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    Larry, in case you are not aware the upcoming iFi DAC does not accept DSD1024. It accepts up to DSD512 and can upsample that rate and all other lower (PCM/DSD) rates to DSD1024 if one choices to. Still very interesting. But I think that the icing on the cake is that you can also choose to use a “bitperfect” filter as one of the digital filter choices which is no filter. So use HQ Player to upsample all files to DSD512 and then use the iFi DAC to upsample to DSD1024 using its bitperfect filter (which is no digital filter). Another interesting feature is you can use an external clock with it. Best, Al.
  2. FYI. The Sound Galleries SGM2015 Server has just received the the prestigious 2017 Brutus Award from Positive Feedback! ?????
  3. I just tried these under my DAC and can highly recommend them. I had an audio buddy over at the time and we both had very low expectations. I was trying them because another friend was so impressed by them he decided to use them on all of his equipment that he manufactures (he designs and builds audio equipment). We both were surprised at how much they improved what we were playing. This is vs another highly regarded footer. Hope this helps.
  4. Peter, I am having trouble getting the image of the chart you posted to be large enough to read and still be clear. Is there a way for you to post it for download in a larger format? Or is it already somewhere that I can access? It would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Al.
  5. I believe the amps are the Veritas model by Merrill Audio http://www.merrillaudio.net/#/?_k=kbrqkg I know Merrill from one of the Audio Clubs here in the NJ/NY/PA metro area. The amp is based on the Hypex NCore tech. IMHO they are very competitive with anything near their price and above. I and others have also found that they will drive about any type speaker you use them with. They are revealing so any weak links in your system will be revealed. But they are NOT your typical class D. As a matter check out the new review of them on Positive Feedback, by a guy who does not particularly use class D. I had been going from amp to amp till I put the Veritas in my system and have got off that train. I am not saying it is the ultimate but...it come close especially for its price. And for me not having a VERY heavy AND hot amp to deal with was also important. Been there, done that. If someone did not care about heat and weight then I would recommend they check out the Pass Labs amps. But I only liked his Class A only amps, so very heavy and very expensive for how many watts you get. I hope that helped. PS I have no financial affiliation with Merrill. And he is very helpful so if you have any questions give him a call.
  6. You are talking about a different show that was cancelled. The LA Audio Show was held in June.
  7. Hi Larry. What you posted is very interesting. I have a Lush and have been putting some hours on it before I post my impressions vs some other highly regarded USB cables I have used (some I still have). However what you did intrigues me and would like to give it a try so would you be willing to post a photo or two to show how you did this. It would be greatly appreciated. TIA, Al.
  8. Just a heads up FYI. If I am not mistaken, PayPal should be willing to refund your overpayment. You just need to file a dispute with PayPal over this and they will do an investigation. Once they finish it, if they concur with your side of the facts then they will issue a permanent refund. In some cases they will issue a temporary refund till the final resolution. There is a time limit on how much time can pass before a dispute is filed so this may not help you this time. I hope this helps.
  9. Barry, would you also try the Lush alone with all else removed. Then add back one item at a time to the chain. Of course the ISO Regen once you get it is another story. TIA.
  10. Again, I am NOT defending them at all. Please DO NOT put words in my mouth. I am just putting things in context. They obviously made mistakes and hurt some of the people. I am just pointing out that not everyone got hurt and that LH has more than one company/division and that from what I understand still conducts business. In my opinion they should try and make it right. Also your comparison to Madoff is beyond insulting to me. Where I come from your word is your bond. I have no use for people like him.
  11. Alex, still doesn't mean that they are not two divisions. There are plenty of companies that use common offices and main phone numbers but run separate divisions and/or companies. But my main point is that buying anything from a crowd funding site is a total gamble. Do I feel bad for everyone that lost money, of course. And do I think that LH should have been more forthcoming and realistic about what they could deliver, of course. I personally know people that lost money with them but I also personally know others that got what they paid for.
  12. I have used several brands and while most made a positive and subtle improvement a few made a positive AND NOT so subtle improvement. IMHO the Stillpoints made the most improvement. They work best (except speakers) not attached and you need to try a variety of placements under the component to find the best spots for the best improvement. Though they can be attached as they are with my Veritas Amps, they come with standard. I HIGHLY recommend that one use them with the Ikea bamboo butcher blocks, check my sig. But there is a new product by IsoAcoustics that I hear is a BIG improvement on the competition. Here is the link http://www.isoacoustics.com/products/gaia-series/gaia-i/ They come in three sizes and are for under speakers. But an audio buddy who manufactures equipment said it is his understanding that they can also be used under equipment. I plan on contacting them and confirming it. I am also very interested in giving them a try. Hope this helped.
  13. Just a FYI. I know of a recent buyer of a LH top of the line DAC from a dealer who had it sent in for the latest upgrades. It is my understanding that he will have the upgraded version back in a few days or so after about two months of upgrades. I am not sure if some people understand that LH has TWO seperate divisions/companies. One is their original which is kind of like what most other companies are like (this where his DAC is from). The other one is the one most of the posters here seem to have a problem with. That is the one using crowd funding. I myself was tempted from time to time with some of the different ones online but I also knew that it was a GAMBLE that I would ever see the finished product or that it would be like it was advertised. You must understand that these have no PROMISE of delivering a PAID for product. At least that is my understanding. AND I am NO WAY DEFENDING ANY OF THE CROWD FUNDING SITES. Just trying to help explain. Again I have no affiliation with LH and I am just adding to the info. I hope this helps. PS I will try and keep everyone posted of the outcome.
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