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  1. Hello teruhata, Wow! I am straining to answer your question. My KEFX300A are NOT wireless. My Mac Mini is connected to the KEFX300A by USB cable. As I am not familiar with the Wireless edition, allow me to take a guess, please: Open AMS (Audio Midi Setup). Do you see as one of the devices KEFX300A? If not what do you see? Or open the System Preference folder and then Sound. In the output tab, do you see the KEFX300A? If so is it selected? If I am being silly, you can always email KEFDirect.com and pose the question to them. Also, open Amarra, go to the Preference in the Menu bar at the top of your monitor, check Audio Devices. Is KEFX300A selected? If not, you can slide the bar to the KEFX300A and confirm as you can also access AMS from that page. I think upper right corner of the Preference/Audio Device window page. Is any of what I just suggested applicable? Please let me know. Best, Richard
  2. Hello All, As some members have come forward and trashed the program multiple times, I have responded by asking them to seek professional support from Sonic Studio to either cure their problems or find some other resolution. This thread is not intended as a killing field for members to dump on the program. It's one thing to report a problem one is having and seek a resolution which is proactive. And another to post here repeatedly with complaints that are never addressed. Clearly, the CA Forum with all its threads on products etc. demonstrate how vast the number of problems arise with hardware/software. One of the goals of this thread is to provide a context for reviews of the product, news about the evolution of the product, new builds, how to, fixes, and getting the attention of Sonic Studio, which I imagine monitors this thread. In this way, all matters about the program are centralized. I have no investment in promoting only good reports. I have never excluded a post that involved a problem. When issues arise, their is also the obligation to find a resolution. I or another member may know of a fix, make a recommendation, or the member needs to report the problem to Sonic Studio. Otherwise, whatever is causing the problem will never get remedied. Sometimes a new build can fix a problem. But what if the problem is outside of the build but the product is blamed? I use A4THIFIwiRCwARA all the time. I have no special abilities. If a problem arises I seek a solution. I email Sonic Studio, or Jussi Laako of HQPlayer, or the staff at roon. Have you read the threads for all those software players? More than half of the threads contain members with problems with the build's, the hardware they use to for the programs etc. I would appreciate if the membership post their reviews of the products and the new builds that arrive. Keeping track of what is working and what needs attention helps us help Sonic Studio. I enjoy A4T all the time. Others have issues most of the time. What is the difference that makes the difference? Some members post with issues as if their issues define the product that many, many of us use daily without issues. Recently Dirac SE changed to new servers and we lost the use of iRC. And, yes, there are bugs and peccadillos with A4THIFI which is not a perfect program. But issues which make it impossible to use the program is another matter, and posting here repetitively will certainly not get the issues resolved without the intervention of professional support from Sonic Studio. Posting here may get their attention, but doing so requires a thoughtful approach not a diatribe, a rant, with little or no information about their system configuration and connections and other software used, i.e. OS, etc. If the membership chooses not to post here about the product so be it. But this thread remains a resource, and to keep it at that level the use of this thread needs to be thoughtful and cooperative to help each other and Sonic Studio to help us. Thank you for your attention. Richard
  3. I have neither asked you for an apology nor do I use to. As for the tone of your post, you have posted multiple times how disappointed you are resulting in the deletion of the program and remote app. Multiple posts exclaiming the same communication serves no purpose. Neither have you informed the membership of what steps you took to correct the problem. Apparently some members experience a level of problems that require the attention of Amarra Support. You've had problems with other products and worked them out or not. Here at this thread, the resource for the membership is not improved by multiple posts complaining. Your welcome to post if you have something of value to post besides how fed up you are. It would help to know whether Amarra Support provided a remote session and were not able to get you up and running; and, if not, what the impediment is to fixing your problem. As for me, I am quite satisfied with my response to you. The meaning of your communication is the response I provided. Good fortune, Richard
