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El Capitan has arrived


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Hi Uwe,


I forgot to ask whether disabling SIP helped with the RAM disk problem.


I'm hoping. Might try tonight if I remember unless Uwe or someone else responds first.


Disabling SIP did not change the behavior on my system, i.e., apps I copied to a RAMdisk still refused to run, with a popup dialog saying the app won't run, and it may be damaged or incomplete.

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That's good to know. I hate updating OS or software and try to postpone it until it's unavoidable...



I've just upgraded to the latest version of BitPerfect and startet getting drop-outs...gapless is gone too.

Still on 10.9.



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Dear All:





Version 10.11.1:

Improves installer reliability when upgrading to OS X El Capitan

Improves compatibility with Microsoft Office 2016

Fixes an issue where outgoing server information may be missing from Mail

Resolves an issue that prevented display of messages and mailboxes in Mail

Resolves an issue that prevents certain Audio Unit plug-ins from functioning properly

Improves VoiceOver reliability

Adds over 150 new emoji characters with full Unicode 7.0 and 8.0 support

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