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  1. I've been super happy with Qobuz. No MQA and they've added some of the titles I previously had on Tidal. I will *never* sign up for Amazon streaming. Jeff Bezos can eff right off.
  2. How in the world has no one mentioned Victor Wooten?
  3. The point is that there *is* a reason to record >96 kHz even if *you* disagree with Hansen's filtering decision. What is "wrong or misleading" in Hansen's statement?
  4. This comment jogged my memory regarding something Charles Hansen said:
  5. I think that Pono was, in part, scared off by the proprietary format Meridian wanted. Also, I heard that NY listened to a half-dozen or more high-end DACs and said "that one", pointing to an Ayre. EDIT: I see an earlier post from JA suggesting that the MQA unfold was too hard on the battery!
  6. I added an LCR meter to my collection when I recently built new crossovers.
  7. lol Back to MQA, I unsubscribed from Tidal last night after one month of their low-res service while hunting out the 20ish albums in my library not on Qobuz (Qobuz did add a few previously missing such as the newest John Prine). I'm quite happy with Qobuz and their lossless hi-res other than their pricing scheme is bizarre.
  8. I used "Oh Darling" (24/44) as a reference track while I built new crossovers for my Thiels (compared old and new XOs via mono listening). I will confidently claim that the recording quality is, um, not great. Remixed/remastered Sgt Peppers and White Album sound sublime in my system. I very much want Abbey Road SQ to match what I consider to be The Beatles best performance. Also, I will never ever buy an MQA version of Abbey Road.
  9. I peed my pants with excitement imagining the SQ if only Gilles Martin had MQA'd the White Album instead of pedestrian 24/96. Blue lights would illuminate, the music would become louder, and a new Copernicus would birth! More seriously on this day after April Fools, I hope that Martin applies the Sgt Pepper/White Album magic to Abbey Road. Maybe go crazy and release it as 24/192.
  10. I hope I am wrong. Stereophile has been head and shoulders above the other print mags for many years and that’s before considering the measurements. But Jim Austin was a dubious choice, IMO. In the context of this thread, look no further than his MQA series. And his inability to sonically distinguish DACs from different manufacturers, using different toplogies, should be disqualifying for the Editor of Stereophile.
  11. @Rt66indierock Good comment at Stereophile regarding the Pro-Ject review. You would think that a comment about MQA sounding louder would set off alarm bells. I can’t say I’m impressed with any of the newer writers, and JA should have caught that one. I suspect the slide will accelerate under Jim Austin. I intend to watch that unfold as a former subscriber.
  12. LOL. When I was in high school, one of the Albuquerque rock stations had a Beatles celebration and they played The Beatles for 30+ minutes uninterrupted, multiple times. I fired up the old man's Sony reel-to-reel to capture some of that. Fast forward 40 years and I have now paid for 2-4 versions of all their albums (vinyl, CD, 24/44 stick, and now 24/96 remasters). I think the labels got the last laugh. 😂 (Dear Labels, I will never ever buy an MQA version of The Beatles - or any other artist).
  13. If TAS wasn't such a monument to ethical and principled reviewing, I'd almost think you were referring to RH. 🧐
  14. But . . . but New World birthing! Bigger than Copernicus!!!
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