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  1. new_media

    For the One Percenter Stoners

    What, you don't want a $700 pair of blue jeans?
  2. new_media

    A Comparison of SACD vs MQA In Physical Format

    I went to the label website to see if I could find some information about the provenance of this album. Looks like it was recorded, mixed and mastered in 24/96 PCM. http://evosound.com/audiophile I assume that means that the SACD is a PCM to DSD transcode, rendering this comparison essentially meaningless.
  3. new_media

    A Comparison of SACD vs MQA In Physical Format

    A lossy format “could conceivably be the pinnacle of digital music.” Kill me now.
  4. new_media

    MQA is Vaporware

    I don’t think any streaming service is using 128 kbps MP3 at this point. Even the free Spotify tier is 160 kbps OGG. At any rate, 2L isn’t replacing their lossy streams with MQA, just the lossless ones.
  5. new_media

    MQA is Vaporware

    I bet there are lots of dealers out there who want all of their customers to upgrade to MQA-capable DACs. My local dealer is really a vinyl guy. He sells Brooklyn DACs and I think their ads mention it as a feature, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard him mention MQA in person.
  6. new_media

    I use mostly Apple products

    Well, I successfully migrated my iTunes library and the Roon Core and Database to the Synology DS218+. I upgraded the Synology's RAM to 6 GB with a Crucial 4 GB SODIMM, installed two 6 TB Seagate IronWolf 7200 RPM drives, and connected a SanDisk Extreme SSD via USB for the Roon Database. Roon is actually pretty snappy with this configuration. I think it's actually faster than when I was running the Roon Core on my iMac, and I certainly like the fact that I can stream my library to different zones without the iMac even being on.
  7. new_media

    Qobuz streaming MQA CD's?

    As does Onkyo Music, and they are selling them as true hi-res.
  8. new_media

    Big changes coming my way.

    But she never has to deal with insurance pre-authorizations or patient satisfaction scores.
  9. new_media

    Big changes coming my way.

    Congratulations! I hear the Cayenne Turbo makes a nice family car.
  10. new_media

    Album sort on CarPlay and iPhone

    If you scroll rapidly, CarPlay will scroll through letters of the alphabet instead of individual artists, just like on the old scroll wheel iPod. I can navigate to a Weezer album pretty quickly that way.
  11. new_media

    DAP Recommendations

    Yeah, I filed a police report, but I haven't heard anything so far. Luckily, I had my iPad with me when they grabbed my bag, but I also lost a DragonFly Red and a bunch of Apple cables/adapters/chargers. Those things are not cheap to replace!
  12. new_media

    DAP Recommendations

    I lost a Pono in a car break-in about a month ago. I ended up just buying another Pono on eBay because I couldn't find anything else in that price range with balanced output. I thought pretty hard about the Sony NWZX300/S Walkman, but decided against it at twice the price. I wonder what the thieves think of the Pono. I imagine it's probably at a pawn shop or on Craig's list or something.
  13. new_media

    What's the consensus on ethernet cables?

    Interesting read. I am using the Monster Cat 5e cables that my local Ace Hardware store sells. The package claims that it meets EIA/TIA T568 A/B standards and that is is certified up to 350mhz.
  14. new_media

    Off grid music room

    I think that's photovoltaic solar cells and metal-hydride heat energy storage.
  15. new_media

    What's the consensus on ethernet cables?

    I friend of mine from high school was a Navy electrician until they discovered he was color blind.