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  1. Ayre developed their own decoding protocol as there is nothing out there.
  2. I was really referring to the need for new recordings using HDCD. Honestly, I was hoping to replace all of my Reference Recordings HDCD CD's with Hi Res files and dispense with the need for HDCD decoding completely. Unfortunately, RR has only made a relatively small number of their recordings available in Hi Res while many remain only available as HDCD encoded 16-bit. Also note that some CD's from other labels that claim to be HDCD encoded really are not encoded, they are just plain CD's that were recorded using a PM2 ADC. There really are only a very small number of true HDCD encoded recordings out there. I would venture a guess that many of these recordings, which could be 20+ years old now, have been replaced with newer recordings and are no longer played. I did not buy a QX-5 Twenty for its HDCD capability and certainly could happily live w/o the ability to decode HDCD files.
  3. If done properly, e.g., Reference Recordings, you can get an extra 6 dB of dynamic range. The Ayre QX-5 Twenty can decode HDCD and I still enjoy my few RR recordings that have never been reissued in Hi Res. Another can of worms IMHO and totally unneeded today.
  4. The ultraRendu with a SBooster works extremely well, however the 9v unit makes the uR too hot (IMHO), haven't tried the 6v SBooster. I have had positive results using Channel Islands VDC-7 mk2 7v supply which I replaced the 9v SBooster with, sounds great and the uR runs cooler.
  5. Does this require that you use mconnect as the music player?
  6. Not good and very disappointing coming from Music Hall, I would have expected better. Thanks for posting this.
  7. @pwhinson I appreciate your frustration, been there done that, as they say. My completely non-expert advise is to make sure you don't have any problems somewhere within your network. Network glitches may reveal themselves in unpredictable ways.
  8. @pwhinson This is a long shot but I once had a hard drive crash while Roon was playing music (Roon Core was on the HDD). This really caused unexpected issues with my ultraRendu when I switched back to using MPD. Music would only play for 10 minutes at a time and then stop. Try disconnecting everything from the Rendu, power, USB, Ethernet, and let it sit for a while. I left mine disconnected overnight and when I reconnected everything, it worked fine again. No explanation why but it worked.
  9. Seems to me that if you are using Roon the Bluesound node 2 is somewhat redundant. Why do you need to use both?
  10. Nothing specific, just like to keep things reasonably up to date. However, I am curious about how the new mpd support of Qobuz can be used.
  11. Any MPD update planned for the near future?
  12. Connect one of the Aurender's analog outputs into one of the analog inputs on the Classe preamp. This will let you use the DAC section of the A10. Alternatively, you can take a digital output from the A10 and connect to a digital input on the Classe preamp. This will use the DAC of the Classe. Try both and see which sounds better to you. Does the Classe SSP convert all inputs to digital? If so, is there an analog input that bypasses this A to D conversion step?
  13. I have been using my ultraRendu for nearly a year with a stable dynamic IP address. Recently the IP address has been changing on a random basis and driving me nuts. The unit is fully up to date and nothing else has changed within my network. I guess the next step is to assign a static IP address but I was wondering if anyone had ideas as to what might be going on? Why the sudden change? When I look at the status of the uR on my router, sometimes it shows "active" and sometimes "inactive," not sure if that means anything.
  14. The Synology NAS is a good one. Synology and QNAP seem to be the most popular brands, I have a Synology DS216 & a DS416. Time Machine will work, just follow Synology's instructions on how to set it up to work with TM.
  15. In my experience, if the QX-5 is stuck on "Updating" then your USB file was not prepared correctly. The unit recognizes that the USB stick is there but it cannot read the file. This happened to me twice, in both cases I turned the unit off with the rocker switch & removed the USB stick and then did things correctly. If your unit has an Ethernet module, then doesn't it automatically update via the network? My QX-5 does not have the network module so I update manually. If you don't want to do the above, you can try to contact Ryan Berry through PM. As far as Roon is concerned, describe what you mean by distortion. Are you hearing "crackling" noise like overload or do your upper frequencies sound boosted? Distortion can mean a lot of different things.
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