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Any Computer Audiophiles in NYC?

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Sounds like a great idea. Would welcome meeting local members and perhaps hosting too! I'm in midtown.




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I am much too far but if I was anywhere near by I would definitely take you up on the offer to have a listen to that wonderful system.

Well really anytime, just drop me a line if you're in town.

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We have 70s today, sigh! I'll take you up on the offer + 1 if I can be closer to NY. Juno is serious. This weather channel reporter has to pull in some math equation to convince me that Juno is a Ph.D. level work. Good luck on you all under the storm.



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Hi Miguelito. I live just outside NYC. If you (or anyone else) have any interest I belong to two Audio Clubs. One is New Jersey Audio Society and the other is The Audiophile Society. The later is based in NY but has members from the NJ/NY area. The former is based in NJ but also draws from around the area. They both have formal monthly meetings and Club members meet on their own as well. As an example of meetings: 1) Some Audio manufactures have hosted us or brought equipment to a meeting for demo. 2) Some Audio stores have done the same. 3) Members act as meeting hosts. 4) There are numerous other types to many to mention.

If either you or anyone else has any interest PM me and I will give you the contact info.


Cheers, Al.

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Well really anytime, just drop me a line if you're in town.


There are tons of such people, including Bob V., who you know. There is ALrainbow and Myles Astor off the top of my head. Gopher and Berto in Long Island who are just getting into comp audio. Shawn Fox and Andy Miles who work in Manhatten.


PM me your details and I will pass it on to them .


Pity I am not there as I would take up your invit. in a heartbeat. I know your system ROCKS.


Maybe next time I visit the Apple...


Keep warm!

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