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  1. Do we know how long will this upgraded be available? I ask because I have the DSD version, but not currently able to do the current upgrade.
  2. Are you asking the question or do you think that may be the issue? I will look into it. Thanks
  3. I have a CA pipeline music server I built according to Chris recipe. I use a SOtM usb card, and I am happy with the audio performance, but after a hour of playing music the fan-less fins get so hot I can’t keep my fingers on them more than 5 seconds. The CPU runs only around 12% when playing music. I do no upsampling, my Dac is the Ayre DSD Qb-9. I also have a SOtM -200, when in use the fins only get slightly warm. I personally prefer the sound from the usb card. Dose anybody have any idea why the usb card is causing so much heat? Sure appreciate your input. Sam
  4. I am listening to my 4200.00 Naim CDX player I bought 20 years ago while reading this thread. I don’t think it will ever break,
  5. Good day! I am using the SOtM 200 in my setup along with HQP. I am in Snohomish Wa. Feel free to PM me. Thank, Sam
  6. Opps I just noticed Chris desire for not to talk about religion on this site. Please ignore my above response to Ralf. Sorry!
  7. If evidence were presented to you that that showed the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a historical reality, how long would it take you to come around ?
  8. KingRex, where are you located? I am 25 miles north of Seattle! Sam
  9. I really like the Sunfire 300, 600 hundred watts at 4 ohms really wake's up the 1.7 to very satisfying music. Can be found on the used market for around $800.00 and re- cap for around 300.00. Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  10. Zack how do I PM you regarding that handshake?
  11. Yes I am aware of this combination inherint weakness, but I assume all audio systems have their trade offs, am I correct in assuming this? Which is why I use subwoofers and DSP to offset 'some' of those weakness you have mention. Is it appropriate to take advantage of these tools to arrived at a very satisfying sound that keeps in your chair thoughout the night experiencing all the musical enjoyment that recoded music is capable of delivering? (A terrible long sentence). Sam
  12. Forrest your cool! This is what makes the hobbie fasinating, many different perspectives. Sam
  13. Thanks very much for your percise and easy to follow explanation. I don't feel as bad that I totally did not screwed up or was misled by the sellers regarding the horns and the amp that purchased. I will continue to follow this thread and find other info on the Internet. By the way my wife and I are driving down to Newport Beach tomorrow and we will be going through Medford. We are looking forward to drying out and warming up. ??
  14. No offense at all! I have a lot to learn; when starting down this road (perhaps the wrong one) I did not know a whole lot about horns and SET's in the first place. But in 'dipping my ears' into the single driver/tube sound, I really like what I am hearing. This current system will evolve as I learn more about the horn/SET world. I really appreaciste your input, especially from a fellow Maggie guy ? Sam
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