  4. Hello cpvniii, Thank you for your kind remarks. Yes, I agree entirely with your admonition for a valid methodology. When I began with the Regen I added one element at a time. As you observed. I always turned off the system and as I leave my W4S Dac2 DSDse, STP-SE Stage 2 preamp, SX1000 mono blocks "on" 24/7 and Bryston 10B Electronic Crossover and JL Audio F112 X2, I turn them off as well. Added the Regen and Mean Well and determined the SQ after turning on the whole system. Then added the JS-2 and powered the Regen removing the Meanwell at 7.5 volts. The JS-2 at 7, pre-set by Alex, in my opinion was better. But members were reporting different voltage settings, so I tried 9V and that had a better "feel" to the output. Less about how it sound and more about how it felt. I realize this is a subjective assessment. Then added the MMK to my Mac Mini (like open heart surgery) and powered the Mac Mini by the JS-2, DC2 at 12V. In my open it all came together and sounded much better. One AQJB was added to the LightSpeed to the USB output port with the system shut down. Assessed for a day or two. Then a second AQJB was added to the next USB output port in standalone mode but with a six inch extender as the two AQJB can't fit side by side. Turned the system back on and assessed the addition of the second AQJB. At that time the LightSpeed 0.8m (Standard, red) was employed. When I added the CRL200mm to replace the hard adapter, I shut down the system, but stopped after the SX1000, leaving the Bryston and F112 X2 "on". And assessed the CRL200mm for for days. I ordered the Curious Cable 0.8m. And added that cable after shutting down the system including the SX1000 X2. After 100+ hours on the Full Loom CC, the RUR arrived. Shut down the system, removed the AQJB X2 and replaced the Regen with the RUR. No AQJB X2 to be clear. Just the RUR with the CC08m to the Recovery to the CRL200mm to the W4S Dac2 DSDse. Turned the system back on, checked the vertical green lights, and for four days added 100+ hours to the RUR. With the RUR at 100+ hours and the Full Loom CC at 200+ hours, I shut down the system, connected the SMPS 9V supplied with the RUR, turned on the system, played three full albums employing Amarra Symphony with iRC in Playlist mode, while I wrote my first review of the RUR but using the SMPS supplied. Then for several days left the SMPS and listened. Removed the SMPS 9V and returned the JS-2 custom cable from DC1 at 9V to the RUR. Concluded that while close in performance with the SMPS 9V at 7.5-8.0 out of 10, the JS-2, DC1 9V at 9.5-10.0 out of 10 was preferred. I also removed the the RUR and connected the CC08m by itself to the W4S Dac2 DSDse. Was it better alone than the LightSpeed alone? I would call it a tie or so close as not to be a clear preference of one over the other. But with the Full Loom CC and the RUR, there was no comparison. I preferred the Recovery/Full Loom CC to the Regen/Full Loom CC. After several days, I was curious (no pun intended) about returning one AQJB at a time to determine what, if anything, the AQJB added to the RUR. Each time I made a change the system is turned off, so I'll stop explaining this. I wasn't the only person interested in what the AQJB might accomplish. So was EJ. I returned the AQJB to the CC08m, turned on the system, confirmed the 2 vertical green dots were lit, and listened. I was confounded by the result. While the addition of the AQJB improved the SQ with the Regen/LightSpeed/hardadapter the addition of the AQJB with the CC08m/Recovery/CRL200mm added a gloss of brighter, digital, colder/harder SQ but also maintained the clarity of sound. It removed the gorgeous SQ with just the RUR in line. I did not care for the change. Shut down the system and added the second AQJB in standalone with extender cable next to the AQJB connected to the CC08m and listened. It did not change the result. I did care for the result. Turned off the system, removed the first AQJB and left the standalone AQJB with extender. The improvement was dramatic. The SQ I find to be the best I have experienced returned. And I was relieved. Do I leave the second AQJB installed? I removed the second AQJB after turning off the system. And turned the system back on but NO sound from my main system. No vertical lights. I removed the CC08m from the USB output port from the Mac Mini, and returned the cable. The vertical lights were lit. Then restarted my Mac Mini. Everything was restored. I don't think the restart was necessary. The RUR with the addition of one AQJB alone is a toss up. I haven't returned it, but it didn't hurt when installed. Maybe I'll return the one AQJB. My experience with the Recovery and the Full Loom CC has been the best in SQ sonic signature quality I have ever experienced. The Regen improved but the SQ that accompanied its inclusion along with other changes in low/mid bass response and a slightly blurry mids and the addition of an glossy edgy, brighter, even harsh overly digital SQ was unacceptable to me and bordered on fatiguing. It removed me from the enjoyment of the music, as I was constantly reminded of what I was hearing that did not