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  1. My understanding was more that they canceled it because they couldn't get it to consistently charge a phone, watch, and AirPods all at the same time. Rumor is that they are still working on it, though. If Steve were still around, there would have been daily beatings of the engineering team until they got it to work. The latest rumors that I have heard are that the iPhone 12 will still have a Lightning connector. There is some speculation that future models will not be truly portless, but rather will have a "smart connector" similar to the connection between an iPad and its keyboard. Whether such a connector would be able to carry power or have a data transfer rate comparable to Lighting or USB-C I do not know.
  2. Followed by: ...assuming it becomes available in about 2 minutes.
  3. Everything up through 24/96 can be synced onto an iPhone or iPad using iTunes and will play back at native resolution through the DragonFly. iTunes will not transfer 24/192 and above to the iPhone, so I have to sideload those files into the Onkyo app.
  4. I keep all of my files at their native sampling frequency and bit depth, converting to ALAC with either XLD or Max. I've never had a problem with iTunes or my iPhone playing back high-res files. They are automatically downsampled when I use CarPlay; I assume a limitation of the car's DAC.
  5. I personally use ALAC, but a lot of people will also recommend AIFF. It's a non-compressed format and just as taggable/compatible as ALAC. I use ALAC on an old iPhone to playback lossless over CarPlay and with the Onkyo HF Player app and a DragonFly Red for portable listening.
  6. A man walks into a crowded bar, takes a seat right in front of the bartender, and loudly exclaims, "Anyone want to hear a blonde joke?" Almost before he can finish his question, a rather large female bouncer walks up behind him and says, "Before you tell that joke, I want you to know that I'm a former SWAT officer. I'm 5'10" and weigh 180 lbs., and I'm a blonde." Pointing, she continues, "My friend at that end of the bar was a Marine. She's done 3 combat tours and has 15 confirmed kills. She's 5'11", weighs 185 lbs., and she's a blonde. And at the other end of the bar, my friend is a mixed martial artist who has won 30 matches by knockout or submission. She's 6'1", weighs 200 lbs., and she's a blonde. Now, are you sure you want to tell that joke?" "God, no." the man replies, "I wouldn't want to try to explain it 3 times."
  7. The year is 2029 and the first female President-elect of the United States is a former three-term congresswoman from Indiana. She sends a senior campaign staffer to escort her parents, who are well into their 80's, to the inauguration. At first her parents decline, stating that it is too far of a trip at their age and really just too much trouble, but they acquiesce when the President herself speaks to her father on the phone and insists, explaining that she has arranged for a private jet, a limousine, and a luxury suite for their trip. At the inaugural dinner, the President is seated at the end of the head table, while her parents are seated near the middle next to a senior Senator. The President's father turns to the Senator and, pointing to his daughter, asks, "Do you see that little girl down there?" The Senator smiles at her father knowingly, and replies, "Yes sir, I do." Beaming with pride, her father states, "Well, I want you to know that her brother played basketball for Indiana University."
  8. Tsk. No self-respecting redneck would risk damaging his truck.
  9. I would use a WAV editor to check the peak dB of the ripped files. Assuming they are significantly below 0, you can normalize to a peak dB of 0 without losing dynamics or causing distortion. I would rip the CD in XLD using the BIN+CUE format so that you are normalizing the entire CD at once, then you can use the CUE file to split into individual tracks after normalizing.
  10. Onkyo Music is shutting down on October 6. One of the few places in the US to download MQA tracks. RIP
  11. I'm just trying to figure out how someone would know he had been banned from a site he has never visited.
  12. My NAS is in a RAID 1 configuration and I also backup to 2 external drives periodically. I just bought a new 5 TB drive to backup to this past weekend. Takes about 7 hours to do a full backup of my library.
  13. Of course no mention of the fact that you don't get full CD resolution from a regular CD player. I will never buy an MQA CD.
  14. Microsoft paid Liquid Audio $7M for their DRM patents in 2002, but perhaps they didn't actually use Liquid Audio's technology in their own products.
  15. iTunes tracks with DRM should still work after being moved to new computer. You just have to authorize iTunes with the account you originally purchased them with.
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