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  1. It seems like about a month or 2 if ordered today. I hear they are ramping up now.
  2. 48mhz clock good for "OTHER DSD", ie 6.1mz vs 5.6mhz versions of DSD128. DSD also has 2 clock families, though the 48 family is a lot less common.
  3. I found the Yggy DRY (needed a glass of water during the 2 separate listening sessions, LoL), but other pals love it. Go figure. It could be the ultra-neutral setup I heard it in??
  4. Careful, MSB has recently upsgraded FW on their Dacs, plus implemented special RBCD filters and new optimised USB cards. This is not your Father's MSB anymore!! I was ho-hum about the Select 1, but the Select II is a RADICALLY different animal. However, taste and synergy does matter. I heard the Yggy a couple times ina very neutral purpose built audiophile room and found the sound very DRY! Sahara dry, not Canada Dry...LoL. Dont like it at all, but another pal with a more modest system loves it and invited me to come listen again in his system and I will take him up on i
  5. Dani, the ProLogos is a $70k system and very dynamic. It converts all to 24/96 and is a powerhouse of an implementation. However, my track is an exceptional vinyl rip to DSD128 and I could bet my eye teeth that they Kii would be beaten. There is something to the midrange for jazz vocals with an analog sourced DSD128 transfer. No pcm conversion will touch it! It is well withing the sweetspot of high rate DSD...playing to its strength If you get a chance, check it out directly. PM me so I can tell you about sourcing.
  6. For me it is Dac bal to Preamp fully bal to Amp fully balanced. There are a lot of FALSE balanced gear that accept the plugs but are not truly differentially balanced internally.
  7. Wonderful. I am hoping you enjoy fully....or as they say in my part of the world...FULLJOY! LoL
  8. Dani, I am impressed with Goldmund and Kef active tech. Have not heard the Kiis yet...HOWEVER, I have a vinyl rip dem track recorded in DSD512 and the active guys convert to PCM for playback and the midrange magic is lost. Its very very good, but no longer magical. On percussive stuff the actives eat up the material, but there are certain genres where they lost to a high quality high rate DSD playback. Palpability is the best descriptor of what is lot. I guess it means that nothing is perfect....but I love my personal compromise and I too have no Dac chip in my converter and I have 3 engin
  9. If you have multiple inputs and engines, the vol control also acts as a remote input switch. Very convenient to swich from R2R to DSD512 engine and also between SPDIF and USB and analog pass thru.
  10. If your system is not TOTALLY fully balanced, I would go with the SE version. If it is, then I would do DSD only as you say.
  11. If it was a 6hr missed cutoff, it would just be better to give the guy a free upgrade and stop all the needless and distracting banter here. No need to be overly rigid!
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