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  1. And yet, I can hear the differences even in my very far from quiet office. My ears are obviously totally ignoring whatever ambient noise there is. Mani.
  2. It's your prerogative to take it however you want. The most telling part of the whole day was after the ABX when I sat Mans down in the listening room and told him what to listen out for between A and B. I heard the differences easily, he said he couldn't. Couldn't, or couldn't bring himself to??? Mani.
  3. In my defence, I've already undertaken many of the tests you're now trying. They've all come back blank. So, I thought I'd see if capturing the actual sound waves with a mic might prove insightful. This might actually be the case, but not in the noisey enviroment in which I conducted the most recent tests. I've just been too busy to repeat them in my much quieter listening room, but hope to do so at some point. What isn't in question AFAIC is that bit identical playback can sound different. For example, bit identical settings in XXHighEnd change the sound (even with a modern DAC li
  4. Haha... And what a polava that caused 😜. Mani.
  5. Haha... sounds familiar 😉. Best of luck with your endeavour. Mani.
  6. I just received this pretty lame response from TIDAL: Hello Mani, Thank you for contacting TIDAL Support. My name is ********* and I am happy to assist you with your request. We are sorry to hear that you are not happy with MQA. We strive to provide the best possible service to all our users. We value your opinion and are constantly working on improving our product. If you have any additional feedback or require additional assistance please don't hesitate to email us back. Thank you for being an active and engaged TIDAL customer. Have a wonderful da
  7. I choose lossless flac on TIDAL whenever I can. It simply sounds better. Up until recently, I haven't really been bothered by MQA because TIDAL pretty much offered both MQA and lossless flac. But the choice is getting less and less, with the vast majority of the music I stream from TIDAL now only available in MQA. So, I just wrote this to TIDAL: Hi, I've noticed that you're increasing the number of MQA albums/tracks and reducing the number of lossless flac albums/tracks available for streaming. After a number of years listening to MQA now, it's clear that it is DET
  8. Yes, this is something that I stumbled across myself in my 'apples-to-apples comparison' thread. Roon will 'upsample' all 44.1 and 48 MQA to 88.2 and 96 respectively. I say 'upsample', but I think it's more like simply increasing the sample rate with no filtering, hence all the imaging above Nyquist. A player like XXHighEnd, which is capable of decoding MQA, does not do this. MQA decoding does give real new information above Nyquist for 88.2 and 96 MQA files. MQA rendering is where the leaky filters come into play. Mani.
  9. I've posted files from the same master in the past: The downloads are still available for anyone who wants to take a listen... Mani.
  10. Thanks Chris. Really sad to hear this. I had some wonder conversations with Alex, both openly on the forum and in PMs. I'll really miss his enthusiasm for sharing his pursuit of good sound, come what may. It's good to hear that he passed away peacefully. RIP Alex. Mani.
  11. Peter, did you get a Black Edition too? I have to say, I'm very impressed with mine as a DAC, let alone an ADC. Let us know what you think of yours... (Don't get frustrated with the menu options - you get used to them quickly.) Mani.
  12. I don't know. I'm still thinking about it... A short while ago, I did a number of tests - different DACs feeding different ADCs directly (no mics). I can get consistent correlated null depths of 110dB using DeltaWave with clock correction and sub-sample offset 'on' (but no other gain or phase EQ, which I fear might destroy any differences we're trying to find). If I then amplify these diff files by 90dB, and take a listen, I can just make out some semblance of the track, but there's nothing to distinguish between different bit-identical playback schemes. I can't for the life of me
  13. Happy to do that Frank, but I'd rather wait until I've got decent mic captures from my main system, if that's OK. Mani.
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