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  1. You may find this article that @Teresa wrote of interest: https://positive-feedback.com/Issue60/hirez.htm
  2. I'm guessing The Look Of Love is #2 for Cover Art...
  3. I like this new album but I think her previous one, Turn Up The Quiet, is better. Not surprising as I understand the new one is essentially the tracks that were left over from Turn Up The Quiet. The Girl In The Other Room remains my favorite Diana Krall album.
  4. Perhaps we're talking about different videos. This is the one I was referring to: The camera is all over the place, especially in the beginning. Obviously handheld, not mounted on a tripod.
  5. Its not "noise". Watch the first six seconds. You can see the image rotating to the left several times and then back to level again.
  6. Look more carefully. The video was shot with a handheld device, probably a mobile phone.
  7. Watch the location of speaker cones when you jump around the clip and you will find a much more likely cause of the changes in SQ than static imbalance.
  8. Once I realized that Frank's posts are purely for his own self-gratification, I lost the urge to lend him a helping hand. 👺
  9. Chris, Thanks for your constant efforts to improve this place. A couple of things I noticed. 1. Post numbers have disappeared 2. The reaction bar ( not sure of precise name) is funky for me (Safari 12 on Mac):
  10. Yes, the PWM waveform appears digital but the width of Vo will vary in an "analog" way. The non-digital nature of the waveform will be even more apparent when Vs is more complex than a sine wave.
  11. Yes, but unlike in digital systems, information isn't being conveyed by the on/off state of the signal but by the length of time that it stays on which isn't in discrete values or "digits".
  12. It is my understanding that the pulse height has discrete values but not the pulse width but I could be wrong. Found this interesting video: https://www.psaudio.com/pauls-posts/dsd-and-class-d/
  13. By his definition, a Class D amplifier is analog.
  14. Chris is free to move it there if he wishes.
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