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  1. just an other datapoint: I am not running a PF streamer but do have PF-AL and in my system E outperforms PF-AL
  2. The new version also has bridging and CPU frequency min/max setting my HQPe license is no longer recognized in the new version. is that just me being unlucky or is it a bug?
  3. FYI JCAT Net Card Femto can be powered with a LPS-1 as long as you use just one port on the JCAT. And...using just one port gives the best SQ IMHO
  4. Yes I know, I am getting it to as soon as it's available. Although I do not have a PF streamer (yet) I do have the current PF version of AL running on my PC. In my current config HQPe ignores my Sonore Rendu SE in NAA mode so hopefully the new AL version will fix this so I can finally use HQPe with the Sonore as NAA! Wonder if the new PF version of AL streaming Tidal through Roon and HQPe can sound as good as streaming Tidal straight into the Sonore in MPD mode with Kazoo as control. Roon look and feel is much better than Kazoo but even HQP can not polish the sound up to MPD/Kazoo level imho.
  5. On Sonore's Sonicorbiter OS you can use MPD to stream Tidal while using Kazoo for (remote) control. @vortecjr might give you a hint on how to manage a similar thing in AL. To me this setup (MPD mode on Rendu SE streaming Tidal) sounds better then Roon and HQPe on AL on a modded 6700K with the Rendu in NAA mode. So indeed straight Tidal streaming should be on your list. you could of course go kiss by using the Tidal webplayer in AL desktop...
  6. well inspired by your remark I did a little test and took out both Roon and HQP and went straight Tidal into Sonicorbiter (in MPD/DLNA mode using Linn Kazoo as Ipad app) on my Sonore Signature Rendu SE...and...It sounds much better (to me in my system) then the Tidal/Roon/HQP routine I got used to...I'll be damned Thank you for making me think about and test this again! this might mean my Roon lifetime and HQPe licenses are rendered useless but who cares is the music sounds better...
  7. ah I see just like embedded does not run on the Rendu series
  8. Dirk, may I suggest trying a better DAC like the Pink Faun DAC 2.32 and use HQP to serve files in their native format? I used to do redbook --> DSD512 into a T&A DAC8 DSD before but once I had a little session at PF HQ I was smitten...and turned to the dark side...
  9. Using HQP just to play native to me does sound better than Roon.
  10. In HQP try setting PCM to none, none, none, 44100, 19200 and play a 44100 file if that fails maybe ask Jord to teamview in when he is back in the office on Tuesday...
  11. Hi Mitch, thanks for an other great review. any plans to review the Grimm LS1a? these are somewhat in the same price range and might be even better than the D&D's...
  12. Hello Peter, Thanks for sharing the list. Do you have a Tidal playlist that you could share like Chris is doing with his top 100 playlist? This would save a lot of time... Groeten uit Leersum, Steven
  13. not sure...I went from win10 running HQP desktop to Audiolinux running embedded, and that made a big difference but most of this improvement was probably due to Linux... running HQP desktop on Audiolinux does not degrade the sound noticeably at normal listening level in my current system. but logic tells me that running gui-less helps to reduce load and that is a good thing. So even while I do not hear a big difference today I will still go for embedded.
  14. once you have settled on the hardware it's best to buy the embedded license and have audiolinux start in command line mode so there is no gui and then use an other computer or tablet to manage hqp embedded through the web-interface
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