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  1. As far as I can see the Oppo doesn't play MCH via USB DAC input. I noted it’s not referenced in the (short) surveys of affordable MCH dacs. And I’ve already concluded that the app is terrible - doesn’t play music in order shown (without shuffle selected to be clear) doesn’t create a visible/editable queue for SMB sources, just stops play, refuses to respond seemingly at random etc etc. The old app for the 105 seemed better.
  2. I thought one of Native DSD’s core principles was that they didn’t offer higher res files that were simply upsampled?
  3. I remember a friend telling me me how he was in tears at this performance: “On August 21, 1968, in a cruelly ironic piece of programming, Rostropovich was scheduled to play the Czech composer Dvorák's Cello Concerto at the Proms. Earlier that day, Soviet tanks had rolled into Prague to crush Alexander Dubcek's liberal reforms. To compound the irony, Rostropovich's accompanists were a Soviet orchestra (the USSR State Symphony) under a Soviet conductor (Evgeny Svetlanov). Despite vociferous objections, the concert went ahead. I have it on tape. During the concerto's hushed opening, the Royal Albert Hall resounds to strident yells of protest. It must have been a nightmare for the cellist, yet Rostropovich proceeds to give a performance of such seething intensity that no one could have left the hall with any doubt about his feelings towards the invasion” From Julian Lloyd Webber’s piece here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/classicalmusic/3592296/First-person-singular-the-night-Rostropovichs-cello-talked-politics.html
  4. I know that AS forum dwellers just hate to have to tweak, assemble or work things out for themselves. But it’s a deck that combines a lot of adjustability with a direct sales model cutting out dealer margin, but also dealer service. Looks to me to be maybe an hour initial set-up tops, seems reasonable given the price. Lucky it’s not a suspended design...
  5. Thanks, am following up with JB to get my UPL upgraded.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. This is a separate box, a form of DD converter as I understand it, as well as a mod to the UPL. Does it need its own power supply?
  7. I’m not necessarily talking about noise that you actively perceive as being present (such as surface noise on a LP) , but rather that you notice in its relative absence, what reviewers might refer to as a “blacker background” when listening to a better system - I.e. the absence of unwanted noise from interference, ground loops, poor isolation, dirty mains power, sub optimal power supplies etc that accumulates in the playback chain to the detriment of perception of the analogue signal.
  8. It’s a hackneyed phrase but not a red herring. Most likely refers to the effect of first listening to equipment that exhibits lower background noise. I listen to oratorios quite often, and, with mass choral crescendos often from 50s to 70s analogue transfers, a key test is simply whether you can clearly make out the words. Using the EC designs UPL/MOS combo for example, I was able to distinguish words that I hadn’t been able to make out on previous listenings. So yes it’s a bit of a joke phrase, but lowering noise is real and probably the most important single factor in improving SQ.
  9. I have now. Adjustability of tonearm is v. cool, esp. for vta and azimuth. Not sure though that on the fly VTA is that desirable a feature in practice , esp for those shopping at this price bracket (ie normal people, not obsessives). But easily adjustable azimuth is comparatively rare and definitely of value for initial setup I’d need to be feeling brave and v. sure of stylus guard remaining put to mount cartridge to a loose tonearm like that, esp. wiring first. If I didn’t already have a decent TT, this would definitely be on the shopping list. Comes across as a sophisticated offering with lots of thought put into it, vs price competition.
  10. My Michell Gyro (Orbe platter) had same setup and I had no problem in 17 years’ daily use. I think it’s quite common, as I recall my Origin Live Resolution was also like this.
  11. That’s been kept unusually quiet in the usual Bryston (audio) circles. Putting streamer and DAC in one box is a big departure for them.
  12. Other than a couple of Garrard 301s, all my TTs have had free standing motors and never had a problem.
  13. My bad - feel free to ask Chris to move the thread to the vinyl sub-forum.
  14. I’ve never quite bought into the whole Schiit thing, but hats off to them, this looks to be an interesting new product and potentially great value for money: https://www.schiit.com/products/sol Looking forward to the reviews.
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