match what I prefer. The RUR and the Full Loom CC has provided me with the best SQ ever. My outcome isn't to denigrate the Regen at all. It's to deliver the enjoyment of music to me and to provide a context for others to consider what might deliver the same or similar to their system. If it does, wonderful. It's a splendid outcome. Thank you for your attention. I tend to write long posts. So peruse as you please. And EJ Sarmento who I have had a relationship as customer since 2011, delivers the best customer service I have experienced. And so does Alex Crespi. No experience with the IUI or the Revive. But others have and this thread is a resource for all of us who have committed to any of these devices and seek to compare them in actual experience and convey that experience to the rest of us. But one must have these devices in their system for this thread to be on topic. The music's the thing; the equipment seduces. Best, Richard
  5. Hello devs, Thank you for translating in tech speak which I "stink" at. Hence my reason for going to the designer, what's his name? I'll think of it in time. Appreciate your reply. I notice you employ the devices that help you help us. For that I appreciate your post. I am sure there are knowledgable members who have opinions on what EJ Sarmento, yikes, I can see, and remember his name, intends. This thread is a comparison thread for members who use the devices to compare, it's for those members and for members who have an opinion about everything. With appreciation for helping one member sort this out as a member who employs the very devices we are comparing. Best, Richard
  6. Removal of the the second AQJB is a toss up. If pressed, I would have to say the RUR is best left to its own devices (pun intended). Or maybe it depends on what side of the bed I woke up on. I'll put the standalone AQJB back in over time and determine if it's a friend to the Recovery. Or someone else's buddy. How's that for walking the tightrope? Best, Richard
  7. In my experience that does not involve more than one device at a time, the RUR thrives on 9V. But that assessment is up to you. I just returned the AQJB X2 to the Full Loom CC to the Recovery and then removed one and posted my review at the Recovery thread. Thank you for the variety of connections when employing multiple device in line. Best, Richard
  8. Hello Barry, Thank you for reporting back. I can just see George Takei as you imitated him. He's a trip and has become even more eccentric over time. Still enjoyable as a characture of himself. Bigger than life. I just this moment completed a review of the RUR with the return of the AQJB X2 and then with the removal of one AQJB. Your summation after 40 hours computes with me. You actually touched on the an economy of descriptors but accurate as can be. I understand your experience. I don't want to contribute to any expectation bias, so I won't suggest that it gets even better as you approach 100+ hours. And yes, I found that choice of cables (your choice) and choice of Power Supply (your choice) at 9V, my preference over the acceptable range someone indicated as 6.5 to 12V. 9 for me is the magic number. And yes, it would be better if your published your A-B comparison elsewhere. Would that be at my other thread, the comparison thread? Please! I am quite interested in your findings for that comparison. If I were to allow the comparison to post here, this thread would go off the rails. Both threads are curated, but the comparison thread lends itself to, well, comparisons which include a broader spectrum to use for comparisons. I have been a lot of flak for the way I curate this thread. And have been accused of bias in favor of only positive findings. So I was hoping your post this time would have been negative to prove I am not biased. But what can I do. Once again, you disappoint and reports findings that are positive. I happen to concur with all my heart. But...Given how resolving your system is and given you have published the configurations and connections you employ with your system, this report at this stage of breakin is both topical, relevant and, I hope, useful to other members as yet another system different from other where the RUR performs admirably. Thank you for stopping by and keeping us informed. Please let me know when you decide to post a comparison. And please return with more hours of accumulation to report the progress of your findings. With appreciation, Richard
