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  1. I've always assumed some kind of pharmaceuticals were ingested...
  2. Thanks for sharing your impressions. I've never really liked most of the RVG CDs. There's a theory out of there that RVG was suffering from significant hearing loss when he did those reissues. SACDs are almost always attenuated by 5db. There is a technical reason why but I forgot it.
  3. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think. Something' Else is such a great album. Were you able to convince your girlfriend of your need for so many different versions? Downloads are great in this respect as you can "slide" the album into your collection without altering the significant other. The wife and I had many uncomfortable conversions in the old days when I buying CDs by the dozen.
  4. I disagree. We need a good Airing Of The Grievances from time to time:
  5. My understanding is that you still ask for measurements as long as put an emoji at the end of your sentence. 👺
  6. I believed that part... BTW, how long did the walk take?
  7. This doesn't ring true to me. Please provide evidence that this part of the story happened. 👺
  8. TBM went out of business in late 2014 so probably unlikely at this point.
  9. I thought the problem was civility. I understand that you disagreed with Tom's opinion but he seemed to have expressed it in a civil manner.
  10. Such a great album! Thanks for reminding me of it.
  11. No particular preference for them over any other online store. They do seem to have a pretty wide selection though.
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