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  1. Generally a good rule of thumb is to keep digital components separate from analog components. I have two separate AC lines in my listening room, I use one for digital (DAC, oM's, uR, ultraDigital etc) and the other has my preamp & amp.
  2. I think that Jesus needs to chime in here. There can't seriously be a requirement for me to use at least a 1 meter Ethernet cable to connect my opticalModule to my ultraRendu. @vortecjr Can we please get this cleared up in order to stop the spread of misinformation? I read the linked thread and I'm not coming to the same conclusion. I think we are comparing apples to oranges. Cheers.
  3. https://www.hdtracks.com/help
  4. @vortecjr Curious as to why the 50% increase in price for a replacement microSD card?
  5. Thanks for your response. I'm just not comfortable with things running this hot, doesn't seem right. The unit with the iFi iPower is so hot I can't keep my fingers on it for more than a few seconds. I've ordered a 5v iPower as a replacement. The 9v SBooster was originally purchased for my ultraRendu but that ran very hot and I switched to a Channel Island 7v. Funny thing is that my ultraDigital runs cool with a 9v SBooster, the uR did not.
  6. Wow, these opticalModules run very hot with a 9v power supply. I'm running the upstream unit with an iFi iPower 9v supply and the downstream one with a 9v SBooster. Is this going to be a problem? My old Krell amps gave off less heat than these things!
  7. Use code TIM and get 15% off the download. Are you not on ProStudioMasters email list?
  8. Did you try setting Volumio to UPNP Renderer mode when using Minimserver? Not sure why you would want to use Minimserver with Volumio?
  9. Ayre developed their own decoding protocol as there is nothing out there.
  10. I was really referring to the need for new recordings using HDCD. Honestly, I was hoping to replace all of my Reference Recordings HDCD CD's with Hi Res files and dispense with the need for HDCD decoding completely. Unfortunately, RR has only made a relatively small number of their recordings available in Hi Res while many remain only available as HDCD encoded 16-bit. Also note that some CD's from other labels that claim to be HDCD encoded really are not encoded, they are just plain CD's that were recorded using a PM2 ADC. There really are only a very small number of true HDCD encoded recordings out there. I would venture a guess that many of these recordings, which could be 20+ years old now, have been replaced with newer recordings and are no longer played. I did not buy a QX-5 Twenty for its HDCD capability and certainly could happily live w/o the ability to decode HDCD files.
  11. If done properly, e.g., Reference Recordings, you can get an extra 6 dB of dynamic range. The Ayre QX-5 Twenty can decode HDCD and I still enjoy my few RR recordings that have never been reissued in Hi Res. Another can of worms IMHO and totally unneeded today.
  12. The ultraRendu with a SBooster works extremely well, however the 9v unit makes the uR too hot (IMHO), haven't tried the 6v SBooster. I have had positive results using Channel Islands VDC-7 mk2 7v supply which I replaced the 9v SBooster with, sounds great and the uR runs cooler.
  13. Does this require that you use mconnect as the music player?
  14. Not good and very disappointing coming from Music Hall, I would have expected better. Thanks for posting this.
  15. @pwhinson I appreciate your frustration, been there done that, as they say. My completely non-expert advise is to make sure you don't have any problems somewhere within your network. Network glitches may reveal themselves in unpredictable ways.
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