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  1. You can purchase a digital coax cable from Blue Jeans Cables configured with BNC at one end and RCA at the other. I think this will provide better sound than using a cheap adapter.
  2. Stefano, thank you for your posts. I did read your thread in the minimserver forum and it did provide some help. I think the best approach for me is to not use the Group tag as it seems to be behaving differently depending on which control app is being used. It appears that Auralic is not using the Group tag in the same way as minimserver or the Lumin App. Best to keep things simple for now. Cheers!
  3. This is not a minimserver issue as the Lumin App behaves in the same manner using Auralic's Lightning Server. Just trying to determine if this is expected behavior.
  4. I have been using the Lumin app to control a non-Lumin streamer along with minimserver 2. Some of my albums contain the Group tag to "group" individual movements of a work such as the movements of a symphony. In the Lumin app any piece that contains the Group tag is separated from the album and sorted by the Group tag rather than being part of the album. In other words, any tracks on the album that contain a Group tag are sorted by the Group tag instead of remaining as part of the album. Tracks without the Group tag remain sorted by the album name. Is this intended behavior or am I doing somet
  5. I am using an opticalModule not the Deluxe but I have used Cat5e cables as short as 1 foot with no problem (currently using a 2 foot cable). Do you have another short cable that you can try?
  6. What is the format of the recording, bit rate? Is it lossy or lossless? If I had to guess, sounds like it is over processed/data compressed.
  7. AFAIK, CD's contain no metadata which is why you see only a numerical track listing. The metadata is pulled from databases that have been populated with the metadata. If no metadata exists, or if dBpoweramp is using a source that lacks this CD set, you will not get metadata. Have you tried using the MusicBrainz Wizard in Yate? No one may have taken the time to enter the metadata for this CD set yet since it is new, you may have a tedious process ahead of you.
  8. Just updated my ultraRendu, had to run update twice (as anticipated). However, it took forever for the uR to show up on my network again and now there are three versions of Roon Ready listed under installed Apps (two version were listed prior to this update). I still cannot delete the Roon Ready App to try to reinstall it.
  9. Unfortunately, Roon Bridge requires an OS to run on. Have you checked the Roon "Tinkering" forum to see if anyone there has played with this idea?
  10. You can run Ubuntu from a USB stick, so if you can install Roon Bridge onto the USB stick then it should work (I guess).
  11. Updated my uR this morning to MPD 0.21.20.
  12. I agree, the App Store really is not a sustainable model as the initial cost of purchasing an App cannot justify the developer's investment in time to continue updating, particularly with Apple's constant iOS updates. I believe Soundirok originally cost me $2.99, how can these prices justify support for more than a couple of years? I don't understand the logic of charging so little for an App. Last month I tried to contact the Soundirok developer but received no reply, not a good sign as he was always very responsive in the past. Things might work better if the cost of the App was higher but c
  13. Yes, one light is always on, looks more yellow than green to me. The orange light is the one that usually flashes on & off. I don’t think anything is wrong with oM units, just different behavior with Roon. I guess there is nothing sinister going on with RAAT. Thanks for responses.
  14. I've noticed that when using Roon the orange light on my two opticalModules stays on continuously, even when playing 16/44 files. I have two other renderers here and when streaming to each, the orange light flashes. Any idea why I'm seeing this and does it mean anything as far as RAAT goes? I ask because I am still trying to determine why Roon sounds so bad in my set up, wondering if RAAT is overloading something in my network.
  15. Here's a specific. Forgot that I had posted this here.
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