear switch to which is connected my NAS and a FMC, a segment of fiber connects to a second FMC and my streamer connects to this FMC via 2 feet of Cat 5e cable. Would there be any advantage to replacing the Netgear switch with a switch with a SFP cage and eliminate one of the FMC's? I've had occasional issues with getting the streamer to reconnect to the network after a restart which don't seem to occur with Cat 5e cable. I don't really understand why the optical segment would cause connection issues, wouldn't the FMC just "look" like a switch to the streamer? Thanks!
  8. Any feedback/comments yet on the new USB input? Are you able to play DSD files natively (no DOP), how does the USB input compare to the S/PDIF inputs?
  9. I've listened to the remix three times now and I've also done some track comparisons with the 40th Anniversary edition. Loudness issue aside, the remix sounds great, I don't think there's any going back at this point for me. The voice is so much more clear and clean. With each listen I find another track that catches my ear like never before. Sometimes it's hard to "forget" what you are so familiar with but I think after a few listens the new remix should stand out as superior, it's just much more enjoyable.
  10. I'm comparing the 2010 24/96 download vs the 2021 24/192 download. The new version is definitely cleaner, more bass (too much?), with the vocals standing out much better. "Wow Wow" is much more listenable on the new version but "I'll Have You Anytime" has more depth and space in 2010 version but is "cleaner" sounding in 2021 version. Overall the remix sounds good but it is loud! The difference in volume setting on my Ayre preamp between the two versions is 30 vs 24 which equates to roughly a 9 dB difference. I have no recordings with a volume setting less than 22 so this is up among my loudest recordings. The new version is likely to be the one that I listen to most often but without the volume limiting this would have been a real winner, a clear first choice.
  11. It is a shame that they chose to use so much volume compression. I was hoping we were past that by now. Other than that complaint, the sound is much cleaner than the 40th edition.
  12. I think you mean 16x oversampling not 32X. 16 X 44.1 = 705.6
  13. You can purchase a digital coax cable from Blue Jeans Cables configured with BNC at one end and RCA at the other. I think this will provide better sound than using a cheap adapter.
  14. Stefano, thank you for your posts. I did read your thread in the minimserver forum and it did provide some help. I think the best approach for me is to not use the Group tag as it seems to be behaving differently depending on which control app is being used. It appears that Auralic is not using the Group tag in the same way as minimserver or the Lumin App. Best to keep things simple for now. Cheers!
  15. This is not a minimserver issue as the Lumin App behaves in the same manner using Auralic's Lightning Server. Just trying to determine if this is expected behavior.
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