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  1. Drastically reduced price because of unfortunate current fiscal need, Now $450 shipped in Continental US! Remember that is with 32Gb of RAM! and the unused Akasa fan-less case!
  2. It is the 12v capable LPS 1.2, correct? Not the LPS 1? Just wanted to confirm that.
  3. I’ll take it, if it’s available. Pmail sent. Thanks, Todd
  4. Regrettably, selling my Intel 7i7 DNHE NUC with 32Gb of RAM and the Plato fanless case that I never got around to installing it in! Price is $650 shipped in the Continental US. I was planning on doing a server/endpoint system, but just never got around to it. I briefly tested it out running Windows and XXHiEnd out of Ram off a linear power supply and honestly it held its own against a Phasure Mach 2 optimized 12 core Xeon Server! It comes with all the original packaging, manuals, power supply, etc. Thanks for looking, Todd
  5. Hi Sharif, I sent you an email response, did you not receive it? It is $36 shipping to you in Saudi Arabia. I do have the cable & let me confirm I have the manual. You can pmail me here and my PayPal and email address is: [email protected] Cheers, Todd
  6. Item is Sold. my mint condition Matrix X-SPDIF 2 DDC for $260 + $12 shipping in the continental US. I have searched high and low for the original white box but can’t locate it. It does come with the included usb cable though. I’m only selling it because my Gustard U16 has a master clock input which I hook my Mutec REF10 to. I will say that it definitely outperformed my modded SU-1 running off a UpTone LPS 1.2, and it sounds great using the LPS 1.2 as a power source.
  7. For Sale My Black Itona Industrial Model USB Isolator with the latest firmware version. $200 shipped in the continental US!
  8. It’s the Xeon Silver 4116, the motherboard is the Supermicro MBD-X11SPM, Memory is: 6 sticks of NEMIX- DR480-CL02-ER26 8GB. No hard drive, OS and Music player in RAM loaded from removable SATA SSD. Power supply was custom built by an Agilent(HP)Test Instrument engineer, who is a close friend. BTW, serveral “insiders” are saying Intel engineers threw audiophiles a bone with the 621 chipset. I would also not doubt that the 6 channel ECC RAM is contributing to the sound quality. I am running a motherboard USB3, instead of my Neutron Star clocked PCIE USB board, it does however, go into a fully tricked out SOTM TX USB Ultra masterclocked from a Mutec REF10.
  9. Hi Chopin75, I would suggest you read about Rob Watts Chord Electronics M-Scaler. Pretty much cutting edge up scaling that feeds 768k PCM through dual BNC to Chord’s Dave or Hugo TT2 DAC’s. It is agnostic to Linux, Windows or MAC OS. Many users here use is with Euphony Stylus, including austinpop. I’ve yet to hear any PC based upscaling that approaches its performance. But to stay on topic for Bob, let’s suffice to say other well respected users of it that post here are using It with Stylus which is what sparked my curiosity. BTW each component I have is currently additive to my systems sound quality, I assure at this current juncture there is no part of my chain that I would remove.(I always leave components in for multiple days of listening and then remove them for multiple listening days.) Most of what I have in my post PC chain is well documented with worldwide positive feedback. Are there other options, you bet, with different engineering methodologies by different manufacturers such as DCS, EMM Labs or MBL but all are current state-of-the-art digital music reproduction.
  10. Hey Chopin75 and austinpop(Rajiv) Thank you very much for the additional insight on some Stylus tuning tips. I will give them a try. Also, I probably for my own piece of mind purchase, will purchase the license, just to make sure I’m getting the most out of Euphony. At our level of reproduction every little change seems noticeable. I know I’ve recently gone optical between my USB DD converter into the M-Scaler and dual BNC to optical and back from it to the Dave (OptoDX) and a second optical out of the M-Scaler to my digital crossover for my mid bass and subwoofer amps, So no doubt that RF, EMI, leakage currents, all play a large part in computer playback based systems. PC tuning for specific hardware and software is definitely part of the puzzle, even if it there seems to still be trade offs from one setting to another! I expect that my learning curve for tuning streamlined Linux based software will be way quicker than Windows !
  11. I’d be glad to join further discussion on a separate thread. I think there is much to be gained, as we’ve seen quite an evolution of computer playback in the past 2 years. I think any of us hear posting on this are still looking for whatever can connect us to the artist’s intent! I know that’s my goal and has been for 30 years.
  12. Hi Bob, I really do feel like my posts are about what variables might be hindering me from getting the most out of Euphony. I am not proposing in the least that my mind is made up optimizing my music playback software. So I’ll only post things relating to maximizing Stylus Todd
  13. I loaded Euphony into RAM, which is available on the trial version and of course I used 100% buffer. not sure why loading to RAM from Optane would make a difference?
