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  1. Yes. My IQ is too low. I your AHI all right now ?
  2. As you did not say Thank You Peter, I think you are making a fool of yourself. Let's take a break and let your meds work-in or work-out.
  3. Yes, you are off track. And hopelessly lost with it.
  4. WTF ? I need a way better (off) translator to understand this in a positive sense.
  5. I am totally clueless as to what you want to tell me there. Maybe someone can translate it ?
  6. Hey John - the fact that something is for free, will not justify its being right or wrong. So when we're a bit into the real judgment of matters, you may now be able to try to digest more real life realities. So below is still not the last post I could not post day before yesterday because the post of KSTR (and mine) disappeared, but this one is I think relevant to the comments people have, like I just invested some time in collecting mine. Don't be angry about the below, but instead please try to reset a little and see the good intentions we all have. This should not derail because you d
  7. Hi John - Yes I did. This was 10 hours ago, so before you asked. To a small quarter of the ~80 demo tracks, but two times. :-) First the Decoded, then the RAW. I have two pages with remarks, per track one line. Mind you please, the 50 seconds is already too short to have a sufficient judgement and write something about it as well. This is how they (accidentally) appeared in the player (selection per DEC and later per RAW in the file name). Here you see me one way or an other writing down the title names : So this is DEC(oded) fi
  8. I wrote this yesterday. I'll let remain the introduction of a much larger post. It has become quite difficult to contribute to this thread - and John's work in general - in a fashion which is appreciated as constructive. The last time I tried was since attempts to really make something of this, last July/August. I held back for countless months in order to have some diplomacy in my post, a phenomenon I usually averse to. I think I was as neutral as I could be, but it did not work out. I appear to not understand, can not see the objectives, do not relate to the comple
  9. Here is a snippet of a larger post I created yesterday, in response to yours: @KSTR - in my view - deserves a little backup, although I am sure he can do without just the same. However, like me in the beginning, he spent a lot of time understanding what you are doing, John. But before I could post it, your post was deleted. I would not worry too much, as some try to protect John's work for a good cause. I feel that we can all be more open now, including John himself. All he wants is finishing his project. All he needs is listening to people like you. He recognizes
  10. So ... after this last post from John, another post from me disappeared. Edit: No, it didn't. But something's wrong with the forum now; Ctrl-F5 does NOT load the latest posts. Well, actually it does, but without my own new posts. The two posts above (from Paul and Frank) did not appear on this new page (33), while after making this very post they do and my own post on the previous post is back again. The one starting with
  11. John, John, John ... There are no attackers. How can there be, towards anyone who so enormously spent so much effort in squeezing out the best for everyone. And since you mentioned my name, why would I not be that attacker at not pressing "submit" at my PM from by now many hours ago. But I guess this is what happens when things are made inconsistent in an unnatural way (again my complaint about the removal of posts). So I repeat, ... Johan, John, John, ... Can't it suffice for you to know that you did your stinkin' best for the all of us ? ... just because I tell you ?
  12. No, not true at all. On a side note: Things got heavily out of context by now, with deleted posts and such and not posted posts which refer (and quote) deleted posts (including my own). I guess I can't keep on responding similar in an always changing slight context difference (me knowing what I read and wrote), so I will try to be brief now (if I ever can): Communicating as such includes plain listening to what people have to say. Or, what they deem impossible to happen (for measurements). Communicating is - I guess, also not scoffing even the slightest too much. T
  13. Aha, I see that someone is clearly tweaking the posts. This should not have happened. Why did I expect this ? Nice collaboration (not). And without the possibility of @KSTR'post being worked out, well, he is right. Sorry. John, you may ask Chris to put all back instead of asking to get rid of the things you don't like. This really did not help. Maybe I fell between tweaking jobs and with a wink of the eye all is back ... and I dreamt it.
  14. John, you may go too far with this. I hope you can show it and justify it. As far as I can see "this guy" tried his best at understanding your work, then you bashed at him (like you lately do in here no different) and next he worked out what your decoder does for net result (quite the same as I told you and what should not be). Lastly your thread was closed because of your "shouting" as it was called over there, but we can't see that because the posts have been removed. This leaves what we can see at this moment.
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