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  1. I'm sure Larry would love everyone he scammed to just move on... BTW, can you share your real name with us? I want to make sure I never do business with you or any company you're affiliated with.
  2. You got what you deserved. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:If_you_lie_down_with_dogs,_you_get_up_with_fleas
  3. I was just about to head over to Sound Liaison to buy it...
  4. Listening to the Chopin right now. It's such a shame that she died so young (49). Thanks again for mentioning her.
  5. Absolutely wonderful! Do you have any other recordings like this that you recommend?
  6. I disagree. MQA is failing in part because folks here and and in other places took the time to look under the hood and expose the lies.
  7. Your underlying position appears to be that folks should be free to do what they want. By this logic, shouldn't folks be free to actively oppose MQA even if this crusade is, in your belief, misguided?
  8. Truly sad news. He will be missed greatly.
  9. Fortunately I'm not married to you. Enjoy your crusade!
  10. Does Bev enjoy you correcting her "wrong thinking"?
  11. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak...
  12. I wake up every morning and thank my maker that he didn't curse me with your ability to hear distortion. This inability to hear what you're hearing allows me to spend each day just listening to music rather than trying to make angels do handstands on the head of a pin.
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