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  1. Hello teruhata, Wow! I am straining to answer your question. My KEFX300A are NOT wireless. My Mac Mini is connected to the KEFX300A by USB cable. As I am not familiar with the Wireless edition, allow me to take a guess, please: Open AMS (Audio Midi Setup). Do you see as one of the devices KEFX300A? If not what do you see? Or open the System Preference folder and then Sound. In the output tab, do you see the KEFX300A? If so is it selected? If I am being silly, you can always email KEFDirect.com and pose the question to them. Also, open Amarra, go to the Preference in the Menu bar at
  2. Hello All, As some members have come forward and trashed the program multiple times, I have responded by asking them to seek professional support from Sonic Studio to either cure their problems or find some other resolution. This thread is not intended as a killing field for members to dump on the program. It's one thing to report a problem one is having and seek a resolution which is proactive. And another to post here repeatedly with complaints that are never addressed. Clearly, the CA Forum with all its threads on products etc. demonstrate how vast the number of problems arise
  3. I have neither asked you for an apology nor do I use to. As for the tone of your post, you have posted multiple times how disappointed you are resulting in the deletion of the program and remote app. Multiple posts exclaiming the same communication serves no purpose. Neither have you informed the membership of what steps you took to correct the problem. Apparently some members experience a level of problems that require the attention of Amarra Support. You've had problems with other products and worked them out or not. Here at this thread, the resource for the membership is not improv
  4. Hello cpvniii, Thank you for your kind remarks. Yes, I agree entirely with your admonition for a valid methodology. When I began with the Regen I added one element at a time. As you observed. I always turned off the system and as I leave my W4S Dac2 DSDse, STP-SE Stage 2 preamp, SX1000 mono blocks "on" 24/7 and Bryston 10B Electronic Crossover and JL Audio F112 X2, I turn them off as well. Added the Regen and Mean Well and determined the SQ after turning on the whole system. Then added the JS-2 and powered the Regen removing the Meanwell at 7.5 volts. The JS-2 at 7, pre-set by Alex, i
  5. Hello devs, Thank you for translating in tech speak which I "stink" at. Hence my reason for going to the designer, what's his name? I'll think of it in time. Appreciate your reply. I notice you employ the devices that help you help us. For that I appreciate your post. I am sure there are knowledgable members who have opinions on what EJ Sarmento, yikes, I can see, and remember his name, intends. This thread is a comparison thread for members who use the devices to compare, it's for those members and for members who have an opinion about everything. With appreciation for helping one mem
  6. Removal of the the second AQJB is a toss up. If pressed, I would have to say the RUR is best left to its own devices (pun intended). Or maybe it depends on what side of the bed I woke up on. I'll put the standalone AQJB back in over time and determine if it's a friend to the Recovery. Or someone else's buddy. How's that for walking the tightrope? Best, Richard
  7. In my experience that does not involve more than one device at a time, the RUR thrives on 9V. But that assessment is up to you. I just returned the AQJB X2 to the Full Loom CC to the Recovery and then removed one and posted my review at the Recovery thread. Thank you for the variety of connections when employing multiple device in line. Best, Richard
  8. Hello Barry, Thank you for reporting back. I can just see George Takei as you imitated him. He's a trip and has become even more eccentric over time. Still enjoyable as a characture of himself. Bigger than life. I just this moment completed a review of the RUR with the return of the AQJB X2 and then with the removal of one AQJB. Your summation after 40 hours computes with me. You actually touched on the an economy of descriptors but accurate as can be. I understand your experience. I don't want to contribute to any expectation bias, so I won't suggest that it gets even better as you ap
  9. Hello All: Having employed the AQJB X2 adding one at a time, i.e. one in line with the LightSpeed 0.8m (standard, red) to the Regen with hardadapter to the Wyred4Sound Dac2 DSDse, and a second AQJB in the next USB output port which required an extension cable of six inches (6") to fit side by side in standalone, I assessed the AQJB X2 as helping out with what I found the Regen SQ to be edgy, overly bright, glossy metallic, digital, and slightly fatiguing but also enhancing the SQ at the same time with certain limitations to the lower bass and a touch of the middle. Overall, blurry compare
  10. Hello Melvin, What is the point of your post? Was your post deleted? You expressed your opinion and I responded with my experience. You chose to delete the program and the ARA based on your experience. I chose to keep the program installed, test the beta builds, review the beta, then review the program, then review the ARA. Clearly, we disagree based on our direct experience. Actually, I amazed that you take this tact, you done so before, in the past, mismatching me, only to render an apology for correcting me incorrectly. Now you're implying that I am only permitting posts which find
  11. Hello All: As this thread is a resource thread for the membership, specifically for findings assessed by CA member users of the RUR from direct experience, how-to, problems, solutions, your configurations and connection information for others to understand what systems the RUR is being used with, yesterday several opinions outside the focus of this thread were expressed and reacted to. How those exchanges though Off Topic affected the reader's perception, concerns, future expectations, even whether or not to consider the RUR for their system, is matter of concern for me. For some membe
  12. Dear Ralph, Your presence on behalf of Ken is greatly appreciated. Your tips are always helpful. And Ken's response which demonstrates how he uses the program that results in undesirable responses was not until now made manifest. What other members can glean from each of your exchanges that using a program in a way that is not designed to be used that way produces results that are regarded as limitations of the program. I for one enjoy the program and the ARA works for me. Others who don't bother to learn how to use the program and then experience results that don't match their exp
  13. Actually Ken, you've posted here the first time and apologized for your outbursts. Then returned exhibiting the same behavior and apologized again. The third time, you trashed the program and were so sanctimonious about a program behaving so badly as not worthy of being released. If that's your experience, I feel for you, but this is not your killing field to trash A4T. And your experience is not representative of the program's merits. Yet one can read your posts at other threads involving crashing your programs but your tone and attitude is very different, in fact, I would even call i
  14. Hello Guidof, Welcome to the thread. There's good news along the way, as you must be aware of by now. The threads re Recovery and this one are well documented with what is the cause and what is the solutions and how fast that can be fixed, and what to do to expedite the matter. So fear not, if you have already taken the steps to get this problem remedied by W4S, you soon have the RUR for your comparison. Best, Richard
  15. Hello Bill, Welcome back or is it your first time? I appreciate the balanced view you've taken. How right you are given the variety of components and the different technologies used or variances that for some allow the handshake and the connection and for others the welcome wagon is closed. I was impressed with how quickly EJ Sarmento realized what the issues were and how fast he arranged for a different board suitable for handshaking with some Dacs that differ in what works with the RUR's first and original board. I have one of those boards and needless to say, the RUR and my Wyr
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