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  1. I really like the way you articulated “objective truth” in your conclusion. Hope, despair and dreams are not subjective. We as humans have at one time or another have experience these, and have knowledge what theses three attributes mean. Now I may not like the voice or the genre and perhaps the quality of the recording; this is purely subjective on my part. I could be misguided in working out my thinking on this topic, I sure appreciate all the perspective being share on this forum! Thank you! Sam
  2. Yes I agree! This debate we are having should not be about one or the other, subjective versus objective. When both have equal value. They do not need to be opposing; the artist reflect objective truth from the world he lives in through his or her Unique artistic expression. I the beholder form a opinion, reflection or experience a emotional response to what I am seeing or hearing. Sam
  3. Would it be fair to say that all forms of art is rooted in “objective truth of reality? In other words, all of creation, in its beauty, order, function serves a purpose- and a big part of that purpose is for humans to recreate, by way of our senses. We do not create out of nothing- hence all of art is a reflection that is rooted in objected truth about our selves and the world we live in. That’s the amazing thing about art, we enjoy it for the art in itself, because we all have a common reference point in the world in which we have our being.
  4. “Our opinions become fixed at the point where we stop thinking” Renan It would seem that there is not a lot of thinking going on in this thread- just my humbled opinion😁 In the post modern world that is a washed in relativity, “objective truth” is hard to come by. You remove object truth from reality, then all you have is ones experience - his or her truth (opinion) there is no more effective way to shut down thoughtful, meaningful debate than to claim - “dude it’s my truth” you can’t argue against someone’s experience or taste! Thus we have elevated experience over objectiv
  5. If music/art is purely subjective, then what’s the big deal for a given artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Are they inducted purely on the subjectivity of the 38 individuals who vote, or do they have some guiding principles, dare I say absolutes in determining who gets inducted? I am not saying subjectivity dose not play a role in determining what I like or don’t like. But there is the reality called talent, a voice being pitch perfect, levels of proficiency in mastering a instrument. In all human endeavors, abilities, talent, giftedness, and discipline is not
  6. So Chris are you saying there is no such thing as “bad art” or “bad technique”? Everything is subjective?
  7. I am most agreeable with this recommendation. The music is fantastic, and recording is just down right amazing. The staging is so deep, the piano is far back with her voice breaking the front plain of the speakers, makes for a believable live performance. Sam
  8. I don’t understand what the big deal about Roon pushing a advertisement during radio. I pay a monthly fee for DirectTV and get advertisement every 15 minutes. Never complain once about it! It’s a known fact that for any business that provides a payed service, most people who had a negative experience will tell at least five people about how bad things went down; mind you, not waiting to be asked. Most people who had a great or good experience rarely will say anything ,why do you think that is? BTW, this thread remains me that I need to get over to Roon Forum and tell them ho
  9. Thank you for the compliment! You and are definitely on the the same page.
  10. In the beginning after the interior construction was done, I had a concrete floor with nothing on the walls and ceiling. I had previous read all that I could on room acoustics. I also looked at other professional rooms that were dedicated for two channel music. It became clear to me that there are basic principles that all rooms needed to address for good sound. The first being speakers and listener position, to minimize lower frequencies peaks and suck outs; which is best determine by measurements. Second is bass trapping where ever walls and ceiling meet. Third was treating first and s
  11. When I built my dedicated room some distance from my house, and made my own treatment, it put the end to my bad case of up grading equipment. It has been the most rewarding element in the pursuit of great sound. Compare to most people system, mine is quite modest, but the impact this room has on my musical enjoyment is beyond I ever dreamed of. Just wanted to share and acknowledge that in my view the room has the greatest impact than any other component in the audio chain. Thank you, Sam
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