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  1. I’m interested in something to use with hires output from an iPad but, despite the price, this doesn't seem like a significant upgrade on the Red. Still limited to 96 and still no DSD.
  2. Count me in - Cornwall IIIs have been my only speakers for last 4 years, replacing B&W Nautilus 805 signatures. Whether or not they are considered “audiophile”, to my ears they convey a sense of listening to live music performance that I’ve just not heard even with much more expensive mainstream “hifi” speakers. I’d probably go with Forte IIIs (or maybe Cornscalas) if buying again now.
  3. Liked these so much via Tidal that I’m now working my way through the SACD box set. If not already familiar with them, well worth a listen, like a sunnier Beethoven/Schumann cross and exemplary CPO SQ. #6 is particularly interesting - mixing styles and periods across movements
  4. Bryston BDP1 or 2 (used) or 3 (new) - Quobuz, Tidal, AES output, Shairplay, MPD, no DAC, control via web browser or maybe 3rd party app Rigelian (don’t know if either is viable option for you). Great ongoing support from Bryston for all owners and you may even get balance of warranty on used purchase As an entry point, used BDP1 go for comparatively little these days but a 2 or 3 may be a more solid choice for Tidal, Quobuz.
  5. Yes you can manage everything via the iPad. I use as it’s Miska’s recommended distribution for running HQP, which also resides on same machine (predating Roon) and is now an optional Roon output via NAA. I imagine this recommendation is for the low latency kernel included in Studio rather than the (optional) creative packages. Whether or not it offers any advantage for Roon per se I couldn't say, but then again it’s just as no cost and easy to install/use (for audio playback purposes at least) as anything else Ubuntu. Mine is a dedicated audio PC, Studio may well though not be the best distro choice for a general purpose “office” machine also used for audio.
  6. Not 100% sure it’s an answer to the exact question you are asking, but I’ve been using Roon Core with Ubuntu Studio on an i7 for the last year, with iPad as control and either a Bryston BDP or a low power fanless Win10 PC in listening room as Roon outputs. Straightforward to set up and rock solid in use. While I use a network implementation, my understanding is that you can use a single Linux machine in your listening room as both core and output, but that you can’t control Roon under Linux, you’d need your phone etc for that.
  7. Just WAV. Despite having lots of hires in my library and having run through various playback solutions, to my ears RBCD just sounds magnificent on the ECD kit. They do offer 24/96 variants too.
  8. As this thread has been resurrected...from my experience over the intervening 4 years, the answer to my question is: this https://www.ecdesigns.nl/en/info/upl16 and this: https://www.ecdesigns.nl/en/info/mos16.
  9. Thanks @hopkins I’ve been using my MOS, via UTOS, with a Bryston BDP1 as Roon endpoint and have been pleased with the sound, although UPL is still a marked step up in SQ. My one frustration is the single input on MOS and thus plugging/unplugging of sources - UPL for ultimate SQ, BDP for convenience. As they are so cheap maybe answer is simply 2 x MOS as I have spare preamp inputs. I’d like to see UPL/MOS as a one box integrated player, with a USB input (maybe via onboard UTOS if still necessary) for an additional source. How did the SVC get on in your friend’s system?
  10. Thanks. The Pavane is what, 10x the price of the MOS? So, if things prove close tomorrow ....... I presume that the UPL worked fine with optical in of Pavane? There’s advice on ECD site now that UPL only works with DACs with certain SPDIF receivers.
  11. @hopkins thanks for the report. Just to clarify, the UPL was used into the Pavane in place of the Ambre? When you listened to the MOS, was this fed by the Ambre or UPL? What I/c were you using between MOS and source? I have found the EC designs kit to be very cable dependent, with best results (as ECD suggest) with short single strand plastic toslink. When I tried the MOS with a well regarded brand of glass cable the sound definitely degraded to my ears.
  12. Maybe I’m a bit out of touch, but I’m not aware of much around the price or cheaper that offers, in one box, Roon, Tidal, Quobuz, Hi rate DSD and PCM etc input over Ethernet and balanced/SE analogue out. The fact the latter is via DAC chips which AFAIK only feature on much more expensive items just pique my interest further. But again, eye catching spec headlines and actual performance are 2 different things.
  13. As it’s a Roon compatible streamer, I was thinking more about how it compared with significantly more expensive implementations from Esoteric or Lumin at treble the price and upwards. AFAIK Schiit do not offer a streamer, nor indeed a DAC with the flagship AKM chip.
  14. To revive this thread. The NT505 seems to have a great spec including TOTR AKM4497 chips (same as Linn Klimax, even though of course chips don’t matter...) every format and service you can think of, including the codec that cannot be named, and looks to retail for sub £1100 in UK, but very little exposure in the way of journalist reviews or owner forum discussion. So is this just another case of spec sheet running ahead of actual performance, or a giant killer being kept quiet? Good to hear from owners and recent listening impressions, especially vs Esoteric or Lumin.
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