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I'm selling my absolutely mint Metric Halo LIO8 for: $2600 plus actual shipping cost & 3% Paypal fees. I've had it for a 1 1/2 years but it hasn't seen much use in the last year as I'm also the owner of a Phasure NOS1. I thought I'd use it in a secondary system but I really could use the funds for other components. It was, like I said used sparingly in a non-smoking home and I have all the original materials and box. It's a beautiful sounding unit with easy setup on Mac and has unbelievable flexibility.

I can forward anyone interested photos or any other details you might like. I would also consider selling my tweaked 2010 Mac mini with it, but I'm not looking to sell it separately.


Todd N.

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Nsxturbo, do have an Acura NSX? This would be amazing, as I have one - a 2004 mint, unmodified model. And a Phasure NOS1 too!



Phasure Mach III audio PC -> HQPlayer/XXHighEnd @24/705.6 -> Phasure NOS1 DAC -> First Watt F5-cloned mono amps -> Tune Audio Anima horn speakers

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Hi Mani,


You bet! A 91 red beauty, turbo'd of course. I've seen your beautiful 2004 blue NSX on the Phasure forums.

In this case I beat you to the punch in owning such a gem, but it was your recommendation that led to the NOS1! I've been a very happy owner for about a year now. Of course as you know even happier with the recent new software release. I've been patiently waiting for your comments once you get Miska's HQ Player interfaced with the NOS1 and how it compares to your DSD converters. I've got quite a few DSD ISO's burned from my SACD's using my PS3 and have enjoyed them as PCM conversions played through the NOS1 and have been toying with getting a separate DSD DAC. But I would love to hear you say, the NOS1 with HQ Player does a great job! Hope you get those WASAPI services issues sorted out soon.

Anyway enjoy both your audio and automotive passions and I'll stay tuned!



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