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  1. But . . . but New World birthing! Bigger than Copernicus!!!
  2. I voted with my wallet and cancelled Tidal. Buh-bye POS MQA! Qobuz is missing some albums I like but I'll just buy those.
  3. Great article. Guess I need to listen to the remaster! My favorite Kate Bush is Aerial.
  4. Had a free trial with our 2015 Ford. I don't know how many times I would be listening and think "cool, different version of this song I've heard dozens of times!" Twenty seconds later, "Nope, same version it's just that Sirius is so sh*tty that I assumed a different version." Sirius is literally broken. It makes MP3 sound like master tapes. They called me a couple of times after I cancelled, offering incredible deals. I told them I didn't want it even for free! MQA might have the same robber baron intention as Sirius but at least it sounds as good as MP3s.
  5. Would be nice to see in room response for all speakers. as an aside, I’ve been imagining Charles Hansen’s reaction to Mr. Austin being your replacement 🤯
  6. John Atkinson made Stereophile an excellent read for so many years. Head and shoulders better than any other US audio magazine if only because of the measurements. But they also had many excellent writers over the years. Best wishes, JA (I'll refrain from mentioning the M-acronym)
  7. Inspired to revisit this classic. Meanwhile, Jim Austin is taking over for JA at Stereophile. 🤯😬😂
  8. Surprised to see ths thread still active. Talk about beating a dead horse! Stick a fork in MQA already. With Qobuz online, getting ready to cancel Tidal. Even JA has gone dark. But tip o’ the hat to Lee Scoggins for doggedly rearranging the deck chairs . . .
  9. Signed up for Qobuz yesterday. I love the sound and am glad to be rid of MQA for hi-rez streaming (plan to compare using Roon). One significant downside of Qobuz is that my Tidal library included about 30 albums apparently unavailable on Qobuz. Some are obscure but more than a few quite surprised, eg, new John Prine. Ugh, I don’t want to pay for Tidal *and* Qobuz.
  10. Maybe just as well to go thru manually. I’m not halfway thru my library and have found at least 15 albums not on Qobuz including John Prine ffs! It does sound great, however, and I have zero use for MQA.
  11. I just signed up for the Qobuz trial. Like what I hear so far. I am hoping there is some automagic way for Roon to grab the same or higher rez Qobuz version from alums I currently have in Tidal. Am I just dreaming?
  12. Thanks for sticking around , Ryan. Yet another example of the abuse industry insiders often get when they post on this site, only a little less invective than Hydrogen Audio. Chris Connaker just turns a blind eye to this shit as people who have much to contribute are driven away.
  13. I strongly think you’ve made a large mistake promoting mqa but thanks for this analysis. Curious if others can confirm this result and what CC learns from Carver.
  14. Off topic: what happened to brink? Looks like CC might have banned him?
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