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  1. Thank you. that was helpful as what you say makes sense but I wouldn't have thought of it.
  2. Chris, I am at the final stages of doing my research to build a server on which to run Roon Server/HQPlayer. I was planning to use a Linux OS but may opt for Windows Server 2012 R2 if the Roon Linux version is delayed. I am strongly leaning toward building a C.A.P.S. Cortes headless server. Since you are running a Cortes server, have you tried running Roon Server/HQPlayer on it and if you have do you have any recommendations or advice? Also, would you make any changes at this point to the Cortes hardware if you were to build one at this point in time?
  3. I would like to hear your thoughts as to why the linear power supply had minimal impact but the isolation transformer had much more.
  4. Chris, Nice to see a list of products that truly merit consideration and aren't just a placeholder from year to year. btw, I am not sure if it is me or your link, but the link to purchase doesn't work.
  5. Chris, I echo Ted's comments above. I am especially looking forward to seeing the specs of the Carbon and Zuma as either will make a great Christmas project.
  6. Chris, Do you have any sort of ETA yet for C.A.P.S. v3? or is it still premature to project? James
  7. gkoones, you accuse others of insults, yet you disparage someone else's product with little to no knowledge of the effort, cost and components involved in the development of the product. Further, as PeterST has said on a couple of occasions his development of this product is more focused on the pursuit of sonic excellence than it is a commercial endeavor. If you have questions about the product or the components involved, ask them. However, if you simply are making inflammatory comments for the purpose of provoking a response on this forum, do us all a favor and keep them to yourself.
  8. Peter, Can you fill us in on the details of the 8 channel version? Will it allow you to implement an active crossover within the DAC like a Metric Halo Lio-8?
  9. Thank you for the links on the amplifier chassis. I am still amazed at the careful thought, planning, development and integration of your system. Well done.
  10. Arthur, Visited your blog today. I thoroughly enjoyed the write-up on your system. I was and remain very impressed. Very well organized, very thorough and very helpful. I was curious where you obtained your amp cases. I also noticed that a couple of sections remain to be completed. Are you planning on doing so? Again, thank you for sharing.
  11. Both products look really interesting. At first glance the multi-platform organizer looks like it will have much of the functionality that iTunes should have and has the potential to address many of its shortcomings.
  12. Great review, I really the way you stated your impressions and reactions to each room along with the pictures. I echo many of your sentiments. I also thought in I would fill in the gaps regarding the LSA room as I also thought it was great sound for great value. They were running the LSA speakers, LSA amp and Exemplar (John Tucker is the designer of both) modded Oppo BDP-83 player and cables.
  13. After looking at the options on the Netgear website, the most likely choice would be the Ultra 4 or the Ultra 6 depending on one's storage requirements and usage. However, is there a particular version of the Netgear ReadyNAS products that you would recommend?
  14. @barrows, what are the difference and the advantages/disadvantages of the Power Plant Premier and the older PS-1000?
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