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    Right Now

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    5G - Are We Safe Or Insane?

    Avoiding Huawei isn't a choice that consumers can make if the carrier is using the company as a supplier of network gear.
  3. kumakuma

    Qobuz streaming MQA CD's?

    Scroggy has said this on several occasions in the past but they don't appear to be releasing any of their own music in this format: http://www.hdtracks.com/music/label/view/id/1/?dir=desc&order=release_date
  4. kumakuma

    Album of the Evening

    +1 Sessions from the 17th Ward (Chesky) is also wonderful.
  5. There are no "crap tracks" in Frank's WorldTM
  6. kumakuma

    5G - Are We Safe Or Insane?

    @Axial looks nothing like I imagined.
  7. kumakuma

    I need a 12s Cable 3 or 4 ft?

    I'll stop now...
  8. kumakuma

    I need a 12s Cable 3 or 4 ft?

    Finally figured it out. Just substitute square brackets for the usual angle brackets used in html.
  9. kumakuma

    I need a 12s Cable 3 or 4 ft?

    Deleted. I suck as well.
  10. It is always good to hear from an "industry expert"...
  11. kumakuma

    Article: CA is now Audiophile Style!

    The Long and Winding Audiophile Road The Audiophile Highway To Hell
  12. kumakuma

    5G - Are We Safe Or Insane?

    What facts are you referring to regarding margarine? The ones debunked in this article? https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/fake-news-about-margarine/ This article about antibiotics from the same site is also interesting: https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/if-you-feel-better-should-you-stop-taking-your-antibiotics/
  13. kumakuma

    Relative importance of differences in stereo systems

    Surely that's "Life in a Venn"
  14. kumakuma

    CD players are back ?

    There is no indication from his posts that he's overcome this affliction.