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  1. That publication trade rag needs a (real) editor!
  2. Perhaps you're asking whether or not the rip contains the same data as the CD. Check the log file to see if the drive reported any errors during ripping and whether or not the rip was compared against an external database such as AccurateRip.
  3. This would be the time for Alex to jump in... RIP @sandyk We miss you!
  4. Sorry, I was just making it clear that you have to explicitly ask Chris to close this thread if you want it closed.
  5. I'm sure Chris would be more than willing to oblige if you ask him.
  6. @hopkins Forgive me for another off topic post but have you tried meditation? 20 minutes a day has really helped me become less of an a$$hole. Of course, not a perfect solution as my posts today show quite clearly.
  7. I'm sure my feelings about your posts are more a matter of taste than accuracy...
  8. I don't watch his videos much but I'll take his enthusiasm for the hobby every day over the excessive negativity and nit picking that you exhibit in these posts.
  9. Forgot how good this album is. Thanks @Jud
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