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  1. https://store.tidal.com but it is only mp3 and FLAC 16/44.1 and by far the most expensive download store, but sometimes the only legal download source. In the case of FLAC, you can't be sure with TIDAL that there isn't a lossy MQA CD in the container. With HDtrack.com, I'm not sure if it's still the biggest download store for high-res music and it doesn't have everything available in high-res in its catalog. For Europeans, the selection is rather limited. In any case, compared to Qobuz, it is also too expensive, especially if you have a Qobuz Sublime streaming subscription. Another o
  2. Of course, the passing of Charley as a brilliant and disputatious mind with independent opinion is a bitter loss for the HiFi Audio community and Ayre in particular. Unfortunately, I was not able to meet him in person, but only had a stimulating email conversation with him now and then. I know Ryan, Ariel and Brent, and I am confident that they will lead Ayre Acoustics and its motivated team into a bright future. Charley knew what was coming and set the necessary course in time.
  3. Last Friday a HiRes version of Supertramps - Even in the Quietest Moments in 24/96 appears "nearly undercover" in several download stores. Of course I've downloaded it at once and I am not really sure about the overall bottom line concerning sound quality. The MusicScope Charts shows that it is OK, but In my perception there are some tracks sounding really good, others like behind a curtain. Overall for sure sonically not on the level of Crime of the Century in 24/192. What ist your opinion?
  4. I myself have no experience with battery replacement, because my PonoPlayer LE still has no particular battery problems. I would rather ask the question in the RESono-Community as successor for the former PonoMusic Community, where the topic "battery replacement" has been discussed already, e.g. in the category PonoPlayer Tips. But to get access there you have to request an invitation.
  5. Statement from Highresaudio.com on Facebook about the AC/DC remasters: "AC/DC Remasters: as predicted and unfortunately the following albums are up-sampled: "Blow Up Your Video", "The Razors Edge", "Ballbreaker", "Stiff Upper Lip", "Live at River Plate" and "LIVE" (Collector's Edition). Please note, that will offer the albums in its native sampling rate of 48 kHz, 24-bit. The provided 96 kHz version was up-sampled and offers no audible value! We will not offer the album "Backtracks". There are to many tracks that look very suspicious. No further comments. That is truly a
  6. This may well be true for the MQA filters, but many Ayre DAC users will disagree with you here because of other listening experiences with the Ayre minimum phase filters implemented. Perhaps it is often due to the speaker used rather than the DAC filter that e.g. voices are not reproduced true to life. Not least because of extensive listening comparisons of different filter types, Charley Hansen continued to choose Ayres special minimum phase filter e.g. for the DAC of the QX-5 Twenty as can be seen from this quote from an John Atkinson article on Stereophile.com: "In an e-mail, H
  7. I know you and the Ayre team do their best to constantly improve the potential of your devices, even over many years of product life cycle, as we can see with the QB-9. Ayre still offers one of the best USB implementations for audio devices in the market, but there is always room for improvement. I know that new developments of audio grade Ethernet streaming devices are complex and expensive. These are very difficult times for everyone. Especially Boulder CO is a focal point of some of the best hi-fi manufacturers in the world. It's interesting to see that some of their Ethern
  8. Hi Ryan, I fully agree with your MQA listening impressions. IMO, according to Charley Hansen, nobody really needs this closed black box format based primarily on marketing blah-blah except Bob Stuart and his investors, not even the major labels any more. Take the time necessary to improve Ayre's digital devices. I guess it's also about the performance and quality of the Ethernet module or the USB input concerning multiple DSD rates and I'm already looking forward to an update, especially for the EX-8. Speaking of my wish list: not really an hardware issue, but at least
  9. It's the same for me. If at all, I bought some productions from Chesky Records or DSD 128 from 2xHD there. The HDT store in Germany was closed at the end of 2019. But at the same time HDT has lifted its strict geo blocking. I haven't tried it yet, but it should now be possible for Europeans and Brits to buy the albums in the US store for which HDT also has the distribution rights in other countries.
  10. According to today's announcements of the Bavarian state government it is very unlikely that the Hifi Deluxe will take place as still announced. Even if it does, hardly any international manufacturer will take the risk that their representatives will go into quarantine for two weeks afterwards if they want to return home. Not to mention the expected low number of visitors, since the corona epidemic in Bavaria will probably reach its first peak in May/June and the crowd puller HighEnd is missing.
  11. Bad news, the High End Show this year has been canceled because of the Corona virus. The announcement is currently published only on the German page of the High End Society https://www.highendsociety.de/high-end.html
  12. For this reason I have activation free licenses for Mac and Windows, but even this would not protect me from the fact the MusicScope will be out of time one day. I doubt that the provenance and HiRes fake issue will be obsolete within the near future after I notice a significant increase of fakes in newer publications, even in the genres Classical and Jazz, what had been rather unusual in the past. Therefore I hope that there will be a similar "easy to use" analysis tool being available not too far away in the future. By experience I have very limited confident in the very most
  13. Good to know, this explains the constant drop outs with DSD 128. Thank you for the information!
  14. Will it include a stable DSD 128 support as well?
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