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  1. Chris, if you mean passive preamps then the Townshend ones are well thought of, although I’ve never used one (I do have one of their turntables): http://www.townshendaudio.com/allegri-reference-preamplifier/ http://www.townshendaudio.com/allegri/ Reference has XLR Also see https://mfaudio.co.uk/preamplifiers/ who got stellar reviews some years back as I recall (also XLR) Plus http://www.rothwellaudioproducts.co.uk/ If it’s an inline attenuator you’re after, they have XLR inline for example.
  2. “My -personal- opinion about class D amps, not suitable for audiophile applications.“ Paging @GUTB
  3. Thanks for the kind words, currently enjoying extended listening during “lockdown”. At most optimistic this may of course just be temporary incommunicado. I haven’t see any reference, elsewhere on the web, to them ceasing trading.
  4. Thanks for the detective work. Not conclusive but not reassuring either. If this is anything other than a temporary interruption, one would hope they and their dealers will provide an update to customers with product still under warranty.
  5. As a Mirus owner, I haven’t heard much from/about Resonessence Labs recently and just noticed the website now goes to a domain placeholder. Anyone know if they are still in business and this is maybe just something temporary given the current difficult environment?
  6. That could well be a general case for the inclusion of MQA, but it’s an unconvincing one in the specific case of Berkeley who seem not that interested in responding to customer demand in the case of USB, DSD or Ethernet, although I guess at this rarefied level “demand” for anything is likely to mean a handful of individuals. Inclusion of MQA is an odd outlier, given Berkeley’s approach, unless they see something of genuine merit in it, or else a more cynical explanation is attributed. The former seems the simplest and therefore most likely explanation.
  7. Great review Chris and I’d love to audition, but from the prices you quote, why the huge price jump from series 2 to 3? But given the prominence given in the review to 1. the fact that Berkeley eschew USB, DSD and Ethernet and 2. their technical and sonic chops, their inclusion of and advocacy for MQA is surely worthy of comment. One simple conclusion that could be drawn from this is that their expertise tells them MQA is worthy of inclusion. There are alternate conclusions of course, but the inclusion of MQA by engineering led companies like Berkeley and DCS is a powerful counterpoint to forum opinion.
  8. As an owner, I would agree with you in terms of the Oppo 205 sounding comparatively “hard”, but I’ve wondered before if that is an objective flaw or just the sound of a “warts and all” accurate DAC? According to both Amir and @Archimago the Oppo measures very well.
  9. https://www.digitalconcerthall.com/en/home
  10. As it says, what component (inc. speakers) would you most like to try out, but for cost, obscurity or general unavailability reasons, probably never will? Mine: http://www.elpj.com Of course, if Chris wants to get one in for review... I’m told its biggest strength is also its biggest weakness: it plays everything on the disc, including every speck of dirt, dust etc, so fastidious LP hygiene is a requirement.
  11. I wasn’t sure Chris had made the right call with the recent changes, but it does look to me that it is working. So much of what passed for objectivism on this site was essentially negative and reactive, objectivists ready to mock others but rather shy about their own systems and choices and how these were informed by the positive practice of objectivism. Putting the objective viewpoint in a separate area seems to have broken the cycle - because it is now necessary to take the initiative in order to express the objective viewpoint, the result is that this being expressed positively and constructively rather than as a negative and often unwelcome reaction to others’ viewpoints. These of course may prove to be famous last words....
  12. I guess the OP of a thread in the “objective” section can be granted moderator rights to remove off topic content just like any other, but judging by your observation (I haven’t checked myself) they haven’t seen the need to so far, while the discussion hadn’t got so heated as to merit an intervention from CC. Judging by the number of occasions that threads on this site get referenced, it looks like Chris has, in effect, just contracted out “objectivist” participation in AS threads to ASR.
  13. A Qobuz find, great to have old favourite Magnard symphonies in something beyond RBCD - excellent super-detailed SQ 3&4 up next.
  14. A few days ago, I was ripping a CD I bought 25 years ago. My eye wandered to the price sticker on it and I was suddenly struck by the fact that I was happily paying £14 a disc back then and probably buying 2 or 3 CDs a week ( from a super helpful high street classical store that’s been long gone now) It’s been a while since I paid anything like that for a CD or even SACD and now I’m super happy with Qobuz at £15 a month and hardly buying music at all. Maybe I’m an outlier, but I just wondered how financially sustainable the industry is with current models of music distribution?
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