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  1. Jesus, with the new card will it be like starting with a brand new unit? Will all previous settings be lost such as the Drive Mounter settings and MPD configuration? Trying to prepare myself... Thanks
  2. You need to know what DSD "format" your DAC supports (if any). If your DAC supports the DOP format (DSD over PCM) then you should be able to use USB or SPDIF inputs (at least up to DSD64). What DAC are you using?
  3. As was asked two days ago by BCRich, and still unanswered, are the cards actually shipping yet? I don't think that is too controversial a question (but I could be wrong).
  4. I initially used a 9v SBooster with my optical Module and I found it to get quite hot. It was not too hot to keep your finger on but it made me uncomfortable to have the unit that hot. I switched to a SGC 5v supply. All you can do is try it, the heat shouldn’t damage the unit (hopefully). 9v is really overkill for the oM.
  5. Well, I guess I won't be taking the risk of buying a U1 unless I'm sure I won't get the occasional beginning of a track clipped off. The units are not returnable & I have no way of trying one in my home first. That's really a shame as I didn't really want to buy an Aurender as I prefer using a NAS. I will not be renewing my Roon subscription so I was looking for a better sounding solution.
  6. @wklie Does the Lumin software provide a sync delay setting like Roon & Aurender to give DACs additional time for sample rate changes? This can be particularly useful/helpful when using S/PDIF inputs. I'm considering a U1 but would really like to have this feature available.
  7. Did you try setting the MC200CM switch to Auto instead of Force? I replaced two MC200CM's with two oM's feeding my uR and everything worked and sounded great. John is probably correct that the two different units are not compatible. Try a second oM, you have 30 days to return it. The oM really is a better unit than the TP-Link one.
  8. Will SO 2.8 contain an update to MPD? Current version of MPD is 0.21.17 (Dec 2019), Rendu's are still on 0.20.20 (May 2018). MPD is still the best sounding player in my system, I always come back to it.
  9. Just my opinion but the CI 7v is a very nice PS. I think your upgrade value would be in going to an uR or oR (and oM if needed). The CI 7v would still work with either new Rendu as well.
  10. In my experience, sudden issues with Time Machine are an indication that the destination drive is going bad.
  11. I have found that for some circumstances where the DAC, or ultraDigital in my case, is not appearing in the diagnostics screen that simply unplugging the USB cable from the Rendu and reconnecting solves the problem. I have yet to find one sequence that will solve connectivity problems 100% of the time. Honestly, I dread having to restart my uR.
  12. See first post in this thread or the Sonore web site.
  13. Since buying a QX-5 Twenty my QB-9DSD doesn't get much use. Probably not worth the cost to upgrade it for me (still sounds good as it is), however if it still was my primary DAC this would certainly be an easy decision. The specs for the upgrade look excellent.
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