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  1. I wonder if there will be a download option for HD and Ultra HD albums or even better, available as music download in the regular store, without subscription.
  2. Radio Paradise Rock Mix and Eclectic Mix are now available as FLAC streams: - http://stream.radioparadise.com/rock-flac - http://stream.radioparadise.com/eclectic-flac
  3. I agree, this does not show as a usual upsampling. The basic frequency range going smoothly up to a bit more than 48 kHz can scratch as a regular 24/192 file. The rest is really strange. I would post this example in the Xivero Forum https://forum.xivero.com/index.php?board=6.0. This guys are quite experienced in interpreting the samples from the charts of their software.
  4. @dmacktaGiven that we are talking about HiRes files and the impression that perceived at least 90 % of all new releases, except Classical and Jazz, are in minimum HiRes 24/44.1 or /48 anyway, not really so many. In my experience most upsamples are typically from a handful of labels, upsamples in Classical and Jazz are rather rare, IMO. There are efficient server based automated tools available to preselect suspicious HiRes files transmitted by the labels to support your department. I wonder what Qobuz is doing when you notice an incorrect labeling of a delivered HiRes file. I know from my own proven complaints that your customers get a compensation, but in my experience the upsampled HiRes files usually still stay in your catalog without replacement or any hint to your customers. For some time now, it is not possible any more to write a comment to an album to advice other customers about possible resolution issues.
  5. Qobuz claims to have a "dedicated department to check the content delivered by the labels".
  6. You should ask this question the accountable local product managers from Columbia Records or Warner Bros. I've done this for several HiRes albums that are available in the US, but not in Europe or Germany. As well I asked about the reasons for price differences > 800 % for some HiRes box sets within Europe. Of course, I never got a feedback.
  7. Very unlikely. As far as I know, Qobuz use AWS (Amazon Web Services) as technical service provider for all covered countries.
  8. Even within the EU there is still no common market for digital rights. Providers like Qobuz must deal with the right owners, usually the labels, for each country to get the license for streaming and additionally the local price conditions for reselling.
  9. I'm afraid, you have to renounce within the next years to visit a concert at the Gasteig. From 2020 on it will be completely renovated and my experience tells me that time and budget planning is not very reliable for public building projects in Germany. During this time, a temporary Philharmonie elsewhere in Munich is scheduled, but nothing is certain right now because the permit procedure is a complete disaster, only comparable to the mess around the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.
  10. In case of doubt, I would prefer Florence. 😉 Munich is the Italian outpost north of the Alps, unfortunately not always climatic.
  11. However, the show is over for this year and I'm sure, most attendees enjoyed the unique variety and quality of the presentation. For the overseas audiophiles, I hope that you've also had the chance to experience a little bit one of the most livable cities on this planet beside the show, even if the weather conditions could have been improvable this year. Welcome back next year!
  12. Two more tips for really great sounding and living room friendly designed active speaker systems: Grimm Audio, A 4.2 E216 Lyravox, A 4.2 F225
  13. Isn't it funny, but it seems as most of us are impressed by the "big is beautiful" effect. This oversized and overpriced speakers with nearly no serious buying interest of any audiophile with suitable income and listening room are playing in audio shows like the HighEnd in a much too small "show room" of max. 30 square meters with usually suboptimal room optimisation. Anyway, we tend to recognize them as impressive speakers, mainly because of the powerful and exaggerated impulse response in the low end, IMO. I've listened to many speakers, designed to be suitable for average living- or listening room conditions that sound more "natural" and overall better for this usual user environment than this big flagship speakers.
  14. Yes, I did. I know capabilities of the Lindemann Musicbook quite well, because a good friend owns the Musicbook 25 DSD and two Musicbook:55 for bi-amping his Piega Coax speakers. My motivation was to listen to the Lindemann source in combination with the Manger P2 speakers. Unfortunately the spacial conditions were suboptimal, a noisy AC on top of the listening booth disturbed frequently any listening efforts and a correct alignment of the speakers was not given. No place in the auditory space was within the sweet spot, what is very important to really enjoy the advantages of the Manger speakers.
  15. - Voxativ with the Voxativ Hagen system, Atrium 4.2 E222 - a little bit more than 10k€ (12.5k€) Manger P2, Atrium 4.2 F211 and at the Lindemann booth H 4 R08/S07 - Elac, A 4.1 F102, A 4.1 F103, A 4.1 F124 - T&A, A 3.1 D102, A 3.1 D103, A 3.1 D105 - Canton, A 3.1 D109, A 3.1 D110 - Boenicke Audio with the W5, Atrium 4.2 F215
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