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  1. Disingenuous at best. $14.99 US price equates to £11.98 at current rates. Add 20% VAT makes £14.38, but UK price for Studio is £24.99. I’m ready to sign up once Qobuz can offer me Studio for < £15.
  2. An obvious partner for equipment from a well known high value US audio brand.
  3. Well, thanks to @ericuco ‘s excellent suggestion, I now have one of Nord’s entry level Hypex amps in my system and it’s sounding very good indeed, very crisp and precise. I can categorically say that Class D does not suck..Both SQ and finish are way above what I’d expect from a £700 amp and I have to say dealing with Colin was an absolute pleasure - an excellent customer experience. Already wondering how good their higher end offerings might be...although I’m slightly cautious about how much I’ve had to lower the output on my DAC (direct to the Nord) to keep things civilised, at -30db on a digital vol control (min is -40db) I guess I could be losing some DR?
  4. Looks like £24.99 a month in UK. If I was ever going to consider Qobuz, this kind of adverse differential pricing is a deal breaker, why should I pay double the US price? Great for US consumers, but might backfire for their European customer base.
  5. That’s a great call, esp recommended by a fellow Klipsch heritage owner! Thanks.
  6. I’d like to avoid used. I’ve used down to 8 watts with great results with the Klipsch so no real min power requirement. My main amp is 23pc.
  7. I’m looking to buy a brand new power amp as a backup and/for second system use, general messing around etc. I’d like to try my Oppo205 or Resonessence DAC into directly via XLR, without a preamp. Could be a simple balanced power amp or (I’m sure I’ve seen this somewhere but can’t remember where) else a HP amp that also has speaker terminals and can double as a single (balanced) source integrated amp. Will be driving my Klipsch Cornwalls so can be v. low power, SS or maybe valves for a change. Maybe even a pair of cute low power monoblocs? Budget £1k, maybe £2k tops. Easily available in UK. Any suggestions, recommendations? Fir example one possibility is the Project Amp Box RS stereo, but not sure I’m ready for Class D. I could make an exception for Benchmark ABH, but out of budget.
  8. Always low-key, things Resonessence seem to have gone very quiet this year (both with the company and on this and other forums). Everyone still happy with their Mirus and Veritas DACs? Any recent listening comparisons with other brands?
  9. I suspect it’s the same file. It just shows normal “HiFi” playback for me too in Tidal desktop, but something in the stream is making my Oppo see it as MQA, although without decoding (unfortunately, as far as I know, the Oppo just shows whatever the MQA tags tell it to, not the rate it’s actually playing at). My guess is that it is playing at 16/44.
  10. Thanks. However, I’ve just tried it to my Oppo205 which is showing format as Flac (MQA) , OFS as 44Khz and Bit rate as 24, so I guess there must also be an MQA flag in the stream itself
  11. I was looking for this in 16/44 on Tidal: https://tidal.com/album/119924589 but was surprised, as a BIS release, that this was offered as MQA and even more so (as far as my searches proved) only in MQA. But streaming from the Tidal desktop client, I just get “HiFi level” playback and my (non MQA) DAC registers 44 kHz incoming. What do you think, just normal 16/44 mislabelled by Tidal as MQA or something else?
  12. Norton


    Hey guys I’m new here but wondered if anyone has had a chance to compare <insert hyperlink to product no one has heard of let alone reviewed> with <insert name of well respected existing product>? I hear <insert name of product no one has heard of let alone reviewed>is a giant killer but just wondered what you guys think?
  13. Unless I’m missing something, that doesn’t specify the max PCM and DSD rates the Oppo will play from a BD-R disc. The Oppo knowledge base clarifies the (different) input rates supported from various sources (USB DAC, locally attached storage, network shares etc) but not from optical disc or BD-R specifically.
  14. Thanks. I have a 105 (and a 205) and the 105 certainly plays dsd64 files from SMB shares (and I presume thumb drive though not tried) - just official FW, but I think it played DSD files from outset without needing upgrades. I guess the 103 is the same. What your post got me wondering about is what PCM and DSD rates the 205 will play from BD-R. Can’t see that quoted anywhere.
  15. Interesting. If you've compared, would you say that, using the Oppo, RBCD burnt to BD-R sounds better than to CD-R (or even vs the original CD?). Or that HiRes sounds better on BD-R than from a thumb drive? I’ve never burnt anything to disc let alone played one back in my Oppo. What is the max PCM and DSD res. that the Oppo can read from BD-R and indeed DVD-R? I can see a whole new vista of time consuming and slightly inconvenient audiophilia opening up for me here!
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