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  1. So how can many here spend hours each day listening to their "setups"?
  2. Why do you believe this is possible? I've never seen any evidence suggesting that audiophiles can agree on anything.
  3. This wouldn't work for the many folks on this site who can hear things below these thresholds or hear the effects of sound waves below these thresholds on sound waves above them.
  4. If it exists, I don't know what it is. Do you?
  5. This is unworkable because it would require everyone to agree on what this level is.
  6. The tendency of subjectivists to reduce objectivists to a caricature is more in tune with the former philosophy rather than the latter.
  7. And why I find this thread both pointless and insulting...
  8. Have you considered uncompressed FLAC as a way to retain your metadata?
  9. Chesky did a fantastic job on this!
  10. Judging the sound quality of speakers by listening to a Youtube video of them through the crappy little speakers of your laptop... Sounds like that would work.
  11. Do you think neurotic posts like this help? If I were new to the hobby, the vast majority of your posts would send me running for the hills.
  12. Tell her she's a saint. My wife would have left me years ago.
  13. I have no problem enjoying Charlie Parker, early Louis Armstrong, and Robert Johnson but the idea that you can make these flawed recordings sound like live music ("convincing") by tweaking your equipment is ludicrous beyond words.
  14. Here's a thought experiment for you. Imagine the following painting covered with years of grime and filth. Do you think that cleaning away this grime and filth will suddenly turn this piece of "art" into the Mona Lisa? In a nutshell, this is what you are asking us to believe.
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