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  1. You are mean ! But no. I don't think that will change. It is not food. Although ... some people seem to eat them ?
  2. Hey John, Of course I like to have a constructive contribution here. But well, if telling it is all over wrong is that, then hopefully it is ... that. Raining on your parade ... (but it hopefully helps anyway) ... I listened to the Bread's V6 FLAC (only those). I don't know where you took that from, but there is no dynamics to be seen anywhere. Oh, good for others would be to tell what the "original album" is. There is of course nothing original about that to begin with - it is this "The Best of" : The balance is all over wrong or strange. It is processed (OK, it is, but it shows). Gives me the creeps, no matter how short the tracks. It is just wrong. Sorry. There's also a balance thing in the dynamics itself like drum hits not being in balance of what you'd expect for them for loudness. But this includes frequency ranges as far as I can tell. At the start of the 2nd track within 10 seconds my wife asked me what I had done because it sounded so cold and harsh. The S'es are too profound. You mentioned sibilance - I think I heard that profoundly in one of the tracks only (I forgot which). But sibilance in a flangering way (top end). It sounds heavy and inside out (phase stuff). If I heard right it draws a little to the right side (all 4 of them). If you don't recognize that, then it's me. I wouldn't know what't wrong with this original (collection), but I'm sure you are hearing something. The dealbreaker for you could be my ultra fast system (from head to tail). Maybe there's some help in my recommendation that you should not put up MP3's in the first place. I mean, the fact that you thing this is comparable, speaks. I am not saying it is so much worse, but I can pick them blindly - always. What you (Dolby) do to it should not be influenced by this. But the fact that you do it anyway, makes me things that you don't hear everything yourself (matter of having the experience and references, like you yourself with Dolby, OK ?). Think carefully about this all; you know I carry a warm heart for you. Peter PS: The main worry should be the LP-like dynamics. You won't get over that IMO.
  3. Their first album and the very first LP I bought. Power Chords ...
  4. Hi Ray, thank you very much. Well, it isn't so much about ordering at 2.15pm, but merely that it was shipped maybe 10 minutes later. We turned packing into a gym, so yours could just make it - UPS being on its way. The mere fun is that we liked to do it, while you now actually respond to it. I will pass the word. Peter
  5. Too difficult for my Dutch. Can't this be moved to the non-sense thread ? from there I will get it (but won't click).
  6. Alex, 100%. Really 100%. But I keep on pushing.
  7. Frank, cables can't make a difference whatsoever. Don't you know ?
  8. I have never said anything of the kind. Never. Can you now, please, finally stop mixing up your ideas about audible differences in the exact same files, with differences I (and Mani for that sake) incur for by different playback means ? Maybe write it on a wall somewhere so you won't forget ? Kind regards, Peter
  9. In case Soothsayerman left the building : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_model
  10. Nice that you ask. But there is nothing much to do if not first some heavy moderation turns around what ever back was OK. And moderation is unwanted in this group. I suppose you know because you too are around for some longer. What would help IMHO, is to moderate those who are in my view no audiophiles at all, but are in it for some technical merit (this is half-OK) and ranting (not OK) plus bashing upon those of whom they know will have less knowledge. Let's remember that this is about going off topic only - not really about a group who explicitly molest the hobby of others (with the notice that I myself am fine as it is). So the sequence I was implying goes like this: OP: I like to know what the best sounding streamer is out there. Respondent#1: All Streamers sound the same. Respondent#2: Of course they don't. Respondent#1: Go back to school then. ABC is wildly known and has been deeply investigated (in 1961 whatever). OP: I just like to know from people what their opinion is. Respondent#1: Don't listen to #2 because he clearly knows nothing. Respondent#2: In 1961 ?? Respondent#3: Yeah, right before the Cray was created. Respondent#4: That was 2 decades later. Respondent#5: No, that was the starting of the PC era. OP: But ... So see, this goes off topic at post #2. Point is: it goes like this by standard now, and the whole lot does not make any sense any more. Maybe the owner is blind - maybe he just likes it. But anyway nothing is done about it. Back to square one would be: "and we don't want moderation". Moods have changed into right away jumping on anything that seems funny or feels good to say. I did that in your topic about the dermatologist (keeping away the digitally informed). It is the only thing to do here, lately ... (lately = maybe 5+ years already). Thus my response: there is nothing much to do if ... PS: I own a smaller audio forum myself. Zero off-topic in there. This was literally "created" so. And not difficult to maintain at all. It's sensed. Corrections per year ? maybe 1. And only serious audio addicts. I suppose that matters. No shouting anywhere. Most certainly not someone who feels he is the best. I would scoff people if I'd suggest that maybe the general level is lower, which could be so. But the audio level most certainly is higher. How come ... Well we like to learn from each other instead of teaching each other. So maybe the teaching is a great ingredient for going off topic ? Please mind the not-so-legit generalization I seem to apply. But a few out of line are able to molest for 99% of the remainder. It just works like that. And they know it (ouch).
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