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  1. I typically don't like this type of jazz very much either but this album is quite enjoyable.
  2. Dennis's method seems to offer a way to hear what's above 20kHz. It appears to involve use of a high-pass filter then slowing the tempo of the file down to bring the higher frequencies down into the audible range. That's unfortunate that you can't hear the file as it shows that there was nothing of interest above 20kHz in your needle drop, perhaps due to the instrument involved (piano) as @John_Atkinson said.
  3. How do you reconcile this with Dennis''s post? Did you listen to the file he shared?
  4. I agree. Stereophile's coverage of this issue has been quite spotty.
  5. Wait until she gets into her teens... 👺
  6. I have "normal" equipment. Excellent recordings sound excellent, good recordings should good, and shitty recordings sound like shit.
  7. No, pretty well everyone here, with the possible exception of Frank, understands GIGO.
  8. Buy a Bluetooth keyboard and pair it to your phone. Here's one that looks right up your alley: https://www.qwerkywriter.com
  9. Good to know. 👺 On the other hand, I am more simple-minded than I may appear.
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