  9. Hello All: Having employed the AQJB X2 adding one at a time, i.e. one in line with the LightSpeed 0.8m (standard, red) to the Regen with hardadapter to the Wyred4Sound Dac2 DSDse, and a second AQJB in the next USB output port which required an extension cable of six inches (6") to fit side by side in standalone, I assessed the AQJB X2 as helping out with what I found the Regen SQ to be edgy, overly bright, glossy metallic, digital, and slightly fatiguing but also enhancing the SQ at the same time with certain limitations to the lower bass and a touch of the middle. Overall, blurry compared to what it was without the Regen. I left the AQJB X2 in place. Not long ago, I replaced the hard adapter supplied by UpTone Audio with the CRL200mm (which I now refer to as Curious Recovery Link200mm). The difference between the CRL200mm and the hard adapter was very discernible. Guess which stayed. Four days later, impressed by the CRL200mm, I asked myself, "Myself" what would the Curious Cable 0.8m bring to the system's sonic signature quality. In a week I found out. I replace the LightSpeed 0.8 (Standard, red) with the CC08m and set out to accumulate the 50-100 hours recommended by Rob Woodland before breakin was apparent. I peaked every 25 hours; and, when I reached the 100 hours, guess which USB cable I decided to employ. Have ordering the Recovery USB Reclocker before the New Year, one of the early adopters, the RUR arrived in 3 days after the first ten (10) units were shipped. You may recall, a short shipment interfered with a more ambitious shipment to the fill those orders. I replaced the Regen with the RUR, observed that both of the vertical lights were lit, and for the next four days added 100+ hours on the RUR while adding an additional 100+ hours to the Full Loom CC now about as broken in as I imagined it might take. Did I mention that I also removed both of the AQJBs. And even before that, having removed the Regen and before replacing with the Recovery, I listened to the CC08m solo. Pretty good. The equal of the LightSpeed? Pretty good. Having listened to the RUR with the Full Loom CC for some weeks now, I was curious (no pun intended) to review what the return of the AQJB would bring to the best SQ I have experienced. I was not alone in this curiosity. So was EJ Sarmento, who sounded like a proud father of a new born and did his new baby have the requisite number of fingers, toes, faculties... I had not a clue what to expect. All I knew was that the AQJB helped the Regen along up to a point. And so a few days ago, with my system shutdown tight, I added the first of two AQJBs, the first connected to the Curious Cable 08m in the preferred USB output port I have only used since 2011 for the USB cable. And, Listened to Bill Frisell's When You Wish Upon A Star, HDtracks.com download, AIFF 88.2/24, which by the way is what I am listening to as I write this review. Guess what I discovered? The one sitting on the Ekornes in black leather typing on an iPad Air 2. Yes! You! Well? I like Once Upon A Time In The West theme (Ennio Morricone). No about the RUR and the AQJB, you twit! Oh, um, er', I am confused. How so? I am confounded! Yes, but about what? Oh, well, the opposite is happening. And? And I don't care for the SQ now. How specifically? Well, what was the best SQ sonic quality signature, now sounds a touch brighter. Harder. Clean. But what happened to that gorgeous SQ with the RUR. It was perfect. Now it's not. I mean Petra Haden doesn't sound so lyrical singing Moon River, and Frisell's guitar doesn't sound so electrifying when he plucks on the overtones. What happen to that relaxed, easy, acoustic, vibrant, dynamic, dimensional sound? It got harder and brighter and more digital again. Not like last time. Thank you, keep writing. What happened when you added the second AQJB? Not that much, pretty much the same, maybe a touch better, but I liked it before those AQJBs were added, when it was just the RUR and the Full Loom and nothing else in between. That's what I mean by confounding. One result with the Regen and the Full Loom. And without them and just the Recovery and Full Loom, I did not want them back in the system. When added, I knew I did not want them, the two of them, back in the system. Gone was that gorgeous SQ. The confounding part was that the AQJB with Recovery and Full Loom put back what I experienced with the Regen, but was better with the Regen than with the Regen alone. Now with the Recovery and Full Loom, the brighter, harder, more digital sound was there but so were positive characteristics which were outweighed by the brighter more digital sound. So I removed the the AQJB the CC08m was connected to from the USB output port after shutting down my Mac Mini. And restarted my Mac Mini. Oooops! Where did the W4S Dac2 DSDse go? No vertical lights. Removed the CC08m and then returned it to the USB output port. Voila. Vertical Lights lit green. Still, I restarted the Mac Mini and checked that the vertical lights remained lit. Relaunched Amarra Symphony with iRC in Playlist mode with Gain by-pass enabled, DSD enabled, offset 2.0., as I had been employing all the time I was conducting this study with AQJB X2 and now with only one remaining AQJB in the next USB output port connected by an extension cable. Started the Frisell album again. Wow! I was back. Petra Haden is singing Happy Trails which just started as I start this paragraph. Perfect timing. Happy trials too. The SQ sonic signature return. I may leave the single AQJB in the USB output port as the SQ is back. End of album. I have to play the André Previn, Joe Pass, Ray Brown, After Hours, XLD conversion UHD, 32 Bit redbook to AIFF, 44.1/16, followed by the