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  1. Is "Files of Type" set to "iso" or "All Files"? If the former, it will only show ISO files in the folder.
  2. Seems pretty easy to determine using a CD from the thrift store or an unwanted one from your collection...
  3. Something to Be Said About Airstreams The longer I live the more I'm amazed How folks get hooked on the latest craze I want to get away from all the hassles But I'm a little burned out on castles Guess it's that time again Time to be free again. There's something to be said about Airstreams A rolling home made out of silver There's something to be said about Airstreams Aww who'da thought art, was a trailer. Over the hill, a paper sack I want me a big ol' Cadillac To haul all my demons and dreams and Listen to silence Maybe I'll stop in Needles Sa
  4. I'm about to go make one with my Kalita Wave 185.
  5. If you repeat a lie often enough, some folks will begin to believe it...
  6. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who doesn't enjoy Jazz vocals with an accent. I'm a native speaker of English and also speak Japanese fluently. In my experience, many Japanese struggle with English pronunciation primarily because the range of sounds used in Japanese is narrower. For example, English has many vowel sounds that you don't find in Japanese. Going the other way is easier although there are a few sounds that native speakers of English struggle with including the small "tsu" that @MarkusBarkus described, long/short vowels such as "ko" vs "kou", and
  7. He should try Ron Carter next time. I've heard he's even better on that instrument than Houston. 🤣
  8. From ripping SACDs. I also buy albums NativeDSD.com.
  9. Everything I play is from from my hard drives. I haven't owned a CD player in years.
  10. I don't. I use iso2dsd to concert the ISO images to individual DSF tracks which can be tagged and played back in the same way as FLAC tracks using JRiver. They usually sound better than any CDs of the same albums that I have which is probably due to better mastering rather than any inherent superiority of the format.
  11. My experience has been the exact opposite of yours. Are you listening to actual DSD files or DSD files converted to PCM?
  12. I wonder what the Australian equivalent to "Armchair Quarterback" is...
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