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    Audiophile Style Podcast: Episode 7 | Ayre Acoustics Interview


    Episode 7 is up and being delivered to all the podcast platforms right now. In this episode I talk with Ayre Acoustics team about founder Charles Hansen, products that put Ayre on the map, what makes Ayre special, the QB-9 DAC, and a look into the future of the company. The show concludes with a book and album recommendation and a round of bonus questions where there are no wrong answers. 


    Thanks to @Ryan Berry and the Ayre team!


    Listen via the embedded player below or subscribe on any platform.


    Podcast Setup.jpgAs much as I'd love to deliver this show to everyone in lossless high resolution audio, the podcast platforms only accept MP3. So, I record everything as lossless WAV files using a Neumann TLM 103 transformerless cardioid condenser microphone, then convert to 320 Kbps MP3 to give everyone the best quality currently possible. Given that I'm using a Merging Technologies Anubis analog to digital converter to record, I technically could do everything at DXD (384 kHz) or DSD256, but that's a bit over the top, even for me.


    A big thanks to David Chesky for allowing me to use the track East Harlem, from the album The Body Acoustic. The album can be purchased and downloaded at 24/96 from the Chesky Records site here


    All AS Podcast episodes can be found here, or you can find / subscribe on every podcast platform known to man. If I missed a platform some people use, just let me know. Here are links to the most popular platforms.




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    On 2/23/2021 at 6:02 PM, Lighthouse said:

    Still pains me Charles is no longer with us.

    Of course, the passing of Charley as a brilliant and disputatious mind with independent opinion is a bitter loss for the HiFi Audio community and Ayre in particular.
    Unfortunately, I was not able to meet him in person, but only had a stimulating email conversation with him now and then.
    I know Ryan, Ariel and Brent, and I am confident that they will lead Ayre Acoustics and its motivated team into a bright future. Charley knew what was coming and set the necessary course in time. 


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