Bill Evans' The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings, 1961, Disc 1 of 3, XLD conversion redbook CD to AIFF 44.1/16. If there's a difference in either of those albums, I'll report back. I will also have to remove the one remaining AQJB to determine if removing it improves, does nothing, is better left in. I believe I have conducted every part of my schedule for assessing the Recovery USB Reclocker. And I am still as in love with this device as I have been from the beginning. If I sound like an enthusiast for the RUR, it's because that's what I feel precisely. It doesn't get any better. Ditch the AQJB with the CC08m at least for my system. It detracts. This concludes my findings for the RUR. If anyone is disposed to report their findings for the Recovery, this is the place. Positive, negative, no change. All you need do is post. Back to enjoying the best music ever, Richard
  10. Hello Melvin, What is the point of your post? Was your post deleted? You expressed your opinion and I responded with my experience. You chose to delete the program and the ARA based on your experience. I chose to keep the program installed, test the beta builds, review the beta, then review the program, then review the ARA. Clearly, we disagree based on our direct experience. Actually, I amazed that you take this tact, you done so before, in the past, mismatching me, only to render an apology for correcting me incorrectly. Now you're implying that I am only permitting posts which find the product satisfactory. How do you justify such a conclusion. Your post has not been tampered with. You got to express your experience. I matched your experience with a different experience. I did not make it up. Visit any of the threads about software and products, the threads are filled with posts about how lousy the program is and it doesn't work for them, how the updates did not fix their problems, how the latest builds caused more problems. You have returned to this thread to discredit me and how I curate this thread? Another member in your camp first posted here with a diatribe directed at A4T and apologized for his excess. He then posted a second time and that too was a diatribe, and in the same post apologized. In his third post, he trashed the program, asserting his credentials in program development and ranted A4T should never have been released and was not worthy of being sold at any price. He denigrated the ARA as unworkable. And, yesterday, he returned and continued his rant about the ARA not working at all. He as you have just done then take aim at me and protest my curatorship of this thread. If you believe that because you deleted the program and the ARA and that your experience defines the program for the rest of us, and that I am inhibiting your right to characterize the program, how foolish can you be. Your post in black and white remains for others to read. I haven't changed a thing. But don't delude the rest of us who have a working program that delivers how quality SQ and an ARA I use all the time that while not perfect is pretty damn good. You've had your say. The other member has his say. Have you sought support from Amarra Support? If you did, what was the cause of your problems? Do you believe your unfortunate experience is the only experience a member can anticipate having? How useful is it for the other member to return here time after time and trash the program? He even acknowledged that he wasn't using the program as designed. And there must be some impediments that add to the complexities he experiences. What's next, Melvin, I am misrepresenting the program. I protecting Sonic Studio from negative comments. The last time you contradicted me, and return to acknowledge you were wrong, I let it go. Your post today has used up my willingness to allow you to discredit me any longer. You have also had issues with other programs and hardware like the rest of us. Now you have made this personal by disparaging me, my integrity and my honesty. I have not once impugned your experience or you. You, too, have had your fifteen minutes. You are entitled to post here. I have never edited or refused your posts. Returning to this thread to denigrate a program that doesn't work for you over and over again is not very useful to the rest of us. We got that the first time. What have you done to find out the cause, a cure, a resolution? Have you participated in a remote session with Amarra Support? If nothing is possible to make it right for you by Amarra Support, are you entitled to a refund. I am sure you'd prefer a working program to enjoy the music. That you have publicly criticized me, after I have always offered you help openly and in PMs, I will have to endure as I have no intentions of deleting your post. I will leave your attributions of disrepute and characterizations of me to the sensibilities of the other members. I am sure it won't take much for some members to join you. You may have noticed that Barry Diament has left the premises because of certain members who behaved badly. There's a point where a member of Barry's