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  1. Hi Manuel - Just post your issues to the Phasure forum (with screenshots and all). We'll get you going ...
  2. Haha, I know. But you actually did not because all the software that explicitly deals with your topics, was skipped. I said "all" because there are several and they all sprung from XXHighEnd, so basically they "influence" the same. It is only that XXHighEnd does "more" of it. Similarly all is hardware related (which again can be influenced by software) and thus we can also think of hardware novelties or applications. I think all those working on the software I refer to (including me), add hardware products or tweaks to existing ones. So at some stage "we" start to grasp what is going on,
  3. Frank, I understand. And coincidentally I could really do that, assuming that a. I can measure distortion in the net analog domain with the cable involved; b. I incorporate people's findings on what sounds best. This now will include the subjective judgment of the majority (and average of) people, which is objectively (because of the statistics) will measure what distortion actually causes good sound. ... Which may net not work out as distortion to begin with (we just don't know how what influences which for the better). I know this will come across as vague a
  4. So what about the "now plays one octave lower" ? a. you hear people claim this often; b. I claim it myself often; c. I perceive it myself, but some times don't understand because the woofers don't show it (don't feel like it); d. The other half of times the woofers DO show it. Ad d. I always dedicated that to better pure "sine" representation of the low frequencies. But meanwhile I could not believe that for real. What is far more plausible is that those higher "beating" frequencies are more pure (say in a new cable - haha) and that THAT expresses electroni
  5. Wow. I did not read it all through yet (Oblique, yes), but if you don't have a hunch of "beats" then you wouldn't have an explanation. I now readily do ... (OK, as an option). I need to emphasize again that I personally never thought that the pure sines would be so important, because it works anyway. But somehow there's also the technical level so a microphone would catch it ? This is crazy (but already accepted by me as truth).
  6. Great stuff ! Notice that in there I complain myself about these new modern synths (4K euros pp) that they could not produce pure sines for the purpose. So yeah. Otherwise what's the most clearly audible (based on thus mangled sines) was not visible in the FFT at all. So, same results. I never tried to prove the beating with real sines (like you apparently did !) but for which I also not has a real urge, because ... well, it works out anyway (and from there I come up with the brain thing). Because I am always working on improvements (this is really an on-going
  7. That is also why you will never get there. Hey, a datasheet is not a commercial program by for example me. It is data which can be held against real figures found, and if not correct, lawsuits follow. A datasheet is legal business.
  8. @bluesman, here's a post from my own small "study" regarding this : Re: My definition of Ambience. I hope you like it a little.
  9. @tore, Please notice that this really requires breaking in, as you will be changing the signal "wire" per this change compared to the config the Blaxius^2 is shipped with. Or better: The current flowed over 3 shields, while as per this change it will flow over one shield only (the White). I really can hear it improving day by day so far.
  10. Yes Frank, at 1% or so distortion. Look at the datasheet. Guess how I achieve 0.004% (THD+N) at full gain with the same chip. Look at the datasheet again. Now I know why you don't like under 100Hz. You are afraid that your distortion will be overwhelmed ! haha
  11. Ehh ... I thought that the fundamental is "reinforced" (generated) in your brain ... You brain knows it should be there. (now Frank has even more argument for not needing speakers under 100Hz )
  12. Hi tore, This story is longer (I should write in in the Phasure forum) but for now this will do: A:B-W, B:B-W Regards, Peter
  13. Wait ... I did not talk to anyone about Knock Out, was I ? Only three days ago I played it myself with a changed config on my Blaxius^2 and in combination with the Lush^3 it indeed was a Knock Out. Wow. I never heard it like that before. Anyway, pure coincidence I guess. ... Nah ... I was talking about Antolini somewhere. But I forgot where it was ... Thank you Roch !! Peter
  14. Am I ? So not Roon's fault at all.
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