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  1. On reflection, I do think it is unfortunate that the upcoming batch get the mods with no word on upgrading existing units. I can understand this, say a year or more into manufacture, but a bit much to learn, in effect, that something bought when first released just a few weeks ago is already superseded. Having said that, really enjoying my UPL/DAC96 (especially via HP for some reason, which is unusual for me ) and have dug out my Resonessence Mirus to compare with SD card input.
  2. There’s always a need for vinyl. Though IMO the ECD kit offers an unequalled combination of SQ and value for money and even though my main interest is digital these days, just one recent session with my record deck tells me I won’t be parting ways with vinyl any time soon. My biggest regret was selling my Loricraft restored Garrard 301, so my advice is keep and cherish your Garrard401 and enjoy the best of both worlds.
  3. That sounds good, really helpful. I will try, thanks.
  4. Yes, presumably this is also true of NAA? I’m just looking for a Roon equivalent of Jussi’s NAA image - Roon bridge plus the absolute minimum supporting Linux OS on a zero configuration live cd. I don’t have the time, inclination or technical chops to tinker, but (to me at least) it seems such an obvious thing to want to do that I’m surprised Roon themselves don’t offer.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Gentoo player is the closest, but what I’m really looking for is just a simple minimalist image with zero configuration to temporarily turn a pc into a RAAT appliance.
  6. Afraid I‘m not 100% confident as to what that means and what it would sound like in a large general orchestral recording. Best thing is to listen yourself on a streaming service or to the track excerpts on the Chandos site. I’m enjoying enough to likely buy the downloads. Just noticed, Presto have Chandos 24/96 at MP3 price (£8) until end of July.
  7. This seems such an obvious solution that maybe I’m overlooking something. But is there available from somewhere a minimalist Linux system designed to boot from USB stick and just to run Roon bridge, similar to Jussi’s NAA images? Thus allowing an everyday Win10 pc to be temporarily rebooted as a dedicated Roon bridge. I know it’s possible to compile such a thing, but I’m just looking for a ready to go image. Thanks.
  8. Too close as in a “shut in” sound quality, or as in similar to each other ? As they are British Tone poems, there will be a similarity between discs, not least as most pieces will have been written in a fairly narrow window of time and many have themes at least ostensibly around the British landscape, but as someone whose interest is in British orchestral music, I’d say both are essential discs. SQ is what you’d expect from from recent Chandos HiRes - open dynamic, detailed.
  9. As well as the fab Witch of Atlas this has Ivor Gurney’s Gloucestershire Rhapsody which I’ve not heard before. Don’t know what Gloucestershire did to merit this epic set of tunes. The nobilimente is strong with this one. http://open.qobuz.com/album/0095115193921 also enjoying vol2.
  10. Sounds like he still got a bargain! In the UK the DAC96 is c. less than a quarter of the price of a new Yggdrasil, but maybe you are factoring a choice of transport into the DAC96 cost? I’m currently enjoying the DAC96 via U192 with Roon and Qobuz 24/96.
  11. Final Labs used to make pre and power amps powered by (lots of) torch batteries. With that level of inconvenience they must have been good.
  12. I’d start with just one folder with a few tracks in on an otherwise empty stick. Some issues I’ve encountered and things I sometimes forget- does folder name start with 01 etc? Does each filename start with 01, 02 onwards? Does the UPL actually recognise the stick (ie you see message “Downloading from stick n”)? If not, is stick formatted as FAT32? If so, try a different model of stick. Note that if FW is not already at 1.03 it needs a FW update from ECD to work with a wider range of sticks If downloading stick starts but doesn’t finish, have you got any large JPEG’s in there? For existing untagged WAV, I get folder and files numbered, add album art as folder.jpg no more than 150 mb, then open and save with Kid3 configured to tag from filenames. For existing tagged FLAC, I use JRiver to convert format to WAV with option to preserve tags. For me that generally produces files that are ready to use on UPL without needing Kid3 (providing already numbered as above) And remember it’s a bargain - this level of audio inconvenience usually comes with a much higher price tag...
  13. I put the U192 into my system for the first time today, fed by a Bryston BDP1 with both local files (same USB stick as with UPL) and Qobuz. Unfortunately, location means I’m having to use a 3m printer USB cable so caveats on the following. Initial impression is that the DAC96 doesn’t sound quite as good with it as with the UPL, just a little less clean, sharp and dynamic, but perhaps not unexpectedly the basic characteristics of the DAC as I described previously still shine through. To my ears this is a DAC that loves 24/96 and thus it’s great to have the run of Qobuz’s hires catalogue via a suitable source+ U192ETL; but I think it would be a mistake to buy this DAC without the UPL as well, to demonstrate what it can do at the apex of its performance. I will post again after further listening and maybe a cable change.
  14. Just getting to know this phenomenon (MOS16, UPL16 and UTOS now in my ECD closet)! I bet they are already thinking about the “next generation”. I really wanted their combined SD card player/DAC (the vaguely triangular one with TDA1451) a few years back, but they’d already sold out and moved on. Did you have/try one?
  15. The conundrum with ECD is that for most people it’s an unknown quantity and difficult to gain listening experience without buying. Where SQ is the overriding factor, I’m reluctant to make product recommendations other than to audition. What I can say though is that ECD kit is a modest outlay - yet I was listening to various Chandos 24/96 downloads and proper RR HDCD rips via the UPL/DAC96 combo last night and it was certainly the best replay I can recall hearing from these files, including vs my Resonessence DAC via SD card or a previous Esoteric player/DAC. I have the U192ETL too but haven’t tried it yet
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