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  1. If only that were true. USB, as how it is implemented in PC's relate to the mains PE. USB is a total mess.
  2. Very high, here. But I must admit I don't know the measure for a joint or two.
  3. I don't seem to have problems with this.
  4. ROKU is coming to the UK already, today or tomorrow. So better stay single ?
  5. Yes, because of the 2/3rd never will be met. So how many billion is this again ? The sad thing is that tomorrow he will blame Powell again for the S&P500 being so low. He is an idiot and a lunatic in one. Do we even realize how much money is involved in his new little plan ? This is nothing like 25% import taxes over 300 billion or whatever it is today and tomorrow. The freak is enormously dangerous with (t)his power. Maybe someone can help me reasoning how this little trick will work out. Example : Alibaba. A market cap of 433 B. So only that one. Will that ground Alibaba when this is just cut out ? Will it even stop all the transactions from China with the Western world ? Why is he even doing this, the US-China negotiations being due again for next month ? Is Trump now going short on these now specific stocks, ahead of his next week's announcement that he will think about it for another year (which won't last that) so he can go long on them the usual two days after ? Correct. He helps world economics completely down the drain. You are so right there.
  6. Hey, when are you guys finally get rid of this idiot ? White House Weighing Limits on U.S. Portfolio Flows into China - Bloomberg (Updated - September 27, 2019 11:45 AM EDT) Trump administration officials are discussing ways to limit U.S. investors' portfolio flows into China, according to Bloomberg, citing people familiar with internal deliberations. Among the options Trump is considering: delisting Chinese companies from U.S. Stock exchanges and limiting Americans' exposure to the China market through government pension funds. Exact mechanisms for this have not been worked out and any plan is subject to approval by President Trump, who has give the green light to the discussion, the report said. Officials are also examining how the U.S. could put limits on Chinese companies included in stock indexes.
  7. Frank, no, I don't think so. That would be the exact post I understand because it is just so. But you can't suffice with being that general anyway. Not after your other 1000+ posts no matter how hard you announce the "here I am again". Talk about sibilance in Agnetha's voice and how you get an orgasm at each track you hear her voice and that suddenly you're dry for several (remastered) albums. Talk about disappeared smiles. Dead birds in her eyes or whatever. Björn with a dagger. Make every day a new one, as long as what you tell is true because you really heard it. ABBA is happiness. It shouldn't be processed to death. Explain what it ever means. And know in advance that you better not even attempt. Try to make a point about this processing. *I* can't do it ... (although I should be able to) ... Refer to other similar experiences all with the same result. Dirac or something. Make yourself real. There's only one following you. Maybe that is not enough.
  8. Wrong start. Don't drag in friends. This is more delicate than you think.
  9. Hey Frank, I saw the happening a little differently; No matter I agree with you and can dive into your thinking, it didn't work really that you told the tracks did not satisfy you per the argument of by now 1000s of the same. That's why my suggestion to refer to the content explicitly. I know, you did later on, but it was already too late. So you rained on someone's xx-years effort parade by means of now your hourly ("magic") loop. It just does not work and you should stop being so negative. Old fart ... Stop that ever recurring story, for which people should be banned. I hope you recognize that you control this whole damn forum by means of your posts and how you post them. You managed to be right but to be unbelieved for ever. Not well done. Peter
  10. Alex, don't make a fool of yourself. You are not entitled to claim that. Stop your loop.
  11. It doesn't work like that. If I could prove that you listen to distortion, while I can also prove that I do not - incorporating that the majority of people listen to distortion "because". ... Wouldn't you say yourself that the question is strange, to say the least ? The difference could be that I don't claim/say this in each post the year round. Frank does. Frank, couldn't you stop for a month or so ? Try to stick to the newly posted uploads, listen to them and describe them in a way that people will be able to check and confirm or debunk. Don't make theory-only of it. Please stop posting about your unsurpassed methods. Try to be (for) real.
  12. I am pretty sure I have the LP somewhere too. I just listened through it, halfway. Couldn't find much wrong with it. If your "-6dB" version is representative for the base you used ... a totally different thing. But so poor and so stone cold (no bass at all) that it seems hard to imagine that this has been an official release from anywhere. I read about your 2000 collection source (if I got that right to begin with) and maybe I should look that up too, but why. The base (whatever that really means) is completely wrong. Of course I can send you the track if needed.
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