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  1. Most covers fail because they try to mimic the original rather than offer a fresh interpretation. But, this . . . Chef’s kiss.
  2. Oh, man, that is sad news. I was able to attend a couple of times circa 2013-2016. Such a great opportunity to hear gear that is not available in most parts of the country. And visit with the designers, in many cases.
  3. My wife has a black Pono, I have yellow. I put a 200 GB SD card in mine. Thinking about getting a second SD card to get more of my collection available to the Pono.
  4. My wife and I each still use our Ponos regularly.
  5. Is that not one of Ryan Berry’s points? IIRC, Hansen was skeptical that MQA and PCM comparisons of Riders were the same master. And, yes, he wrote he otherwise preferred 24 bit files to MQA.
  6. To my ears, the DSD version was a nice upgrade compared to the original QB-9. But the Twenty version is an even bigger upgrade compared to the DSD version. Truly musical. As I approach retirement, pretty sure this is my last DAC. I’ve not directly compared the QB-9 Twenty to the QX-5. Probably the QX-5 is sonically superior but, unless you have deep pockets, cost might be an important factor.
  7. A bit frustrating to compare the remaster on Qobuz (24/192) against my 24/96 WAV files as the volume level is very different. That said, I do like the new mix for vocals and lead guitar on My Sweet Lord and the remaster seems to have a bit more texture.
  8. Still loving Roon here. Easily the best user experience I know of and the SQ is as good as any I’ve tried. yes, I’ve tried HQPlayer albeit a few years ago. My room, my gear, my ears. IME, computer-side changes make little difference in SQ (but not zero difference). I did recently have an issue where Roon would crash streaming 24-bit Qobuz files. It took several weeks waiting but the latest version solved the problem.
  9. 100 I cannot understand why JA wedded himself to mqa and Bob Stuart.
  10. Thanks for the detailed reply. Shortly after I got my QB-9 (originally a 24/192 version, ie, pre-DSD), I compared the sonics using my CAPS-inspired server to a PC laptop and MBP as the source. I also tried at least 6 music players on my server (JRMC, foobar, et al.). I heard tiny differences and none I felt merited further inve$tment. I know I’m in the minority around here. But your experience has me wondering about the ISO Regen . . .
  11. FWIW, I'm going straight from my Roon ROCK to the QB-9. From my reading, the QB-9 has more isolation than most DACs. What say you, Tone Deaf? Have you listened with and without the ISO Regen feeding the QB-9?
  12. Cold out of the box, I heard a vague sense of something not right even though I could also immediately discern the improvements in resolution and clarity. But, otherwise I never heard anything like what you are reporting. IIRC, that character cleared substantially within a couple of days. I thought the sound was mostly stable around the 250 hour mark but later seemed to hear subtle improvements well past the 500 hour mark. I suppose I would characterize that as a more coherent, relaxed, and open sound. So, maybe that is what you're hoping for? First day or two aside, I never felt t
  13. Several of us reported improvements even past 500 hours. Enjoy!
  14. Any Pono users ever replace the battery? My 2014 Pono can still play for several hours, as can my wife’s 2015, but there is a bad connection on my wife’s player and I want to keep these things running as long as possible. I was able to find a match for voltage, mAh, and Wh but not with the three-pin cable.
  15. Damn, huge bummer but not unexpected. I hope we still have high end audio companies on the other end of COVID.
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