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  1. Maybe Jim and John are still struggling to figure out how this new-fangled InterWeb technology works...
  2. This isn't a Fair Use issue. Another site is hosting an image of one of the pages of your magazine. This is an obvious copyright violation. All you need to do is get that site to take that image down. Once that's done, it will no longer appear on this site.
  3. Taken out of context, Jim's writing loses a bit of it's punch...
  4. Rather than bullying Chris, perhaps your legal budget could be spend more wisely going after the sites that allow downloading of entire issues of your publication rather than a single page.
  5. Playing the copyright card shows you have no interest in actually discussing the issues.
  6. Just ask Chris and he'll do it.
  7. There is also no assurance that these services will stay MQA free in the future.
  8. I don't see equivalence here. MQA is trying to insert itself into the music distribution ecosystem by making it's proprietary and fee-bearing technology the standard delivery mechanism for high-resolution files. In other words, a much more important fight than trying to stop folks from spending their money on snake oil.
  9. I asked my doctor the other day if the degrees on her wall were an "appeal to authority". Unfortunately, I should have mentioned this after the prostate exam, not before...
  10. Perhaps revealing how he truly feels about some of us... 👺
  11. So what's the answer to the question posed by the OP?
  12. Can you explain walk me though what this evidence is? I looked at the screen caps you shared but don't see anything indicating that a 1 GB file ISO file had been loaded into memory.
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