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What the hell is going on?


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Does anyone experience multiple giant black rectangles with "Computer Audiophile" plastered across them, spread all over every page you open on this site? Some days worse (bigger, and more of) than others.

I have contacted admin but they did not see fit to reply.

It is driving me nuts and essentially renders the site inoperable. I'm about to give up.


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Hi handyman - Thanks for the information. I never received an email from you about this, so this is the first time I've heard of it happening.


I know exactly what's causing the issue, but it shouldn't be happening to people browsing the site in a normal fashion. I noticed many other sites were displaying the pictures from CA on their own pages via HTML code, thus using my bandwidth ($$$). So, I've implemented a feature that displays a CA logo whenever another site attempts to do this. The logo should only appear on other websites.


Can you attach a full screenshot of what you're seeing? Also, if you are using Safari you should click the Reset Safari option and I bet all will be fine.


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I encountered the same problem using Firefox 3.5.3, which is my default browser, but it did not occur when I switched to Explorer or Safari. I did not try it with Google Chrome.


I have to agree it was maddening as half the the screen would be covered with large "Computer Audiophile" logos inverted with black backgrounds and white lettering. Also some of the frames had the same problem, black background and white lettering.


I tried accessing the site again over the last couple of days using Firefox and now there is a different problem, albeit one I can live with much more readily, as the graphics do not appear at all.


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