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  1. Thanks for the update (and to others for their replies) . Great news if due for release late 2020/early 2021. I will likely be an early customer. Do we have any pics /design outline yet? Should do well, I note that such is the level of popularity that new orders for the Denafrips Avatar CDT have had to be suspended, for example.
  2. I’m looking for a CD (Disc) transport to connect directly to a DAC with just usb input. I understand that the planned Schitt CDT will have this, anyone have an idea when it will be released? As far as I can tell, there is nothing else on the market that does this, unless you know different? I don’t know what issues there might be re. drivers (my DAC is UAC2 compliant), clocks etc? I’m not keen on the idea of a Spdif to USB converter (if they exist) as I’m trying to keep signal path simple and low box count. Just to clarify, I already have a very nice library of rips
  3. You mean like this...https://4seating.com/soundshaker-seat-vibration-kit
  4. Lesser known composers are an interest of mine, and relatively well served in recordings these days, but to be honest, regardless of race, the reason they are lesser known is simply because they weren’t that good, especially if Beethoven is your standard. I honestly doubt that an obscure composer will ever emerge who was truly in the Beethoven, Bach, Mozart league Samuel Coleridge Taylor is a case in point; I enjoy his music (and he was quite famous for Hiawatha in days gone by) but he’s no Beethoven or Bach, any more than Bax, Alwyn or Rubbra were
  5. Anyone have the UC250 cable and able to comment on comparative SQ vs other cables? Wondered if really worth spending €80 to replace the basic cable I’m currently using from BDP to U192?
  6. No not as easy to flip source... Also I’m beginning to change my opinion just with the BDP. (The same) physical cd and it’s ripped files do sound different but not sure now the physical CD is better. Possibly increased jitter makes it sound a little more forward and exciting? Am warming a little to the U192 though, the DAC’s characteristics still come though as they do with the UPL, maybe not quite as pronounced though.
  7. Not sure if I got model name right, I meant Melco’s CD drive.The possible attraction being that, while it has to be controlled by another device (maybe by my BDP?) unlike other drives it has separate control and data connections, so that the music stream could go direct to U192 rather than through the BDP.
  8. It’s the original BDP1 and yes that’s correct, I’m using the BDP in effect as a CD player by connecting a USB BD drive, that outputs through the BDP to the U192. The BDP’s firmware is set up to do this because they used to offer their own add-on drive. I find the results just that little sharper than playing a ripped file also via BDP. I think the BDP reads into a ram buffer as the music continues for a few seconds after the drive stops at the end of a disc. I’m wondering how easy it would be for the UPL to read from a CD/BD drive -I’m guessing it would “just” take a different v
  9. I’ve been doing some experimentation myself. Note this involved playing physical CDs so stop reading now if this offends you. I have hundreds of CDs that I’ve never got round to ripping. I also actually just like playing physical CDs. I put the updated U192 back in my system, connected it to my Bryston BDP and then a Blu-ray drive (self-powered by LPSU) to the BDP. It sounded terrific, a massive improvement on the same discs via my Oppo205 and, where I had already ripped, to my ears better than the files also via the BDP. Got me to wondering, to cut down the box c
  10. I absolutely agree. While my interest and listening is mainly digital these days, I had my first vinyl session for about 3 weeks recently and was blown away by just how much more lifelike it sounded. Not sure I have the right words to describe it, but it’s to do with there being a “3D” shape and depth to the notes and a sense of overall scale to the music that I don’t get to the same extent with digital and which makes vinyl a more immersive experience. My best analogy is that digital is like a technical drawing, whereas vinyl is sculpture, with the former being clear, clean a
  11. Yes I sent the UPL in as well, but I’m not 100% sure as to whether it has actually been modified, John hasn’t confirmed. There’s a sticker now underneath, so maybe that does signify an update. Updated or not, it still bests the U192 to my ears.
  12. I have now and the combo with the UPL is sounding fabulous, still betters the U192 to my ears.
  13. Actually it was listed as a $7k DAC....(mine’s the signature pro variant). The SD card is just that bit better than USB in to my ears, probably because it has such a well implemented USB input. But a handy reference point for comparing sources, on the assumption you can’t get better than an SD card transport integrated with the DAC.
  14. Revised U192 back in my system and yes I am very pleasantly surprised by how much better the combo now sounds (from memory). With Qobuz and NAS playback from my Bryston BDP, already seems preferable to my Resonessence Mirus on detail, naturalness of tone for individual instruments and overall listenability, if perhaps not quite as good at conveying orchestral scale. Haven’t compared yet with the (AFAIK) also revised UPL which is the real test.
  15. Glad you got your Mirus sorted. Reassuring news and I guess Resonessence service and repairs will be a reasonably viable ongoing business, so let’s hope that Frank continues.
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