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  1. Not sure who 'mandisher' is, but... To be clear, using HQPlayer on both PCs (with identical HQP settings), the Extreme would be my preference, quite easily. But my DAC is particular, and XXHighEnd is really required to get the best out of it. Given a choice between the Extreme/HQPlayer and the Mach III/XXHE, I would take the latter... for my DAC. Mani.
  2. Hi Rajiv, yes it is. Yes, PCM-to-PCM. Perhaps I should have qualified things a bit. The Phasure DAC is a quirky beast. No upsampling/digital filter. No delta-sigma modulator. But capable of accepting 768k, so perfect for HQPlayer, and of course, XXHighEnd. Best performance is achieved using Kernel Streaming - that's what all the XXHE users use. WASAPI works too, but ASIO is a no go. So using HQPlayer NAA is out. This no doubt limited what I could get to work with HQPlayer. Closed-form-M worked fine, but sinc-M wouldn't. (Interestingly, the Mach III
  3. Hi Matt, I suspect it'd be strongly discouraged because XXHE imposes its own rather 'strong will' on the OS. In its 'Unattended' mode, it grabs the music files, stores them in RAM, shuts down as much of the OS as possible (including the screen), and starts playback purely from memory. Furthermore, most XXHE users run the whole OS in RAM, with no SSDs or HDDs at all connected to the mobo. And in any event, the Extreme sounds mighty fine without the need of XXHE! Mani.
  4. Oh, and a massive thanks to Emile too who spent quite a while with me getting things set up as well as possible with my quirky DAC. Mani.
  5. Firstly, a massive thanks to Paul at Lounge Hifi (UK dealer) and Tim at Kog Audio (UK distributor) for arranging a home demo of the Extreme for me. I was expecting to get a few hours or so with the Extreme, but had it for pretty much a whole week. Awesome service! Right from the off, it was clear that the Extreme was like no other computer audio front end I had heard up to that point. It’s always hard trying to describe what one hears, but in the Extreme’s case, there are two things in particular. The first is a real ‘solidity’ to the sound, something I’d never suspected I was miss
  6. Yes, my Phasure has a 5120 14/28 CPU. More on the Extreme to follow... Mani.
  7. It wasn't really the intention, but I think it's inevitable that I'd be comparing the Extreme with what I already have. No, I don't have any DIY builds here worth writing home about. I stopped trying as soon as I received my first Phasure Mach II (which I still have), let alone the Mach III. Having both the Phasure and Taiko here, it's clear that I couldn't get anywhere near the performance of guys who actually know what they're doing. (What is it about The Netherlands and music server know-how?) Mani.
  8. I have a gorgeous Taiko Extreme in the house, on kind loan from the UK distributor, Kog Audio. I'll share my experiences here shortly... Mani.
  9. I don't think so. It's not in my nature to cause a stir 😉. FWIW, I had a Matrix Audio Element X here for a couple of months earlier this year, with a view to buying it for streaming in my office system. Taking my own measurements, it measured better than the Phasure DAC I had in my office at the time - substantially lower THD and noise floor. But it didn't sound anywhere near as good to my ears - washed out and flat in comparison to the Phasure. So it went back to the dealer for a full refund. (I still changed the Phasure though... but for one of my old turntables. It's
  10. Talking of Benchmark, the current DAC3 measures well below the threshold of audibily, if 'objectivists' are to be believed. And yet there are a whole bunch of people over at ASR who can't wait for the DAC4 to be released. I suppose Chris's question would be, why? Mani.
  11. If I could upvote this 1000 times, I would. Mani.
  12. McGilchrist is cited as one of the debunkers. "When people object that each hemisphere is involved in everything we do, they are right. When they assume that means there are no differences, they are wrong. It is not what each hemisphere does, but how it does it that matters." - McGilchrist. In any event, I'm finding 'The Master and HIs Emissary' a fascinating read. Mani.
  13. Two different things here. Chris is refering to my calling the original Yggdrasil out on it's sound when I had it here for a few weeks. I looked into why it sounded the way it did, and discovered that others had measured a crossover glitch. Schiit claimed that the glitch was below the threshold of audiblity (of relevance to this thread), but later corrected it nevertheless. David is refering to the ABX test I was involved with in the 'red/blue pill' thread. Mani.
  14. Hey Jud, when I conducted the ABX test with Mans, each sample lasted for about 15 seconds. There was then a 5-10 second delay before the next sample started. The whole 10x ABX took around 15 minutes to undertake. In the ABX, I was primarily picking up an ever-so-slight edginess in the piano in one and not in the other sample (both bit-identical to each other). By the end of the ABX, I was totally exhausted (having conducted a couple of non-ABX tests beforehand too). The experience was absolutely nothing like listening to music for pleasure. I suspect
  15. From another thread: Yep. The two inputs were measured as being bit-identical. There seemed to be no consistent differences in the analogue outputs (admittedly with a non-SOTA ADC it transpired)... and yet... I could hear a difference. Is it that our threshold of audibility is below the level to which we can measure THD/SINAD, etc., or... are we simply measuring the wrong things? Mani.
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