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  1. By “the latter” I meant a UPL (the UPL96 you were asking about above)
  2. You could use a Bryston BDP that way ( originally designed to replace a CD transport): usb attached drive, bnc/AES/usb out, navigate via built in screen and panel buttons or remote. But screen is small and while used BDP1s are cheap, the optional remote isn’t. Better to hook up to ethernet and use a tablet as browser. For what you describe you could also just use a cheap fanless media PC with your choice of OS and replay software, no network, external HDD, HDMI to your emotiva and navigate via a remote and attached screen. Might not sound that good though. The fundam
  3. So true. Me, last 4 years: 1 turntable, 1 model of cartridge, 6 DACs.
  4. that counts as great customer service here in the UK....
  5. I’d second that recommendation. You might also want to experiment with the free version of Fidelizer as a PC audio optimiser. I thought it made an improvement, but I have no experience using with Dirac.
  6. On occasion I use my Fractal/UPL with Ergo2 HPs via my DNM pre amp HP output. Sounds really good and draws attention to the level of detail and lack of grain or distortion compared with other digital sources
  7. I don’t claim any real technical knowledge, but from what I have picked up here and elsewhere, am I right in thinking that when referring to the “output stage” of a DAC, what is being talked about is a form of on board amplification fed in some cases by dedicated transformers and banks of capacitors? Would I also be correct in my understanding that the Fractal DAC doesn’t really have an output stage in this conventional sense? If so could this be reason for how I perceive the relative sound at orchestral crescendos?
  8. I’m pretty sensitive to listening levels, so yes AFAIK- I’ve always adjusted vol when switching to the Fractal. In fact I’d say that, IME, the Fractal’s “softness” is actually more pronounced as you increase volume. I should also add though that even with this observation, out of the three the Fractal/UPL is easily my preference for serious listening.
  9. I’ve been looking for the last few months and there seems to be something of a stand off at the moment, with owners asking 50%+ of original retail but no one buying (much of the higher end stuff on UK EBay has been listed for months).
  10. Notwithstanding this, could you detail which CD player and mods you are using? I’m thinking about getting a “high-ish end” player, and while there are a surprising number of choices for new players still, I have been v unimpressed with what I see for the money, on paper at least. Particularly interested if you own or have heard a Hegel Mohican. I can’t work our whether it is a triumph of engineering, or of marketing....
  11. I use the Fractal with a pre amp and, compared with ESS DACs (my Oppo 205 or Resonessence Mirus) to me the sound is a little “soft”, lacking some of the slam I’m used to in orchestral crescendos. I know some ECD owners will disagree with me on this impression and of course it may simply be that it is the Fractal which is actually the more accurate in it’s presentation. On the other hand it may indicate that the Fractal could benefit from a beefier PS.
  12. Which ECD transport/interface will you be using it with? From my experience the UPL gives notably better results than the U192, so much so that, IMV, the Fractal/UPL should be considered as a single entity. In the main I’m not a HP listener, but the Fractal/UPL via HPs really demonstrates what they can do in terms of clarity, detail, lack of grain vs any other digital front end I’ve owned or spent time with.
  13. Thanks, very informative. Your listening impressions are just the kind of thing to make me want to get one of these! They do have a reputation of being something of a Jekyll and Hyde piece of equipment, but from what I understand, some of that at least was down to the build quality pre the current constructor.
  14. Not that curious really, if you accept there’s more to DAC implementation than just the chip used. I have the 205 and agree that it’s far off SOTA, but then again surely, following the logic of your post above, it’s not a revelation that the Matrix as a current c.£2k dedicated stereo DAC might also best the Oppo as a £1.3k multichannel all round AV player from a few years back?
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