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Found 6 results

  1. So I bought a Teac UD-301 yesterday. I followed the instructions and installed the driver before connecting it to the PC via USB. I have my internal sound card set as the default device so no Windows sounds go through the Teac device. I have set the audio output in JRiver to the Teac asio driver. Sometimes it plays songs but sometimes it doesn't and sometimes the Teac doesn't even appear in the list of sound devices and I have to turn it off and on again to get it to show. When it does play, it will work for a little bit but changing song, or skipping the track makes the DAC just cut out. I connected it via the optical port from the optical out on my motherboard and had the same issues, so this isn't a problem relating to the USB input. Another thing that's weird, is that when it does work, I notice the output to be extremely loud, as if it's amplifying the signal. I have it connected via XLR straight to powered monitors and even at quarter volume on the Teac it's much much louder than previous DACs I've used with built in pre-amp. I don't even have the gain set to 0db on my speakers. Saying that, the sound is fantastic. Very detailed and I haven't heard the low end sound so good on these speakers. Any comments would be very much welcome. (oh, and I'm using windows 10).
  2. Hello I have a TEAC A-H01, I used it for 3 months or so and then it suddenly began to hum on any input selected. I have tested the speakers on another integrated amp and there are no issues. I tried headphones and the same humming occurs. The testing was done on the same electrical line and everything is grounded because the test integrated amp does not display the same symptom. The hum occurs with the said device connected to speakers alone; no coax, usb, optical or line in connected. Could anyone who has the same device or similar provide some insight? Is there something more I can try? NOTE: After haring the humming I simply put it back in the original packaging and left it there for almost a year. I suppose I should have taken it in for service but I am certain I was just too busy. Anyway I think it needs a repair but perhaps there is some magical thing I can try.
  3. TEAC will shortly release it's 4 output 10MHz Clock, confirmed to work with the UD-503 and NT-503. Details posted on PhileWeb. EAC will release the master clock generator "CG - 10M" which will transmit 10 MHz clock signal on October 28. Although it is an open price, actual sales at around 148,000 yen are expected. CG-10M External clock generator used in combination with USB-DAC, network player, CD player, etc. The company says "to maximize the performance of products that support all 10 MHz clock inputs." Product ( reference news ) which was exhibited at IFA was officially announced. The crystal oscillator which is the heart part adopts "TEAC Reference OCXO" (Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator) that the oscillation stability with the thermostat is high. High accuracy specifications with frequency temperature characteristics within +/- 3 ppb and frequency accuracy within ± 0.1 ppm were realized. Also, the analog meter on the front panel always displays the oscillation stable state inside OCXO which can not be confirmed. So that the stable operation state of the OCXO can be confirmed. Four gold-plated BNC terminals are equipped as output terminals. In addition to completely eliminating the interference between the systems by a completely independent circuit configuration, stable load current can be supplied by mounting a large-capacity toroidal core power transformer. The legs are proprietary three-point support pinpoint foot which patent also got, "It is easy to positively pinpoint groundable". Moreover, aluminum which is resistant to radio wave noise is adopted as the front / top and side panels. In TEAC products, it is said to have been confirmed with "UD - 503" and "NT - 503". Back terminal part
  4. Hello, I am struggling with these 2 issues on my recently purchased TEAC NT-503 DAC. 1) If I change the input source from USB to another source (say NET or Bluetooth) and set the source back to USB, mac OSX no longer recognizes NT503 audio device until I power reset the DAC. I am running High Sierra (10.13). 2) I have a trouble playing DSF files from my USB flash drive (2 ch, DSD256) whereas the same set of DSF files play just fine off my mac (TEAC HR Audio Player). MP3 files are fine. Thanks for the help!
  5. There has been some coverage here of Teac's $387 A-H01 DAC+Amp which seems like a very capable unit both for driving speakers and headphones. But for some reason, I've not seen any mention of the Teac NP-H750. It sells for $687, is a bit bigger, but has wireless built in, so no need for the Airport Express I currently use to get sound from my computers/iphones/ipads to our kitchen sound system. The NP-H750 specs are: BurrBrown PCM1795 DAC 40w per side @ 6ohms The A-H01 specs are: BurrBrown PCM5102 30W per side @ 8 ohms / 60w per side @ 4ohms The A-H01 has an ICE amp, not sure of the NP-H750... For some reason the NP-H750 only has an 1/8" headphone jack, while the A-H01 has a 1/4" headphone jack. I have a pair of HD600's I like to use, but do have a separate headphone amp connected via USB when I'm doing more critical listening, so that is not such a big deal, but strange move on Teac's part to put a smaller jack on a more expensive bit of gear. I'll mostly be using the amp with a pair of 4ohm BlueRoom mini-pod speakers (from ex-B&W engineers) and a HSU ST-1 Sub. As mentioned this is our kitchen setup, so not looking for ultimate sound, just a good investment that will serve multi duty in the years to come. Is the built in Airplay going to give me that much better sound? I can make use of my AirPort express in another room, so wouldn't be going to waste. Of course the $300 difference is there, but if the quality is that much better…. Why no reviews of the NP-H750 on the net? Any and all thoughts appreciated !
  6. I recently got a TEAC AI-501DA in addition to KEF LS50s. I am using the AudioQuest USB A->B Carbon cable connecting to my iMac streaming FLAC through the TEAC HR Audio Player to the TEAC AI-501DA. Using the best gauge speaker wire you can get from Monoprice. I notice that the right speaker gets more volume. This is especially noticeable when I turn the volume way down to the point where I can only hear the right speaker (faintly) and the left is silent. The dB gauges indicate that the left speaker indeed is performing slightly lower. I made sure all of the wiring is perfect. This is the only hiccup I have. Can anyone help me out? I am also waiting for TEAC to respond to my ticket. You can view a recording here: https://vimeo.com/107862881
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