stature doesn' need that kind of disparagement. I will continue to hold Sonic Studio accountable as I have done so in black and white since 2011. My threads include all those posts where I have expressed the need for accountability. You're free to post here. If you feel post after post to relate how imperfect the program is for you, at some point I will have to make a decision that you have had your fifteen minutes, expressed your truth unfettered, but that taking shots at me is the not acceptable. And you are on notice. When you had problems with a certain person and hardware, I advised you and apparently was of service to you then. I'll advise you now, however, unsolicited that your characterizations of me are outright a distortion and disproportionate and unworthy of how I have always treated you. Take your matters with Sonic Studio to them for a resolution. I will continue to review this program and the remote as I find them. I have never done otherwise. Richard
  11. Hello All: As this thread is a resource thread for the membership, specifically for findings assessed by CA member users of the RUR from direct experience, how-to, problems, solutions, your configurations and connection information for others to understand what systems the RUR is being used with, yesterday several opinions outside the focus of this thread were expressed and reacted to. How those exchanges though Off Topic affected the reader's perception, concerns, future expectations, even whether or not to consider the RUR for their system, is matter of concern for me. For some members being asked to take their opinions on certain matters to other threads, or to start their own thread, is received as editing them or worse as assessing the quality of the information they offer as something more than speculation, even censorship. Curating a thread by necessity requires a judgment as to whether the information communicated is on topic and not on the quality of the information. It's the content. And that is for the membership to assess at an appropriate thread. Furthermore, assessing the merits of the RURs performance with accessories that have been modified by the member and then assessing with tampered with accessories changed and changed back is introducing conditions which in my opinion threaten the validity of their findings on the performance of the RUR. Hence, the decision by me to remove those posts. Whether or not the accessories used to feed the RUR worked with another device, is not relevant. And, Opinions about the design of the RUR by members in lieu of the actual designer's input is at best speculation. Often, in my experience, members express their opinions as fact accurate and comprehensive and presume to know more about matters they only assume is true. I am calling for a time out so that the message in this post which is intended to convey comments by the designer not be used to resume the off-topic speculation about the RUR's performance. Additionally, attributions made by members that my reasons for curating the thread and expressing the rationale is to co-opt the direction of this thread that excludes any comments a member chooses to post is typical of so many other threads that devolve into rambling, chaotic threads where the topic is blurred and obscured the knee-jerk comments that may elicit a response and then a discussion and then opinions that will surely derail this thread. Start with a thread about assessments of a device's performance and suddenly bicycle sprockets are being discussed. In other words given what was expressed yesterday and what impressions and what those assumptions had on the perspectives of the posters and readers of this thread which I assessed as off topic deserves a response from the designer for the limited purpose of offering the designer's input for your consideration. Discussions about modifying a setup specific to another device to make it serviceable, and what must be changed back which tampers with accessories a second time employed to then assess the performance for the RUR and the consequences are outside this thread's focus. At the same time, to add to the complexities of assessing the performance of the RUR, it has become apparent that the initial model of the RUR design is not compatible for all the Dacs used by members. As one member articulated given the variety of Dacs and the differences in what is employed in the performance of the Dac, there is a greater possibility that the RUR as designed may only work with certain Dac designs and not others. And, Once this important feedback (vs failure) was made known to EJ Sarmento, he diagnosed the the trigger(s) and implemented a revised design that would be compatible for other Dac models' requirements for specific power conditions, etc. One can confer with Wyred4Sound support to determine what specifications are compatible for using the RUR and what one may or may not experience for the quality of sonic performance. The modifications of other accessories made to work with other devices which must be undone to work with the RUR is a topic