  14. Hey Nenon, Thank you for a your insight about matching the PC with the playback software, but perhaps you didn’t look my post and my PC setup, which is about as modern as you can get, save the Intel persistent memory RAM ;). But high performance with very high grade ECC RAM modules and high grade linear power supply. Just food for thought, Todd
  15. Greetings Felipe, What a crazy coincidence! I just spent all day yesterday getting Euphony set up on my music PC and listening to Stylus. I too was interested in what everyone else was raving about. For years I’ve been using XXHiEnd on a particular build of Windows 10 running out of RAM. It was actually a necessary part of getting 768k upscaled audio sent to my Phasure NOS1 DAC. Simply sublime playback. I now have an additional system that consists of a Chord M-Scaler into a Dave directly driving a high efficiency horn system directly off the Dave’s RCA outputs without an amplifier. I feed the M-Scaler through a highly optimized usb DDC to optical output unit clocked with Mutec Reference10 master clock.(really to many other tweeks to mention here.) The PC is an optimized Xeon Scalable 12 core/24 thread processor with 48G of ECC Memory in a Supermicro server motherboard running off a custom linear power supply. No hard drive is present and the OS is running in RAM. I’ve still been using XXHiEnd software but playing files in their native resolution. Really sounds Jaw-dropping, head shaking incredible! Just about every adjective others have used to describe accurate and realistic playback apply. So I got Euphony up and running out of RAM on the same PC and system. I’ve got to say it really is a pretty slick program and I find Stylus plenty functional and user friendly. (OK, it’s not Roon, which I use for my whole house audio ) But there is always Stylus Endpoint for Roon integration. And Stylus does allow Qobuz and Tidal integration and playback. Now for the listening impressions. I used my highly familiar test tracks and albums. Rebecca Pidgeon- The Raven, Cowboy Junkies- Trinity Revisited, Various Norah Jones albums, Amber Rubarth, Rhiannon Giddens, Sarah K, Holly Cole, Dire Straits, Johnny Cash, Plus multiple orchestral selections, pretty much the whole gamut! I would describe it as highly resolving, nice black background and good separation and good wide soundstage with a decent sense of depth. Really all the things that you would think would draw you into the performance. But it just wasn’t, something was off I couldn’t quite put a finger on it, it just sounded like the life was missing. So back to XXHighEnd and Windows out of RAM I went. Now what was missing was readily obvious! The textures, the body, the sense of real depth, the naturalness. It really was no comparison. Stylus was just not even in the same league. Could it get there? I don’t know, but it has a long way to go and I’m not sure if Linux is the underlying issue. I think this gives me the impetus to explore Window Server 2019, Audiophile Optimizer and JPLAY out of RAM. I suspect that it would be more in-line with the level of playback XXHiEnd provides me.
  16. For Sale my Itona Industrial Model USB Isolator for a super reasonable $150 shipped in the Continental US! Works great, I just no longer am using it with the addition of my TX- USB ultra. Thanks for looking, Todd
  17. Jeff Rowland’s designs in the late ‘80’s and early nineties had optional DC supplies. I new those models well because I was at the CES with Audio Artistry when their Beethoven was Stereophile’s speaker of the year, and the we’re sharing there room with Jeff and using His Model 6’s with the battery supplies😉 Today like Levinson and many others he uses switch mode power supply’s. Maybe the renewable energy trend will get some of these designers, like Rowland going back to DC supplys. I still love those scalloped thick aluminum face plates on the Rowland’s, beautiful equipment cosmetically.
  18. Absolutely! without testing it as I said in my original post, my grid AC could be atrocious. That is why I would hesitate to apply my local results broadly to everyone else. I really need to a decent scope for tangible measurements for any of my experience to be translatable to other’s AC setups.
  19. Hey Jud, thank you for your insightful post. I am now running my low capacitance Topaz transformer after my sine wave inverter. There is definitely not some dramatic chance in the sound quality, but I’m sure it is not worse and probably would measure better. I wanted to clarify that while I am listening to my off the grid system, it is running strictly on DC battery power with no solar or other charging devices connected. And I did want to reiterate, that I have a extremely thoroughly implemented dedicated AC system coming directly from my homes outside service entry not from my existing inside main breaker panel. And truly there is no comparison, the DC derived sine wave inverted AC absolutely crushes that dedicated grid AC! So the question is: could there be other reasons besides line ripple that contribute to that drastic improvement of the DC derived system?
  20. I must admit, I have not tried running an isolation transformer after the sine-wave inverter but I have a .00005pf capacitance one I can try for reference and post that result here. It
  21. I chose the Yeti for its simplicity and the audio review of the smaller version. However, subsequently to purchasing it, I found a rack mounted one and some others with a more detailed listing of their specs and and ripple, but I was also concerned about their fan noise. The thing I liked about the rack mounted one is that it didn’t switch over to the batteries until that AC line was interrupted. That way, it could keep equipment running off the AC until you wanted to switch over, eliminating the warm up time some of the audio equipment needs to sound their best. Right now, I keep the Yeti AC output running some of my electronics full time for that warm up issue, so I keep an AC to DC charger on it to keep it at full charge. I will have to dig up the info on the rack mounted one, and I’ll post that here once I do.
  22. Hey Ricky, Yeah the earthing rods with the special soil mix, the whole nine yards. I really should buy a decent scope just to get a visual of what’s really going on. So about a week ago I heard this out of the ordinary sound coming down the street and could hear the turbo whine, it was the KTM, my neighbor just got one! It’s frigg’n wicked! You must have a blast!
  23. I do agree that DC for everything seems the correct way to go. My Chord M-Scaler, My STOM TX-USB Ultra My Digital crossover all run off DC and it wouldn’t be hard to convert my PC to DC & Probably my amps wouldn’t be that bad. But the cost to convert the other items would well exceed the cost of the Yeti 1000. And it’s doubtful that many of the High End manufacturers have any need or desire to create DC powered items in the near future.
  24. Hey Peter, Well these days maybe I should just refer to you as: “The Cable Guy” (Ok not the Jim Carey and Mathew Broderick “Cable Guy”)! I’m sure it is much easier constructing your wonderful cables than writing code for that 2.11 XX HighEnd release😉! BTW, the NSX is great, but never owned a Porsche, The Ferrari F430 Spider is for sale but it’s replacement 458 Spider is staying put 😁! And I think I’d have to go back to my ‘80s days of customized vans for audio systems to fit any of this in there! Those darn 2 seater mid-engine cars don’t lend themselves to good audio, but of course those engines create there own sweet tunes! Cheers!
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