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  1. Several of us reported improvements even past 500 hours. Enjoy!
  2. Any Pono users ever replace the battery? My 2014 Pono can still play for several hours, as can my wife’s 2015, but there is a bad connection on my wife’s player and I want to keep these things running as long as possible. I was able to find a match for voltage, mAh, and Wh but not with the three-pin cable.
  3. Damn, huge bummer but not unexpected. I hope we still have high end audio companies on the other end of COVID.
  4. The list of manufacturers who know how to make top shelf speakers *and* electronics is pretty short. Charles Hansen might have been in this category but he did these with different companies. Richard Vandersteen, perhaps, but I suspect he had help with his amp (Jim White?). Linn makes good gear but, IMO, not quite top shelf. Maybe MBL but I’ve only heard their gear once at RMAF. I’m probably forgetting somebody but, again, not many have “mastered” both. I am curious to hear Dutch and Dutch - rave reviews and outstanding measurements.
  5. I agree. I thought his taste in musical reproduction was odd but his writing was very entertaining and honest. I was bummed that he didn’t become Editor when JA stepped down. Sorry to hear this news. Blessings and mercy upon his family.
  6. Goddamnit 😢 Fly John Prine. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life.
  7. Some of my college friends were into Springsteen but I was, like, meh. Then about 20 years ago I picked up the Woody Guthrie tribute “til we outnumber them”. Springsteen performs a couple of the tracks. I thought “wow, this guy is far more talented than I ever gave him credit.” I might buy the file for the barn album rather than just rent it from Qobuz. Also curious if Mr. Connaker experienced this. Fresh off the cold UPS truck in December my unit sounded vaguely rough out of the box even if it was immediately apparent that it bettered the DSD version in most every way. I
  8. Indeed! Nice review! OK, maybe I’m biased 😬 Edit: streaming Qobuz Barn album thru my QB-9 Twenty now - wow! Thanks for the album recommend.
  9. I haven't been visiting this forum as much over the past couple of years. At times, the community content is not much different than over at Hydrogen Audio. For myself, listening to music through my audio system is a hedonistic experience. I upgrade, modify, and tweak my system to get maximal enjoyment. IDGAF if a cable upgrade is a "merely" placebo. If I hear it as "better" that's all the matters to *me*. I don't expect anyone else to hear it the same (but isn't it interesting that so many others do?). Many of you have reported sonic differences among software that I don't hear. B
  10. Interesting take! The "spiritual masters" and quantum physicists have told us that perception follows thought. To the degree that statement is true, it quite well explains the subjectivist/objectivist divide!
  11. How can Margo Timmins have gray hair? She's only a year older than me 😭
  12. It's missing "best use of stillness/silence between the notes": Peter Green. Some early Peter Green leaves me yearning for the next note. For me, evokes a very compelling emotional connection to the music.
  13. I didn’t read every post in this thread so maybe I’m repeating information . . . PPT is a polystyrene film cap. It is a very high quality type and should last a very long time. Why does “hand made” make a difference? Electrolytics are caps that will drift with time, say 15-20 years. I would be inclined to leave PPT type in unless you want to play with other caps (caps do sound different). If you have any electrolytics (looks like two electrolytics on that board) of that age I would definitely replace those, and with a good film cap if available in the correct
  14. @Mercman Are you still running a QX-5? It would be interesting to get your take on that compared to a QB-9 Twenty. I yearned for a QX-5 but it remained out of my budget. I haven’t heard one for a couple of years but am wondering how close the new QB-9 gets. Are you still writing for any outlet? Haven’t seen any reviews from you for a while.
  15. @CG what is your subjective experience with your QB-9 as it burns in even more? You earlier reported changes at the 200-300 hour mark but what about now? Regardless, interesting speculation of the reasons burn in could take week and months.
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