for another thread, i.e. The comparison thread I started. Or you own thread. Just not this thread. It's called redirection not censorship. For those who would benefit from the designers perspectives, consider the following: I am providing EJ Sarmento response verbatim. In so doing: PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: I am NOT inviting a further discussion on the design and technology used that was bandied about yesterday with speculations about what ifs and what to expect form the design choices. That can be conducted elsewhere to one's heart's content. BUT having created this thread for findings for RUR and then leaving the assumptions, speculations and presumptions unaddressed would, to my sensibilities, be a tacit disservice to the membership. Posts willy-nilly is not resource quality, it's more akin to gossip and not a substitute for the designers revelations. Whether or not you accept the designer's perspective is, of course, in your province. The music's the thing; the equipment seduces. Best, Richard From EJ Sarmento: The 5v Vbus power is required on the input to the Recovery to ensure a handshake is initiated with the computer once plugged in. This is only a detect line that is monitored for when power is present (computer is plugged in or turned on). At that point, initialization takes place and should become operational. If this is (sic) power line is removed from the source, it may cause erratic behavior that will likely prevent the RUR from working or not activating the connected device at all. The power to the output jack is supplied from the internal power supply that is sourced from the DC connector on the input side. In no way should the 5v source from the computer (USB cable) affect the sound as it is not associated to the output connector in any way. The over current situation caused with such dacs as we’ve seen commonly with Schiit products is happening because we have an internal current limit set lower than what such a device is requiring which happens to be 2-3x what our products demand. To compensate for this, we will have another version available next week that should not exhibit such issue with USB devices that require similar currents. Please note that the warning that is generated on the computer is initiated from the limit set in our circuit to disable the output once the limit is reached – no damage should occur from this as it is a safety we had put in place.
  12. Dear Ralph, Your presence on behalf of Ken is greatly appreciated. Your tips are always helpful. And Ken's response which demonstrates how he uses the program that results in undesirable responses was not until now made manifest. What other members can glean from each of your exchanges that using a program in a way that is not designed to be used that way produces results that are regarded as limitations of the program. I for one enjoy the program and the ARA works for me. Others who don't bother to learn how to use the program and then experience results that don't match their expectations don't take responsibility for how they use the program. Try that with HQPlayer and see what happens. Nothing happens! This thread is meant to be a resource for the members. Your appearance with helpful hints takes the resource up a peg or two. It furthers everyone's experience when posting that one show up with an outcome and a desire to solve a problem and learn from it not make the program the culprit, trash the program, and dump on those attempting to help. My outcome for this thread as with all my threads is to create a common ground to explore the program overall, how it performs, the evolution of builds, what works, what doesn't, how to make it better (to help Sonic Studio however that information is useful), problems and solutions, how to use the program correctly so that results match how the program is designed to work. To accomplish this goal for the thread, members who post here need to show up with cooperative spirit. It's not about making one person right and another wrong. I won't argue with perception. If after a member receives good counsel and chooses to reject the program, that's too bad. I, for one, enjoy this program, and would hope other users arrive at the same destination, to employ A4THIFIwiRCwARA for the best in class and enjoy the music made available at TIDAL HIFI. I have never interfered with findings that are sincerely offered as a user's experience. The help provided by Amarra Support is always welcome and appreciated. Best, Richard
