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  1. In JRiver: - From the Albums view, type the name of the artist into the search box in the upper right. - From the Artists view, click the little triangle and scroll down to the artist you are interested in.
  2. kumakuma

    Subjective / Objective , Philosophy of Science

  3. kumakuma

    Delete button for new posts?

  4. kumakuma

    Delete button for new posts?

  5. kumakuma

    The flaws of blind listening tests

    This is one of my resolutions for the new year.
  6. kumakuma

    CD players are back ?

  7. kumakuma

    Class D: Turns Out it Does Suck!

    I have a vague recollection of this being mentioned in the past and that the conclusion was reached that this was how it used to work, prior to the 2014 update. Have you confirmed this with the most recent version of the software?
  8. kumakuma

    Beginner's shopping list priorities

    The list that @jcbenten provided in the second post would be where I would start.
  9. kumakuma

    Article: CA is now Audiophile Style!

    I couldn't agree more. Handwritting fonts always look artificial to me.
  10. kumakuma

    Beginner's shopping list priorities

    I would place "PC software" at the bottom of your list as every software player converts the data on the drive to the same PCM data.
  11. kumakuma

    Beginner's shopping list priorities

    The software simply sends the digital data on the hard drive to the DAC. The DAC converts this digital data to an analog signal and, thus, will have more of an impact on the final sound due to differing chips, filters, conversion circuitry, power supplies, interfaces, etc.
  12. kumakuma

    Petition to remove member Ralf11

    I'm starting a poll to petition Chris to change the OP handle to -1.5.