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  1. A great post. But may I ask, why did you want your own thread about Frank's Magics closed ? I find it hard to believe that you are serious with either. So are you ? If you are serious with at least this post a. you know that you'll now have all the silliness against you; b. you may also know that I tend to agree with Frank on all his posts / expressions. Ad b. If he had only expressed it one time only. Heads up, Frank. Go get them ! oh boy What about letting Frank finish his treatment. He can do that quite well on his own (talk
  2. And so interesting that it goes wrong in the exact same fashion right away. Another nick or another flag does not help. Banning for a week or so also did not help.
  3. Because you are getting errors ? that is your situation. It would have been a lot nicer if you'd said that you never heard a difference and that errors obviously are no reason for perceiving differences. That was the good response. Why invite for escalation ...
  4. As @Summit says. Just listen for yourself. No problems. Just sound difference. But also: Nothing about that as far as I can determine. Accuracy would imply "better". But it is nothing of the sort (that I can recognize). It is more "pinpointed" all right. More tack. More separated. More fast for sure. But is that better ? IME it is only a control which blends less. This is "better" up to any level you decide for yourself. Btw, I am now talking about one of the so many buffers, and this certainly does not count for all of them.
  5. Oh Joel, what a great Sunday morning story this is ! And as you can imagine, I feel part of your story a little. Followed by dozens of more emails, and then July 2018 you sent this : which, btw, you sent exactly on my birthday. I think back at that time you too wondered how to go about with your new wife (I forgot what you told about that, but at least I remember me wondering). It is so good to hear how this turned out - her moving -, apart from suddenly having this wonderful family. That depends on w
  6. We are at 3333 so there's no need to keep on repeating this. You can ignore me in advance.
  7. Which is far better than judging things they did not listen to.
  8. I referred to the ever repeated phrase of "you guys". You can count them in this thread. So that comes across as hand waving. I myself never refer(red) to such things as I live from research (which is literal). Please keep in mind: IOW, none of the things, except what I quoted from you, was addressed to you. It was addressed to all what happens in this thread and a lot of the forum which is easy to see (e.g., did you talk about the PRaT thing ? if not, then it wasn't addressed to you). For example, you (though in a mild for
  9. For a bit of balance: 100% agreed. But I think this is how it becomes important that more observations (preferably 100s) would lead to the same conclusion. What would be wrong-ish is that you just declared the RME ADI-2 Pro FS as a reference. Why ? I own one. It is no reference for me. Oh, for measurement figures perhaps. And hey, did I see talk about the Topping D50 ? measures great but I too say it sucks the life out of all. And I think I have read many more of these observations. It is not so easy. Talk about it as adults (with you as
  10. I don't see much how anyone, self-acclaimed objectivist, can be interested in what any two or 200 person's listening experiences are because you set your mind in advance to what can and what can not be. It is supported by well-documented etc. stuff, so why would you care. I say: you don't care at all (this is not personal-addressed btw, but you could help working this out). So ... So IMHO all you do is going against otherwise (for decades and beyond) very well recognized audiophile terms and experiences and indeed spoil the fun of those who are sure they hear the phenomenon in
  11. Roberto - what a great description. Maybe it is especially great because it would be my own description of all these elements, which I sure did not write that anywhere. I should add (for once) that you and your band create such exceptionally good quality recordings, that anyone should trust your description(s) for that reason alone. Roch, your description just matches that, but possibly Roberto won't let you in in his band for this reason. ;-) Larry, yes, your description is highly appreciated, as always. I hope you pulled the red wire from the correct side of the cable
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