  13. Actually Ken, you've posted here the first time and apologized for your outbursts. Then returned exhibiting the same behavior and apologized again. The third time, you trashed the program and were so sanctimonious about a program behaving so badly as not worthy of being released. If that's your experience, I feel for you, but this is not your killing field to trash A4T. And your experience is not representative of the program's merits. Yet one can read your posts at other threads involving crashing your programs but your tone and attitude is very different, in fact, I would even call it civil. Anyone reading your problems with HQPlayer and your NAA could easily equate your state of performance with what you claim A4T burdens you with. Now you're back here, essentially putting down a program you are troubled with as you are with other programs and behaving badly in my view. Last time, I told you that this is a curated thread, and if you're intent on using this thread as your whipping post in lieu of getting competent support, then I suggest you are wasting your time and ours. My response to your cranky, put-downs are the result of a member who's having problems, now with an ARA that does not work for you, but works perfectly for me. And perhaps more than just me. Instead of posting here and putting down the program that others are enjoying, do what you are attempting to do with Jussi and get some competent support and find out what is causing your system and A4THIFIwiRCwARA to be so troublesome for you. There must be a reason for a program working perfectly for me and not for you. You won't solve your problems here trashing the program and the remote app. I beta test these programs on a typical computer others employ. You haven't once published your configuration and connection information. And please stop pretending you're being mistreated here. Read the threads at CA, they are filled with members like you who have problems, recurring problems, recurring recurring problems. Hang out at HQPlayer where you do sometimes and count the problems, and the fixes and the fixes for the fixes and on and on. Or at roon. Or at Audirvana Plus. You save your worst for this thread, and you have had your fifteen minutes. If I or some other member could help you we would. But it sounds like you require a formal session with Amarra Support. As with HQPlayer and your NAA, somethings need to be worked out. I don't read you ranting at Jussi or accusing him of releasing a program not ready for public use. You might imagine how long that would be tolerated by Jussi or any other innovator. Personally, I don't care what you do in connection with hardware and software, if you conduct yourself in the manner you demonstrate here whenever you show up, you don't sound to me like someone confident about what they do and how to troubleshoot when somethings go wrong. If you wish to come back, bring some solutions with you gleaned from professional support. You're entitled to the support. You are not entitled to showing up here and trashing this program and remote app as if your experience represents that experience for the rest of us. I tried to be sensitive to you. But you are making being empathic towards you very difficult. I wish you good fortune in getting the support you obviously need. And there happens to be a new app on the way. I am not free to comment on that app yet. But it will be enhanced with highly desirable features not yet made available with the current app. Hope you get your problems worked out. Best, Richard
  14. Hello Guidof, Welcome to the thread. There's good news along the way, as you must be aware of by now. The threads re Recovery and this one are well documented with what is the cause and what is the solutions and how fast that can be fixed, and what to do to expedite the matter. So fear not, if you have already taken the steps to get this problem remedied by W4S, you soon have the RUR for your comparison. Best, Richard
  15. Hello Bill, Welcome back or is it your first time? I appreciate the balanced view you've taken. How right you are given the variety of components and the different technologies used or variances that for some allow the handshake and the connection and for others the welcome wagon is closed. I was impressed with how quickly EJ Sarmento realized what the issues were and how fast he arranged for a different board suitable for handshaking with some Dacs that differ in what works with the RUR's first and original board. I have one of those boards and needless to say, the RUR and my Wyred4Sound Dac2 DSDse make beautiful music together. Your experience and others, i.e. The Wryd Bifrost Dac provide EJ Sarmento with immediate feedback, such that what is regarded as a failure is actually feedback that invites a solution. It's impossible as you point out to design for every Dac out there. Hence, the initial offering met with real world conditions of different interfaces and requirements for the RUR to work. Whether or not another device does not have that same issue, devices all have issues. This particular one should worked out and the RURs that are susceptible replaced with as little inconvenience as possible. I believe W4S is seeing to it that the returns and replacement shipping are a fait accompli. Thank you for making this crystal clear along with other members who have posted the problem and notice of a solution to follow as expeditiously as possible. I look forward to your findings, if you will favor us with your assessment of the RUR when you can. Good fortune along the way. Best, Richard
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