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  1. Only a "Senior Writer" can pull it off. Regular Seniors can't.
  2. Thanks for responding. I'm still not seeing any specific examples of inconclusive conclusions that he's reached.
  3. Can you provide some specific examples so we can evaluate the validity of your argument?
  4. He even worked in the "folks who disagree with me are trolls" argument.
  5. Yes, the key issue is what did Lee know and when did he know it.
  6. I suggest you look at this page for some great examples of claims that "defy known engineering and scientific principles": http://www.machinadynamica.com
  7. Found this: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/318159022_Kant's_Radical_Subjectivism_An_Introductory_Essay And this book by the same author: https://www.palgrave.com/gp/book/9783319438764
  8. Big thumbs up, Frank! I believe this might be the first post from you that recognizes that your "truth" may not be a universal "truth". 👺
  9. Perhaps yet another example of audiophiles being out there at the bleeding edge of (social) science...
  10. Probably that fears of this place turning into another Hydrogenaudio Forum are unfounded...
  11. What a load of crap! The only person he suggested banning was you and it was because of your angry posts, not because you disagreed with him.
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