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Need a new Dac/Pre

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How about some of the Benchmark offerings. Or maybe a Mytek DSD 192 DAC. Both in the lower range of your budget.

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Burson Conductor Virtuoso.


Offers a choice of two different DAC circuits -- Burr Brown or ESS, and you can even buy both and interchange them.


Is a preamp with three RCA inputs and a remote.


Plus, a big plus for some of us, is an excellent headphone amp.


I love mine.


Dave, who adds the company also gives good support if you need it


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I second the Burson. I own two of them, one in my headphone system, and the others one in my dedicated two channel system. Excellent products!

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Sorry for being off topic, but curious about the Burson Virtuoso... Harve you guys compared it to the original Conductor or any other good DACs?


Luke, who owns and loves the original Conductor (when upsampled through A+)

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In the OP's price range, the Mytek Brooklyn is worth a look/listen, IMO.



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