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  1. Yep. that's exactly what i did. i switched the plugins at the DAC and the effect was reversed. So it's defiantly the DAC/amp. I also i tried streaming from windows and the effect was the same. I cannot control the balance on the mac for the TEAC USB volume output. the controls are all locked. Anyway, I ordered a new TEAC AI-501DA from AMZN and received it today. Tests confirm the previous unit was indeed off-balance. The new one I got sounds much more balanced. The dB indicators support this. Much more balanced. The offset seems to have significantly been reduced. Will be returning the de
  2. I recently got a TEAC AI-501DA in addition to KEF LS50s. I am using the AudioQuest USB A->B Carbon cable connecting to my iMac streaming FLAC through the TEAC HR Audio Player to the TEAC AI-501DA. Using the best gauge speaker wire you can get from Monoprice. I notice that the right speaker gets more volume. This is especially noticeable when I turn the volume way down to the point where I can only hear the right speaker (faintly) and the left is silent. The dB gauges indicate that the left speaker indeed is performing slightly lower. I made sure all of the wiring is p
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