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  1. Whew! It's been a so long time since I visited this site. I renewed my interest in music and just found out Qobuz is on US. Yes, I was under the rock for a very long time regarding music. Interestingly, Qobuz seems to use tar format, which is both similar (no stranger to tar since I study/run servers) and weird. Why are they not using zip or even say de-facto 7zip file?
  2. My goodness, after all of years I left this forum and just came back, all I still see is this ridiculous MQA debate. I am utterly surprised they are still pushing this. Just how much money was burned to keep the wheel? I understand that South African investor is behind Meridian but I am still surprised he is still pouring money into it.
  3. I just do not like Amazon is touching pretty much everything they can. If this happened 10 years ago, I would welcomed it. But now, far less, even if this helps people to have interest in "HD" Music. I am still surprised this company has not hammered with anti-trust lawsuits (well, based on how things going on Congress these days, it seems the day is coming soon or later) really. The whole price tag is screaming subsidiy, and there has to be some sacrifice to make this happen, but at what expense?
  4. Without this site I would not know about the quality of 24 bit downloads when it was at its rage 6 years ago. Thanks for the site.
  5. At this point, all of MQA threads are turning into giant satirical comedies. It is progressively harder to determine whether people discussing here are actually semi-serious about topic or not.
  6. I am sorry Witchdoctor, but surround is unfortunately NOT the future of audio, anytime in future for at least 30~40 years from now. 2 Problems follow : 1) Young people just do not have money to buy any semi-decent surround setups that involved in more than 2 speakers. 2) Most people just do not have even space to put stereo speakers, let alone surround system. There is no secret why suddenly soundbars became so popular. People now live in much smaller home and only thing that could actually fit into is now a single soundbar and maybe subwoofer, if those
  7. I mean, Michael is not free from blame, but some of us here in forum did not really help the situation. But yeah... at least he is not as damaging as Bannon from forcefully positive perspective.
  8. With all of the debate whether MQA is superior/same as ordinary high-res music files is good, but I really think we are way too focused on technical issues. However, we seldom talk about issues other than technical aspects, such as the impact on the quality of music production and whether MQA is giving us customers anything value. To be honest, when first MQA is announced, I was far more interested in Meridian involving in recording production, as far as they were willing to check on mics, ADCs and other recording equipment. Because I believe there are way
  9. I will be (my first time, actually) there from Saturday morning to afternoon. I will probably have to leave about 5PM based on my flight time.
  10. I guess that's ok though. I am still a "Freshman Member" despite the fact that I signed up this forum in 2011. At least... he is not fresh anymore.
  11. I believe one of HA mods claimed that it is possible to achieve effective 120+ dB with proper dither with 16/44.1. Basically, the reason why 24/96 is used for analog transfer is simply convenience. Which I understand, since I also use 24/96 for my Vinyl digital transfer works due to convenience as well. But, that's not the main issue. The issue is that music labels trying to sell these analog transfer as "High-Res" format despite it is not even close to being High-Res. Companies abuse the fact that people do not understand these '24/96' stuffs only in
  12. Price is not really ultimate reason why people became disliking audiophiles. The main reason is that this whole industry is solely based on lies, delusion, nonsense and customer-hostile attitudes. We still can't conclude debate that analog-tape masters are NOT high-res in any ways of the form. We still have some bs video from industry that "compression is bad" which does not talk about dynamic range, but rather promoting high-res music (what's the point of high-res if dynamic range is less than 6?) Still can't conclude debate that Vinyl is
  13. Yes, it's a cool idea indeed, and very obvious one. I am certainly not the first one to post it. The idea is so obvious that it literally came out as soon as MQA was announced. And if my memory cells have not collectively committed seppuku yet, I am also very certain this idea was discussed deeply and in length in MQA Q&A thread. But it never happened because Meridian wanted to sell its DACs. However, MQA could not be the incentive to sell Meridian DACs nor be successful as a format. It's now (un)officially dead. IF Bob really wants to make
  14. So, I skimmed through the thread, and it seems people just do not get why MQA is 'dead'. Nothing has really changed since that Q&A from Bob in this forum several years ago. People just really do not care much about technical aspects.... I mean cassette tape was actually terrible medium in many technical shortcomings, but it was main audio transport until CD comes around. MQA, just like DSD and (arguably) High-Res audio in general, have huge accessibility and usability issues. People, even those who claim they care about the sound quality, massively affected by convenience and a
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