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  1. I have a couple of 3 TB USB-3 drive I use to backup my library. No need to use an SSD just for backup purposes, at least until the price comes down.
  2. Hmmm... I would try converting the ALAC back to AIFF using XLD or something similar. If the new AIFF won't play, then maybe the file size really is the problem. If it does play, then perhaps there is something wrong with the file header created by DVD-Audio Extractor. ETA: Aye, you just beat me to it.
  3. I would guess Netflix is the #1 reason customers want high speed internet.
  4. I actually hadn't thought of stream ripping. I will confess that I have "saved" a few tracks from SoundCloud that simply aren't available for purchase anywhere.
  5. I have to wonder how much of a problem piracy even is anymore. Why bother downloading pirated files when you can listen to anything and everything on the free Spotify tier? I'm sure the RIAA still tracks data on it but I haven't seen them publicize it recently. I think at this point music sales is mostly competing with streaming. The labels can only charge so much for a CD or a download before customers will just give up and stream everything.
  6. I use MakeMKV to save a decrypted backup of the blu-ray and then DVD-Audio Extractor to rip AIFF files from the backup. The files have never given me problems in iTunes or Roon. None are over a GB, though, that I can think of. I would use XLD to convert to ALAC and see if iTunes will play it.
  7. I would say that my Apple fandom peaked with the old scroll-wheel iPods. They haven't really had an exciting product IMHO since the first iPad was introduced. I have no interest in any of these subscription services, but that seems to be the way the world is going with just about everything, including productivity software. The credit card is just a credit card. I'll stick with my Southwest miles, thanks.
  8. I have noticed that 7digital hasn't updated their home page with new releases in several weeks, and I wondered whether they were in dire straits financially. They are still adding new releases every week. It would be a shame to lose them. They are one of few online shops that offers redbook and hi-res, and their prices usually beat HDtracks and are competitive with Qobuz. 7digital runs the back-end of OnkyoMusic.com (which is still update regularly), so they do obviously have some existing relationship with the MQA cabal.
  9. Not sure when they started, but apparently ProStudioMasters has joined Onkyo Music in offering MQA alongside lossless hi-res. Would love to see some comparative sales figures on that. https://www.prostudiomasters.com/album/page/31855
  10. I think this must be geographical. The website is now telling me that the cheapest 21" model will be available for pickup tomorrow, but every other configuration is still showing "pickup is currently unavailable." I'll just keep an eye on it over the next week.
  11. I'm going to grab a 6-core iMac as soon as they have them available for store pick-up. Too much trouble to try to be home for delivery. I called the local Apple store and they should have them in stock next Friday.
  12. My first CD was Substance by New Order. Still have it and it still sounds pretty good. ツ
  13. This reminds me of an old adage from my Air Force days... When you are promoted to Major, they take away your voice. When you are promoted to Lt. Colonel, they take away your brain. When you are promoted to Colonel, they give you back your voice.
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