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  1. Very nice interview again. Love the shoe-shopping anecdote 😂 Looking forward to more episodes!
  2. Hi Jussi, I am running embedded on a 6700k using Euphony os. Last week we had a heath wave in western Europe so I turned the computer off to save it some stress while I wasn't listening to music much anyway. Now the heath is gone and I want to listen again so I turned the computer on....but I get an error from HQP see log below. Any idea what's happening? Thanks Steven 2020/06/30 10:56:53 Signalyst HQPlayer 4 Embedded 4.12.2 + 2020/06/30 10:56:53 Engine starting... 2020/06/30 10:56:53 libDSP version 21.3.2 2020/06/30 10:56:53 HQPlaye
  3. To me it is pretty obvious that the OP 'tested' the eR to prove too himself what he already knew. So it is very unlikely that he will ever change his mind (unless maybe he get's to listen to a system that already has a pretty low noise floor so he can actually hear what the eR does). Therefor I suggested to Davide to stop trying and add users like Mansr, plissken and Ralf to his ignore list as probably many others have done. Am I not allowed to say this? I am asking because to me it seems that my earlier reply stating this same thing was deleted somehow. And I will indeed s
  4. huh? one troll pulling the disagree card get's my reply deleted? that's effective trolling right there, respect 😉
  5. My guess would be the noise level of your system is so high that you can not hear the difference when you pull either cable. Although you should have heard a difference when pulling the Aruba switch cable, because that one is adding to the noise level while the eR is not. Is that okay for an answer?
  6. Euphony also did not see the Pink Faun I2S board in my PC, but after booting into windows and than back into Euphony, Euphony did see the board...might work for you as well
  7. okay, you convinced me, I am dumping those useless Paradigm's and start saving for a killer setup like your's 😉 I am in Europe so not likely to do the test you proposed sorry I guess the fact that you do not hear any changes when using the ER and/or pulling cables means even the ER can't polish a turd
  8. I guess what you are saying is that using a 500 USD DAC and a 130 USD headphone you can not hear the benefit of the etherregen, right? So people in the same position as you might consider spending their money on a better DAC and or headphone, before getting an Etherregen correct? Interesting, thanks for the data point.
  9. Not using NUC but I also find that using a Sonore Rendu as NAA on the B-side of an etherregen does sound better than a 6700k running Euphony / HQPe through JCAT NET & USB in the same position.
  10. Etherregen with 100+ hours on it, updated yesterday and now warm and stable again...I already was impressed by the ER from the first second I heard it but now there is no doubt anymore: this is by far the most effective 640 USD I ever spend on audio gear! I can now hear stuff that I did not know was in the recording like wall reflections from an instrument in the studio and all sorts of extra layers and echos in electronic music. very very impressive! Thanks Alex and John!
  11. I had the same update from Fedex and called them to ask what was happening.... they have a bug in the website that causes the wrong status. Meantime I have received a new update and now it's back on delivery today as scheduled. pff the drama 😉 so...maybe there is still hope for you as well...
  12. in addition to the above: yesterday I discovered that while running Stylus on server with the HQP option active you can still use Roon (server running on NAS) to select and play music. This way you can vary based on usage type, casual/wife/discovering new stuff = Roon/HQP and listening session = Stylus/HQP, without changing audio systems in Euphony This sort of scenario might be useful for fools like me that already have the HQPe and Roon licenses anyway... In HQP I do not use any filters btw so the signal is just about as pure as just Stylus by itself
  13. just an other datapoint: I am not running a PF streamer but do have PF-AL and in my system E outperforms PF-AL
  14. The new version also has bridging and CPU frequency min/max setting my HQPe license is no longer recognized in the new version. is that just me being unlucky or is it a bug?
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